I’ve Never Exfoliated – Should I?

facial_creamThe simple answer is, “Yes!” You should exfoliate on a regular basis for the healthiest and best looking skin you can have from head to toe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money at a medical spa having a chemical peel, or at a more “experiential” establishment having a special seaweed scrub. But you really should take the time to exfoliate. Let’s talk about the simplicity of exfoliating and the benefits.

First, if you use a loofah or other gently scrubbing body product on your skin when you shower you are already exfoliating. What the loofah does is very basic. It scrubs off both surface dirt and dead skin without using any chemicals or harsh abrasives. The result is easy to see. Dead skin and surface matter can dull and clog the pores of your skin. Lotions and moisturizers you apply may simply sink into the dead skin cells and never penetrate to the cells beneath. Cleansers was away some surface grime but do not take away much.

You know how bad dead skin can look if you’ve ever given your heels or elbows a serious inspection. A pumice stone or sugar scrub can help clean away much of that flaky skin and a good moisturizer will restore the suppleness and softness that you’d prefer to see. But that just takes care of your body. What about your face?

On your face a loofah would be too rough. You don’t want anything scraping at that delicate surface! So you use a basic exfoliating gel or exfoliating crystals to gently take away the dead skin from the top layer of your skin. Suddenly, your face feels cleaner and looks glowing and healthy! Your pores are open and your moisturizer soaks right in. Makeup goes on more easily. And best of all, the stimulation your skin receives promotes healing and renewal.

Two of our favorite exfoliating products are Microdermabrasion™ Exfoliating Cream with micro-crystals and Exfoliation Plus+™ with AHA fruit acid gel. Both thoroughly but gently clean your face and come with our famous 30-day moneyback guarantee! There’s no risk to try your first exfoliation and we believe you will be thrilled with the results.