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Why Mix Ethics and Skin Care?

We have been asked many times why controversial presesrvatives like parabens are not in our skin care products. After all, the experts say, the studies are not conclusive and there’s no real proof that parabens cause cancer. Sure, they’ve been found in the cancer tumors but that might be a coincidence. And why through out phthalates and formaldehyde and sodium laureth sulfate? Those are all ingredients used in well accepted brands sold in department stores every single day.

But, they aren’t sold by us. We just can’t do that. Our customers are women who count on us to deliver effective and safe anti-aging products. Parabens in particular can actually accelerate aging. Why would we ever put something that ages your skin in an anti-wrinkle cream? And no, “every body is doing it,” is not a good reason.

We feel the same way about animal cruelty. Why should we offer products to women that are created by the suffering of animals? How could we sell our products knowing the backstory? We are not that type of a company.

So when people tell us we could do it cheaper, cut corners here or there, use fillers, throw in some chemical preservatives, we just don’t. Your health is worth more to us; our peace of mind is important to us. Mango Madness Skin Care is always going to stand for higher quality, fewer chemicals, no animal testing.

You get superior quality, we get a good night’s sleep!

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Inside Your Skin

We all face aging of our skin, body and mind. But we have to let that aging win every battle. A lot of what we experience as aging is caused by environmental or lifestyle factors that are within our power to control. Even if many years have gone by since these factors began to work on our skin, we can promote healing and reversal by using the same mechanisms our skin healed with when we were younger.

An excellent example is hyaluronic acid. When we are infants our bodies are full of hyaluronic acid and our skin is amazingly soft, supple, and moist. As we mature, our body loses the ability to manufacture as much hyaluronic acid and, after age 40, we really have a lot less. This doesn’t just affect our skin tone, hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping our joints moving smoothly, our eyes hydrated, and many other integral systems working the way they should.

In addition to being a moisturizer of unparalleled capability, able to hold 100x its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid also promotes collagen production. Collagen is absolutely critical to beautiful skin as it is responsible for holding the skin cells together in a flexible and supple layout without sagging and wrinkling. With sufficient hyaluronic acid and collagen, you have stunning skin. With too little you begin to develop fine lines, pouchy areas, discoloration and sagging. Finally deep wrinkles

You don’t have to be held hostage by the process of diminishing hyaluronic acid. Mango Madness Skin Care has developed a dual weight, pure hyaluronic acid serum that can renew skin elasticity while providing the deep hydration that keeps skin cells plump and healthy. This serum sinks into your skin penetrating through to the deeper cells and providing them with the building blocks to stay beautiful and fight the wrinkles that come with aging.

Try our amazing anti-wrinkle formula Hydrospherex™ and see what a difference restoring your body’s natural ability to heal can make. Remember we have a money-back guarantee and free shipping!


Summer Pro Tip: Keep Your Cool!

The summer days of July and August are hot and oppressive in nearly every state in the continental United States. Step outside around noon for ten minutes and you go through a series of experiences that can best be described as unpleassant.

  • Stepping from air conditioning in to the summer heat feels as if you are walking into an oven.
  • Your clothes and hair seem to wilt almost immediately.
  • As minutes tick by your hair clings to your skin and shaving your head bald begins to sound like a good idea.
  • After 8 or 9 minutes perspiration gathers on your upper lip, your under arms, and anywhere else that it can.
  • Your body feels heavy and all energy saps out of you.

What should you do to survive these two intense months with a good attitude. We asked a number of people for their summer survival skills and this is what they told us:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink at least a third more water each day than you do in December.
  2. Change your eating habits. Heavy proteins and carbs make you feel full, bloated, and warmer. Choose fresh salads, chilled fruit, light sandwiches and cool soups like gazpacho.
  3. Change your socializing habits. Forget a middle-of-the-day picnic. Invite friends to kayak but plan your outing for the cool longer summer evening hours. You can still see what you’re doing and youo won’t huff and puff while doing it. Evening concerts, late night strolls indoor wine tastings are all good choices.
  4. Wear more, not less. Forget the strapless top you showed off in the spring. Wear long sleeved light weight cotton blouses and loose, drawstring cotton pants with sandals. Fabric should be gossamer thin but have good coverage to protect you from the sun.
  5. Turn the water temperature down and take two quick showers a day. Tepid water gets you just as clean but leaves you feeling more refreshed. Take a shower just before you dress in the morning and another right after you get home. Then moisturize your skin with Mango Body Souffle with Shea Butter.

You’ll make it through summer just fine if you remember these simple tips and you’ll feel wonderful in spite of it!