Why Mix Ethics and Skin Care?

We have been asked many times why controversial presesrvatives like parabens are not in our skin care products. After all, the experts say, the studies are not conclusive and there’s no real proof that parabens cause cancer. Sure, they’ve been found in the cancer tumors but that might be a coincidence. And why through out phthalates and formaldehyde and sodium laureth sulfate? Those are all ingredients used in well accepted brands sold in department stores every single day.

But, they aren’t sold by us. We just can’t do that. Our customers are women who count on us to deliver effective and safe anti-aging products. Parabens in particular can actually accelerate aging. Why would we ever put something that ages your skin in an anti-wrinkle cream? And no, “every body is doing it,” is not a good reason.

We feel the same way about animal cruelty. Why should we offer products to women that are created by the suffering of animals? How could we sell our products knowing the backstory? We are not that type of a company.

So when people tell us we could do it cheaper, cut corners here or there, use fillers, throw in some chemical preservatives, we just don’t. Your health is worth more to us; our peace of mind is important to us. Mango Madness Skin Care is always going to stand for higher quality, fewer chemicals, no animal testing.

You get superior quality, we get a good night’s sleep!

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