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September is A Funny Month

It’s true, isn’t it? September is the time of the year when summer vacation is over and boats get put in dry dock or detailed and trailered into the shelter. Late summer storms gather on the East coast, tornados in the Midwest, and El Nino in the West. If you have children at home it is that hectic time for back to school madness. New sports uniforms, band equpment, bus schedules, paper, pens and clothes, clothes, clothes. It is a time of traditional change when sweaters go to the cleaners to be fluffed up for the Fall chill and bathing suits and sandals go on the shelf.

This also might be the time of year when you switch your facial routine as well. Many people use a lighter daytime moisturizer during the summer. (Like our deliciously silky Mango Miracle day cream.) Or change out their super moisturizing night serum for a night repair cream that can withstand the effects of central heating on your face at night. Nocturne is perfect for that.

Finally, it is a great time to do a thorough cleansing or micro dermabrasion and start fresh on your skin care so that your skin does not dry out over the winter months. Our special Micro Dermabrasion cream is the simple answer to an expensive spa exfoliation treatment. Exfoliating crystals gently but thoroughly remove the top rough layer of dead skin cells and open your pores so they can breathe at last. The moisturizing cream penetrates into the fresh layer of skin cells and protects and moisturizes. The result is absolutely beautiful and smooth skin and a fresh clean feeling as you enjoy this transitional month. The microdermabrasion will take care of minor imperfections and color unevenness and help with blemishes as it diminishes fine lines on your forehead and around your mouth. You will feel the results immediately and will notice that moisturizer goes on and sinks in while makeup looks smoother and more natural.

Treat yourself to this spa-at-home exfoliating experience as an end of summer treat. You deserve it!

Mango Madness Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Cream



I’ve Smoked, I’ve Lived in the Sun, What Now?

How can I undo years of poor lifestyle choices that have caused skin damage?

People ask this question all the time! And they are nervous about asking because they don’t want to get a lecture or get judged. We all understand that. We’ve all eaten the piece of cake we shouldn’t, dated the guy we were told is trouble, or spent the day in the sun when we should have been indoors.

A lot of lifestyle choices affect the way skin looks. How many of these factors are a part of your life or past life?

  • Drinking alcohol regularly or to excess
  • Spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen or adequate coverage
  • Using a tanning bed
  • Drinking an inadequate amount of water
  • Not eating a decent amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Not getting enough sleep.

Is there any way to renew and promote healing in the skin cells that have been depleted or damaged? Fortunately, yes! There are two strong ingredients that are proven to help renew collagen, increase hydration, and minimize and/or diminish fine lines.

The first of those is Vitamin A. Also known as Retinol this wonderful vitamin is great at penetrating skin cells and delivering nourishment and fading age spots. That Retinol face cream acts as a moisturizer and a powerful face cream that helps smooth and provide anti-oxidants to troubled skin. Ready to try it? We’ve got some right here and it’s paraben-free!

The second weapon in your war against aging and skin damage is a good night repair cream. Our Nocturne Night Repair Cream is applied at night after you cleanse your face or exfoliate. Then, just before bed you apply the Night Repair Cream and leave it on over night. The rich moisturizing formula sinks into skin all night long and penetrating skin cells providing deep hydration to depleted skin cells hour after hour. Three powerful moisturizers work together to thoroughly promote healing deep within your skin. Jojoba, squalane and hyaluronic acid are formulated to synergize the moisturizing action bringing you powerful results you can really appreciate.

Ready to purchase night repair cream? Buy Nocturne here!



Do We Give Out Samples?

We get asked regularly if we give out samples. The simple answer is, “No,” but the correct answer is, “Pretty much.” And I know you are wondering how that could be true. I mean really, either we do or we don’t, right?

Nope. Not that simple. When most people think about samples they are thinking of tiny little tubes or travel sizes of something so you can try it affordably and see if it works. Do we have tiny little bottles, tubes, and jars? No, we don’t. And there’s a reason for that – actually two reasons. The first is that skin care is not a magic bullet. Renewing and replenishing moisture in damaged or wrinkled skin does not take one application of a special “fairy dust” product. Whoosh, years of sun damage, smoking and dehydration are gone. It just doesn’t work that way. What does work is using a quality product wth proven ingredients every day to rebuild collagen stores, help smooth away fine lines and fade discolorations. But that isn’t possible with a tiny sample so you would not get the benefit if we sent you one. The other reason is that creating miniatures of everything has an expense associated with it, too, so we would have to increase prices.

Instead we have created numerous guides to help you choose the right product and a 90-day cash back return policy. Yes, you heard that right, 90 days. Additionally, our shiipping to you is free lowering your cost even more. The advantage to this is that we are giving you plenty of time to try it and see if we match our product advertising. We encourage you to contact customer service with questions or concerns that might help your experience be better. That’s what we are here for.

But if the product is not working for you, then we are ready to take it back. Isn’t that even better than a teeny-weeny sample? You bet.

And why would you try Mango Madness Skin Care to begin with? Quality ingredients, no parabens, no SLS or triclosans, no animal testing, free shipping, a generous return policy, and great customer service. We’d love to have you as a customer. Click here if you are ready to shop!