Do We Give Out Samples?

We get asked regularly if we give out samples. The simple answer is, “No,” but the correct answer is, “Pretty much.” And I know you are wondering how that could be true. I mean really, either we do or we don’t, right?

Nope. Not that simple. When most people think about samples they are thinking of tiny little tubes or travel sizes of something so you can try it affordably and see if it works. Do we have tiny little bottles, tubes, and jars? No, we don’t. And there’s a reason for that – actually two reasons. The first is that skin care is not a magic bullet. Renewing and replenishing moisture in damaged or wrinkled skin does not take one application of a special “fairy dust” product. Whoosh, years of sun damage, smoking and dehydration are gone. It just doesn’t work that way. What does work is using a quality product wth proven ingredients every day to rebuild collagen stores, help smooth away fine lines and fade discolorations. But that isn’t possible with a tiny sample so you would not get the benefit if we sent you one. The other reason is that creating miniatures of everything has an expense associated with it, too, so we would have to increase prices.

Instead we have created numerous guides to help you choose the right product and a 90-day cash back return policy. Yes, you heard that right, 90 days. Additionally, our shiipping to you is free lowering your cost even more. The advantage to this is that we are giving you plenty of time to try it and see if we match our product advertising. We encourage you to contact customer service with questions or concerns that might help your experience be better. That’s what we are here for.

But if the product is not working for you, then we are ready to take it back. Isn’t that even better than a teeny-weeny sample? You bet.

And why would you try Mango Madness Skin Care to begin with? Quality ingredients, no parabens, no SLS or triclosans, no animal testing, free shipping, a generous return policy, and great customer service. We’d love to have you as a customer. Click here if you are ready to shop!