I’ve Never Exfoliated – Should I?

facial_creamThe simple answer is, “Yes!” You should exfoliate on a regular basis for the healthiest and best looking skin you can have from head to toe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money at a medical spa having a chemical peel, or at a more “experiential” establishment having a special seaweed scrub. But you really should take the time to exfoliate. Let’s talk about the simplicity of exfoliating and the benefits.

First, if you use a loofah or other gently scrubbing body product on your skin when you shower you are already exfoliating. What the loofah does is very basic. It scrubs off both surface dirt and dead skin without using any chemicals or harsh abrasives. The result is easy to see. Dead skin and surface matter can dull and clog the pores of your skin. Lotions and moisturizers you apply may simply sink into the dead skin cells and never penetrate to the cells beneath. Cleansers was away some surface grime but do not take away much.

You know how bad dead skin can look if you’ve ever given your heels or elbows a serious inspection. A pumice stone or sugar scrub can help clean away much of that flaky skin and a good moisturizer will restore the suppleness and softness that you’d prefer to see. But that just takes care of your body. What about your face?

On your face a loofah would be too rough. You don’t want anything scraping at that delicate surface! So you use a basic exfoliating gel or exfoliating crystals to gently take away the dead skin from the top layer of your skin. Suddenly, your face feels cleaner and looks glowing and healthy! Your pores are open and your moisturizer soaks right in. Makeup goes on more easily. And best of all, the stimulation your skin receives promotes healing and renewal.

Two of our favorite exfoliating products are Microdermabrasion™ Exfoliating Cream with micro-crystals and Exfoliation Plus+™ with AHA fruit acid gel. Both thoroughly but gently clean your face and come with our famous 30-day moneyback guarantee! There’s no risk to try your first exfoliation and we believe you will be thrilled with the results.

Confidence! Do You Have It?

All the books say, “You have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be beautiful.” Then the advertisers tell you, “Do you have underarm odor? Wrinkles? Are your clothes stained? Are you overweight?” It’s hard to truly have confidence in ourselves in a modern world and the terrible statistics on anorexia prove that. How much money is spent every year on painful invasive procedures to “tweak” how a face looks? You have a line across your forehead? There’s a botox injection so you won’t move your face when you worry, followed by a dermal filler injection to make that one line go away. All because we look in the mirror and don’t feel confident.

Change that outlook today. First, if confidence looks beautiful and you don’t feel confident, use simple life changes to at least look confident. Studies show if you look strong and confident you will begin to feel strong and confident. Shoulders back, arms loose, relaxed smile and alert expression. Engage with the people who walk past you. A smile, a nod, or just a look. Don’t hide, don’t try to avoid eye contact and don’t let your posture slump.

No one walking by knows whether you are a scared wall-flower or a take-charge person with a mission in life. They see what you choose to project and you can choose anything you want. But I can hear you saying, “I have some real problems with how I look. How does straightening my posture and holding my head up cure my acne?” It doesn’t of course. But there are treatments for that and simple skin creams that will help with crow’s feet, acne, discolorations.

The key is simple: Use things that help and then let it go. You have dark circles under your eyes? Use an under-eye cream formulated to minimize the shadows and gently firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Then put on your makeup and put that issue out of your mind. It isn’t that having what you perceive as a flaw is holding you back. We all have flaws. It’s obsessing about it, giving it greater importance than it deserves, and allowing it to affect decisions you make. Whatever the “flaw” is, find a solution, trust the solution, and wash it out of your thinking pattern. Are you worried about the lines around your mouth or on your forehead? Use a good moisturizer with peptides like Peptide6 on them every day. The rest of the day do not give them a thought.

Shoulders back, head up, smile. It really does make a difference!


What Is Your Night-Time Beauty Routine?

nightWe’ve talked to a lot of women and routines vary greatly from one woman to the next. For instance, do you shower before bedtime, upon rising, or both? Do you spend a couple of minutes using a mask on your face and fighting the tough skin on your heels, or do you save that for one day a week and just have a time-saving washup in the shower? Do you soak luxuriously in the tub to relax away the stresses of the day? It’s your night time, do it any way you want!

These are the elements that we found most women shared in common in their nighttime routines:

1) Bath or shower before bedtime.

2) Facial cleansing with some type of cleanser made for the face, wipes, or a beauty bar soap.

3) Some form of moisturizer or anti-aging preparation applied to the face before sleep.

4) Some type of hand lotion and foot/heel lotion applied to the feet before sleep

We would caution women not to use a hard bar soap on their faces. Bar soaps contain ingredients that can dry your skin or irritate it. We like a cleanser made just for the face, as mild as possible. We recommend Rose Hip Seed Oil Cleanser Then an exfoliator once or twice a week.

For moisturizers we found that women varied quite a bit starting with women who swore by petroleum jelly to seal in moisture and others who paid upwards of $110 an ounce for products containing exotic animal-based substances. We understand the rationale of sealing in moisture with petroleum jelly but it’s not the best choice. It films over pores, collects dirt and grime, and is not absorbed well. As for the more exotic offerings these often came with no medical claims or studies supporting their advertising slogans on the label. A high price tag is not a guarantee of effectiveness.

The most effective skin creams were ones that contain hyaluronic acid, a proven moisturizer and skin cream ingredient that promotes healing. Another significant ingredient is Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A. Both promote rejuvenation of skin cells and encourage the production of collagen.

Night Repair Cream with hyaluronic acid.

Renew Youth facial cream with Vitamin A

Let us know what your favorite evening regimen is on our Facebook page. You can find us at facebook.com/MangoMadnessSkinCare


Getting In The Habit

Many women worry about aging, but women vary a lot in what skin care regimen they choose – if any. At one end you have the gal who is fifty but jeans are still her go-to wardrobe staple. She jumps out of bed, takes a shower, a dab of makeup, some lipstick and she’s good to go. But it still bothers her that crows feet are beginning to show.

At the opposite end of the spectrum you have the woman who never takes less than an hour to perform her beauty regimen in the morning, and only slightly less at night. She knows which cleansers reduce pore size the most, has comparison shopped for moisturizers and has been scrutinizing the tiny lines at the corners of her mouth since she was eleven.

To the second woman all we can say is, “Take time to breathe. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Simplify your routine and make more time for enjoying life.” She’s taking great care of her skin she may just be worrying too much.

beautifulfaceIt’s the first woman who is a little harder. She wants to minimize the visible effects of aging but she does not want a beauty regimen to slow her down. Maybe she’s a busy executive and she’s not wearing jeans but her hands are always on her smart-phone or laptop. Maybe she’s the outdoorsy type and is on the go at 6:00 am to catch the best surfing waves. Or she may be doing Mom duty or caring for an elderly parent. Whatever it is, the beauty routine had better be simple and effective or she won’t consider it.

We hear that loud and clear. May we suggest, if you’ve been too busy to exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse and purify that you start small and make two things part of your routine. 1) Cleanse your face with a good facial cleanser when you shower. Before, after, or during, whatever works for you. Just take the time to do that instead of using bar soap. Your face will thank you. We suggest a mild Rose Hip Seed Oil Cleanser

Then, when your face is clean gently work in our Peptide 6® moisturizer before you pull on your tailored slacks or your jeans.It will only take a minute and if you do wear a foundation you’ll find it goes on more smoothly and looks better when your skin is not so rough. Just try that for a week. See if you can make a habit of it. If you can make it a whole month you’re going to keep going because you’re going to hear, “You look great, what have you been doing?” And that’s a good incentive to keep going!

Tanning Beds Are Safe, Right?

Oh, my goodness. Where do we start. At the beginning of every summer we have at least one or more person who asks, “OK, so I should avoid the sun, but a tanning bed is OK, isn’t it?” When we get a question like this we know that there were a lot more people who thought that, but never asked.

Makers of tanning beds work to convince people that their beds are safe. They could not stay in business if they didn’t. And so they tell you about the controlled and careful dosage they give you of UVA light and how much safer that is than the dangerous UVB light that gives you sunburns. They point out that your tan is much more even in a tanning bed and you are only in there for a controlled amount of time.

Here’s what they do not tell you. If you are in there long enough to change your skin color, you are in there too long. If you are in there at all, your skin is at risk. According to the World Health Organization UV tanning devices are not recommended for cosmetic skin tanning and can increase your risk of melanoma. In addition, tanning with UV rays increases aging and the formation of wrinkles on your skin. Oh, no! The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have banned the use of the word “safe” in literature promoting tanning beds.

As far as the so-called benefit of Vitamin D production, most people get enough sunlight to produce Vitamin D without the help of a tanning bed, and Vitamin D is available in most multi-vitamins.

The bottom line is, we are here to help you look as young as you feel. Exposure to UV rays of the sun, a sun lamp, or a tanning bed promote aging and wrinkle formation. That’s not pretty. To look your best use our favorite anti-wrinkle preparation, Peptide 6® and keep wrinkles at bay!


Take it Personally!

We’ve been looking at a lot of beauty blogs, beauty articles, anti-aging information, and even our own pages on “oily skin,” “normal skin,” etc. And we want to make sure that one message really gets through to you, our reader.

The message is this: it’s your skin. Your mileage may vary. Your needs may vary. What works and doesn’t work for you is very specific to your body, your immune system, your allergies, your lifestyle. And so, the best instructions for anyone to give you are these:

Do what works for you!”

Our biggest advice, of course, is to read labels and always choose products that are paraben-free, phthalate free, formaldehyde free, sulfate free. Those products have been associated with potential health problems. Parabens have been shown to cause premature aging – you don’t need those in a wrinkle cream! But no one knows for sure if they would really hurt you. So why stay away from them? The same reason you avoid tornadoes. There are enough studies that show they pose problems in people’s health that you do not want to risk having them on your skin.

Now how about how much, how many, and when? This is when it really gets personal. Different skin types absorb moisturizers at different rates. If you take a product like our Maximum Moisture, you know it will deliver the therapeutic dose of hyaluronic acid your skin loves. But you may put on a very little amount and get the benefit you need and want, someone several years older, or with courser skin may apply a larger amount in order to get the same moisturizing results.

That is true of cleansers and exfoliating scrubs as well. Women’s faces vary from woman to woman in how dry the skin is, how large the pores are, how many blemishes there are, how much damage from sun or smoking. So one size will not fit all. You know that certain ingredients are superb at exfoliating but you might need to exfoliate more frequently than someone else.

How are you supposed to tell how often to exfoliate, how much moisturizer to use? The same way you learn how much champagne to drink. You experiment. If you think a facial cream feels to heavy, use less or move to a lighter formula. Don’t hesitate to be your own woman and achieve beauty your own way. Let us know, we want to know what works for you!

Our best selling anti-wrinkle creams


Here Comes Summer!

We all look forward to summer. The clothes are looser and lighter, the days are longer, there are picnics and beach days and friends are climbing aboard the boat. So our lifestyle changes when summer is in full swing. We do more so we have less time and sometimes what suffers is our skin care. But summer is really the time to pay attention to your skin because it is getting more sun.

Almost 80% of the damage to a non-smoker’s skin is caused by the sun. So summer is a time of increased fun and increased aging both at the same time. How can we minimize or prevent that?

The first clear choice is to wear a good sunscreen or sunblock. You want one that has a high SPF and also has no parabens. A sunscreen that relies on Titanium Dioxide is the best choice for the environment. A sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB is recommended for most comprehensive protection. Mango Madness Protect Me™ lives up to those requirements.

Another item to put in your bag of summer tricks is an all-over moisturizer to refresh your body after a day in the sun. Something light and luxurious feeling that goes on smoothly and makes your skin smile. We recommend our rich, aloe-vera cream for an after-sun cool down.

Last, but by no means least, we recommend that you stock up on Hydrospherex™ for the purest hyaluronic acid serum that money can buy. Hyaluronic Acid’s moisturizing properties promotes healing and boosts renewal after a day of the sun’s rays. And that’s just what your skin needs! The power of hyaluronic acid giving your skin the assistance it needs to re-hydrate depleted skin cells and maintain that healthy, beautiful skin look all year around!


You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard of the Paleo Diet®, the DASH Diet, the low-carb diet and counting calories; but did you realize that what you eat can really affect your skin?

Of course we always mention drinking water. Your body needs it from head to toe and your skin needs it to stay healthy and look beautiful. But you can also benefit from the vitamins and nutrients found in fresh food. Eating salmon or other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids has been found to be beneficial to your health in many ways and helps your skin to form a more perfect shield against environmental toxins and germs.

Eating foods high in C, E, and A as well as anti-oxidants help your skin by combating free radicals which can damage your skin and accelerate aging. Mangoes, blueberries, green and red peppers, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are all good choices when you are eating with your skin in mind! If you enjoy a morning or afternoon snack, consider nuts. They are healthy in moderation and deliver protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

There are also foods you should avoid if you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Those include any foods containing transfats and foods that are heavily processed or fried. Doctors used to recommend avoiding alcohol but recent studies showing the benefits of red wine have changed thinking about a glass of wine with dinner.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not point out that Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamins C and A. There is a reason we picked them as the symbol of our anti-aging products!

Consider a diet rich in vegetables, fish, and fruit and pair the food with green tea, fresh water, or red wine. Your skin will thank you!

fruits (2)

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Here’s a question that gets asked occasionally and you may have wondered about it yourself. Why do we need a moisturizer other than water? Seriously, isn’t pure water about as moist as it gets?  It sure is! But getting it in to your skin cells takes action on a cellular level. And holding it there takes more action.

First, let’s talk about what water is and isn’t. It is a universal solvent. That means that things dissolve in it. That gives water its usefulness in washing. It also evaporates which means that it has cooling properties. You know if it is a chilly day and you are caught in the rain you are twice as cold. It is also what your skin, and indeed your entire body are made of. Without water you simply cannot exist.

But water appears in your skin cells under very specific conditions. Look at a baby. Those fat little cheeks and smooth, silky skin. A baby’s body is born with the ability to hold water and fats so that as the body grows the skin can grow with it. The skin stays healthy and creates a barrier that protects the baby’s body from the incursion of dirt and germs.

As we get older, the processes in skin cells that keep water in place and skin smooth begin to break down. One of the things your body loses is hyaluronic acid. By using a moisturizer that has significant hyaluronic acid, your skin cells are able to use the same processes to retain moisture and boost collagen production that they would do naturally when you were younger. So the secret to hanging on to moisture in your skin is not to pour water on it from the outside, but to use a moisturizer that helps hydrate from the inside by penetrating the skin and promoting natural processes. That makes more sense!

Hydrospherex™ by Mango Madness Skin Care delivers the maximum therapeutic dosage of two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to your skin. Anti-aging in a bottle! Try today and remember our money-back guarantee!

Soap, Cleanser, What’s the Difference?

Oh, my goodness! Earlier this year we wrote a blog about using the correct cleanser for your face. That promptly precipitated an argument about “all soap being the same.” And that argument goes like this: All soap is a way of cleaning yourself and the different names and claims and prices on soap are just ways of charging you more money and making you buy ten different products when one would do.

After all, the logic goes, the same pretty soap sitting on the sink that you wash your hands with should be appropriate for your face, right? It’s still your skin it is cleaning.

If we lived in an ideal world, maybe. But we don’t and in our high-population, high-germ conscious world, the soap we use on our hands is generally a soft soap with some detergent or other surfactant for cleanliness coupled with an anti-bacterial agent. That antibacterial agent might be as simple as alcohol or as chemical as triclosan. So if it cleans, and it disinfects, and we trust it on our hands, why can’t we wash our face with it? Or with any other soap for that matter.

Sure you can. But here is where the problem comes in. First of all, hands handle all kinds of materials. They are our way of picking things up, cleaning things up, and they get exposed to printer toner, petroleum, surface dirt, ink from pens, correction fluid, and all kinds of substances that your face does not come into contact with. They also have skin that is less delicate than the skin on your face. So you may prefer to use a stronger soap on them than you want to use on your face just to get them clean.

handsThen, look at what they touch! They shake hands, pat dogs and cats, wash dishes, handle food preparation, come into contact with door knobs, restroom fixtures, and money. Hopefully, your face does not! That means you may prefer an alcohol or triclosan based antibacterial product to kill the germs. But you don’t want that on your face. Alcohol dries and depletes skin cells which hastens aging. Triclosans are a known toxin. In tiny amounts the triclosan does a great job of killing bacteria. But studies are now raising questions about the possible health hazards associated with it. Bottom line, do NOT put it on your face where more of it will be absorbed.

This probably does not answer the question fully of why there are so many products to clean so many things. But your face is the thing most people see first and remember you by. Let’s keep it clean AND healthy. Buy MangoMadnessSkinCare cleansers here.