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Confidence! Do You Have It?

All the books say, “You have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be beautiful.” Then the advertisers tell you, “Do you have underarm odor? Wrinkles? Are your clothes stained? Are you overweight?” It’s hard to truly have confidence in ourselves in a modern world and the terrible statistics on anorexia prove that. How much money is spent every year on painful invasive procedures to “tweak” how a face looks? You have a line across your forehead? There’s a botox injection so you won’t move your face when you worry, followed by a dermal filler injection to make that one line go away. All because we look in the mirror and don’t feel confident.

Change that outlook today. First, if confidence looks beautiful and you don’t feel confident, use simple life changes to at least look confident. Studies show if you look strong and confident you will begin to feel strong and confident. Shoulders back, arms loose, relaxed smile and alert expression. Engage with the people who walk past you. A smile, a nod, or just a look. Don’t hide, don’t try to avoid eye contact and don’t let your posture slump.

No one walking by knows whether you are a scared wall-flower or a take-charge person with a mission in life. They see what you choose to project and you can choose anything you want. But I can hear you saying, “I have some real problems with how I look. How does straightening my posture and holding my head up cure my acne?” It doesn’t of course. But there are treatments for that and simple skin creams that will help with crow’s feet, acne, discolorations.

The key is simple: Use things that help and then let it go. You have dark circles under your eyes? Use an under-eye cream formulated to minimize the shadows and gently firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Then put on your makeup and put that issue out of your mind. It isn’t that having what you perceive as a flaw is holding you back. We all have flaws. It’s obsessing about it, giving it greater importance than it deserves, and allowing it to affect decisions you make. Whatever the “flaw” is, find a solution, trust the solution, and wash it out of your thinking pattern. Are you worried about the lines around your mouth or on your forehead? Use a good moisturizer with peptides like Peptide6 on them every day. The rest of the day do not give them a thought.

Shoulders back, head up, smile. It really does make a difference!


Oily Skin – It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

MS-face-83113It isn’t unusual for a woman to complain about having oily skin. Oily skin can breakout more often, may make makeup need refreshing sooner, may result in a shiny effect on forehead or chin. But oily skin also provides a better barrier protecting the skin from environmental factors, and tends to develop fine lines later in life than dry skin does.

So how can you get to the point where you appreciate the features of your oily skin instead of struggling with it. Let us suggest some things you can do:

  1. Use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Our Rose Hip Seed cleanser is perfect for thorough cleaning and breakout management.
  2. Use a retinol-based moisturizer to minimize wrinkles and control acne or blackheads instead of a heavy cold cream or greasy lotion.
  3. Choose a makeup that goes on dry such as our powder-to-matte selections or a mineral based cover.
  4. Gently clean your face at the end of the day and then re-apply your retinol-based cream for over-night moisture and care.

This method will help you love your oily skin. Less breakouts, easier makeup management, reduced signs of aging!

We have a whole section of our website devoted to your oily-skin needs and we’re glad you’re our customer. You won’t need to worry about shininess or visible oiliness once you follow those simple steps. And the products to care for your skin are all paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. You’ll look more beautiful than ever and love using products that promote healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

Visit our oily-skin care page for in-depth product information and instructions on how often to use the preparations. Your friends will wonder what has made you so happy with your looks! Tell them it’s due to mangoes!

Aggravating Acne

It doesn’t matter what age you are, acne is embarrassing and unsightly. You dread waking up with pimples when you are a teenager, and it is even more frustrating when you are in your thirties or older. What causes this?

facial-cleanserThere are many causes of acne and breakouts in older skin. One of them is stress which we all struggle with. Another is that we have larger pores when we age and our skin is affected by a variety of factors going on in our lives. One easy thing we can do for occasional breakouts is use a treatment involving glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is part of many skin cleaning and exfoliation strategies but it does more than clean your skin thoroughly. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can help break the cycle of breakouts and keep our skin lovely and free of the bacteria that can trigger a breakout.

What else does glycolic acid do for you?

  • Minimizes pores
  • Exfoliates, removing dead skin cells
  • Encourages the production of collagen.

Why would you buy Mango Madness Skin Care’s Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Facial Cleanser? The reasons are simple:

  • A name you can trust,
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Effective against acne and rough skin
  • Fast, free shipping so you don’t have to wait!

Try Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Facial Cleanser and get ready for the most beautiful skin of your life! You’ll be glad you did.

And, with Christmas right around the corner this may be the best time to order Exfoliate Me and order a second bottle for a friend. What are you waiting for? Order today!

Skin Like A Teenager, With Acne

Women in their thirties and forties always wish they had skin like a dewy-eyed teen – all radiant and smooth with a porcelain clarity to it. But no one wishes they had skin like a teen with acne, and yet that is exactly what happens to some women as they reach menopause or pre-menopause. The same hormones that made teen faces break out in white heads, black heads and blotches are back again in full force making your emotions run amok and your skin erupt nightly. What can you do?

The most important thing to do is keep your hands away from your face. Just like when your Mom told you not to make it worse by scratching or picking. But there is another reason too, hands have oils and salt on them and you do not want to add to the skin issues on your face or spread any bacteria. So to start with, wash your face twice each day very gently. A light cleanser like our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser is gentle enough to use on skin with active breakouts but thorough enough to leave skin clean and pores unclogged. Use it twice a day, just after rising and just before bed and that will be a great start.

This wonderful cleanser delivers Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Omega 3, 6, and 9, along with beta-carotene and lycopene to ward off free radicals as it washes away surface grime.

Don’t stop there. Your next step is to use a retinol-based moisturizer to get the maximum amount of healing Vitamin A to your beautiful skin. Renew Youth works to promote healing and minimize skin damage so your skin looks better and breakouts heal more quickly. Putting a light layer on after cleansing can make makeup go on more smoothly and result in a more beautiful you with or without a little blemish.

You can try these products with confidence due to our amazing money-back guarantee and you won’t wait long because we ship everything quickly!

Try Rose Hip Oil Cleanser 
Try Renew Youth Retinol Cream with Vitamin A


Flaws or Imagination?

Women worry about a million things. Some of them may be exaggerations or even imagination when it comes to self image. And that is because so much depends on a woman’s appearance. She looks at it until she is her own worst critic and she is seeing faults that no one else can see.

Well, Mango Madness wishes we could do something about that. We see absolutely beautiful women every day who think their nose is too big or they need to lose weight or they have terrible blemishes. They point to their face and say, “Look!” and what we see is a lovely woman. That isn’t what they are seeing.

Sometimes the concerns are justified. There may be a tendency to oily skin or pores that clog easily creating blemishes. Maybe skin is not smooth and makeup has a tendency to cake or build up in crevices or fine lines.

The best part is, if there is a problem with the skin, it is fixable. Women’s faces are lovely, and there are many products available to make them even lovelier. If you are that woman who has issues with oily skin, maybe a blemish or two, may we suggest some products?

We have products designed just for oily skin and they will not clog your pores! You can see the difference a gentle cleanser can make in removing dead skin cells and cleaning the larger pores. Your skin will feel fresher and look less shiny, and oily! Then a retinol-based cream to reduce wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to skin is your next step. Why retinol? Because it is made with Vitamin A, one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients found in nature. Retinol can help your skin renew and rebuild at the cellular level with beautiful results. Age spots, fine lines, and blemishes are reduced and your skin feels smoother, silkier and softer. Best of all, you feel lovely!

A For Amazing

How many times when you were young did your mother tell you to eat your vegetables? Of maybe she told you that rabbits never wear glasses because they eat carrots. The lines parents use to get a child to eat may be funny but there are good reasons to believe them. Vegetables, especially foods rich in Vitamin A, like carrots, contribute to the health of your skin and your eyes.

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A commonly used in skincare products, is recommended by skin professionals to reduce acne and to reverse some of the effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkled. Retinol is so potent that if you use a very strong concentration of it you have to have a prescription.

ReNew Youth face cream contains  1,000,000 of IU’s of retinol per ounce which is the maximum allowable strength that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. This wonderful skin cream is ideal for women who are experiencing mid-life acne or who simply want to put the power of Vitamin A to work on their complexion.

For best results, apply just before bedtime and leave over night. While you sleep the ReNew Youth cream will penetrate deep into skin cells promoting healthy production of collagen and renewal of damaged cells and soothing acne inflammation at its roots. You will be delighted with the results and your friends will wonder what you are doing to look so good. Let it be your secret. Just tell them to “eat their vegetables!”

You can buy Renew Youth Retinol face cream at Mango Madness paraben-free skincare products. It’s easy to try any Mango Madness product because of our money-back guarantee and our free shipping. Click here to harness the power of Vitamin A face cream. Remember your purchase is always paraben-free and never tested on animals!

Adult Acne and Skin Care

Adult breakouts can be tricky and can be caused by several things. If you are experiencing a typical “comedo” (pimple), that’s a pore that gets clogged and causes fluid to build up. Pore clogging can be caused by certain skin care products that aren’t “non-comedogenic” (typically oil-based products), heavier makeup, or by a layer of dead skin cells in the epidermis that bridge over the pore, blocking it. Exfoliation is the standard remedy for clogged pores. Another cause can be a bacterium, p. acnes, and typically a trip to the dermatologist and an oral antibiotic can address that.

The third possibility is a viral flare-up, which is consistent with stress. Contrary to popular belief, stress does not cause the typical pimple; however, stress can trigger an outbreak of a viral type blemish – similar to a cold sore.  The telltale symptom of these blemishes is that they are particularly painful. If so, you should talk to your dermatologist.

Exfoliation with retinol or glycolic acid unclogs pores

If you have standard comedos (from clogged pores), there are several recommended exfoliation products. A favorite is topical retinol facial cream, a Vitamin A derivative, which is also an excellent anti-aging wrinkle cream. Retinol works by increasing the cell turnover rate and helping shed the top layer of dead skin cells – which might be clogging the pores. ReNew Youth™ retinol cream is the strongest retinol cream (about 1.0%) that you can get without a prescription.

Another excellent exfoliator is 10% glycolic acid formulated as a cleanser. It’s not only an exfoliator but also cleans away excess oil and is very popular for managing blemishes. Exfoliate Me™, is a best seller.

Do you have dry skin or does it tend to be on the oily side, especially on your chin area?  If you have dry skin, both the retinol and the glycolic acid can be drying. The ReNew Youth formulation anticipates this, so it includes the highly successful moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. Some ladies with very dry skin who use the retinol cream, however, like to augment it with a separate moisturizer such as Maximum Moisture™. If you use the glycolic acid cleanser and have dry skin, you’ll definitely want to use a good moisturizer.

If you have skin or areas that tend to be oily, this can sometimes be caused, unusual as it may sound, by dry skin. This is because when skin doesn’t have enough moisture, it overcompensates by producing excess oil – which can lead to those comedos (pimples) if a pore gets clogged.

Importantly, all of our skin care products are formulated without parabens or other estrogenic compounds, so there’s no health risks for women.

Glycolic Acid cleanser has multiple benefits

Many people use our Exfoliate Me™ cleansing gel as just a cleanser, but it goes beyond giving your face a good cleaning. The glycolic acid is an excellent skin exfoliator as it removes the uppermost layer of old, dead skin cells.  This exfoliation process is very effective at removing old skin cells that may have covered over skin pores. Since clogged pores are a notorious cause of acne, glycolic acid exfoliation helps keep acne from forming. And because the exfoliation increases your skin cell turnover rate, the healing process is accelerated – this helps diminish existing acne (pimples) faster.

A glycolic acid cream or gel is also very effective for fading age spots and skin discoloration. It helps boost collagen formation and skin elasticity as well. 

Causes of Acne | How to Get Rid of Acne

Two leading causes of acne are bacteria and clogged pores. Normal, healthy skin receives sufficient oxygen that the growth of bacteria is prevented, since skin bacteria cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment. When your skin pores become blocked, typically from excess accumulation of dead skin cells than remain on the surface, oxygen is unable to reach the lower levels of your pores, At the same time, oil in the pores builds up. These two factors cause bacteria to proliferate. As a result, the follicle becomes irritated, inflamed and fills with fluid consisting mostly of dead white blood cells that had fought the bacteria.

Clogged pores are caused by several conditions. One is an inherited factor where dead skin cells do not slough off from follicles normally. This causes an accumulation of oils and additional cell buildup. This creates “microcomedos,” which are the beginning of acne problems if appropriate skin care remedies are not utilized.

One effective solution to both of these causes of bacteria is to use a daily exfoliation gel cleanser to make sure that dead skin cells are adequately removed so that they cannot block pores and create the accumulation of oils or bacteria. This will help you get rid of acne.