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A Clean Face is Clearly Better

Throughout the ages women have struggled to keep things clean, especially their face and hands. In the middle ages, court dress was so cumbersome your face and hands were almost the only visible parts of your body. The concoctions women put on their faces in those more primitive times would shock us now. We have modern sensibilities of cleanliness and the importance it holds in our lives.

Some of the benefits of a truly clean face are very obvious: old makeup is stripped away, dirt is removed, the skin is stimulated and reinvigorated. Dead skin cells are removed with an exfoliating gel or a scrub and the face just glows. But that is not all it does. A good paraben-free facial scrub prepares the skin for the most effective use of your moisturizer or wrinkle cream. Dead skin cells on an unprepared face are dry and thirsty, ready to soak up all the beneficial moisture you so carefully stroke into your skin. But the ingredients in that moisturizer cannot benefit the dead skin. There is no way for collagen in dead cells to regenerate or the skin to renew itself the way living skin cells do. So when you use a good facial cleanser like our Oh Honey!™ Amber Face Scrub you get the dead skin cells out of the way and open the pores of the healthy skin.  Then your face gets the benefit of your moisturizer or wrinkle cream and you see more dramatic results.

How do you know Oh Honey!™ is the right scrub for you to use? This revolutionary scrub uses exfoliating amber crystals coupled with the natural goodness of real honey to gently remove old skin cells and smooth and soften your skin. Formulated to be safe enough for delicate and mature skin, you can use it with confidence knowing that it is paraben-free, animal cruelty-free, and made by Mango Madness Skincare with our famous Money-Back Guarantee. Free Shipping means you’ll receive your Oh Honey!™ Amber and honey facial scrub quickly and securely.  Shop today for a more beautiful tomorrow! Click here to learn more about our paraben-free exfoliating scrub.

Which skin exfoliation product is best for you?

Mango Madness Skin Care offers 4 different exfoliators. Two are Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) gels and two are facial scrubs. The two AHA gels are the 10% glycolic acid Exfoliate Me™ cleanser, and the Exfoliation Plus+™15% fruit acid gel. The two face scrubs are the gentle amber crystal scrub, and the more aggressive exfoliating cream.

If you have dry skin, you’re better off using the scrubs, because the AHA skin exfoliation products can be drying.  If you have normal or combination skin, you can typically use either kind of exfoliation product, although if you have sensitive skin, stay with either the amber face scrub or the 10% glycolic acid gel cleanser (Exfoliate Me™).

No matter which exfoliator you use, you are removing the top layer of old, dead skin cells. Although you do want to remove this top layer to promote collagen growth and allow your skin to accept skin care creams more readily, these old skin cells do offer a small measure of protection from sunlight. So, after exfoliating, be sure to wear a good broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30.