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Are you exfoliating your skin?

Regular exfoliation is probably the most underutilized component of most people’s skin care routine.

Immediately after exfoliating, your skin will feel smoother and softer. By removing the outer layer of the dead cells of the epidermis, you not only improve the feel and texture of your skin, but you also stimulate production of fresh, new skin cells to achieve a more healthy complexion. At the same time, removing the layer of dull, dead skin cells not only allows oxygen to reach and nourish your living cells, but it makes it easier to benefit from skin care products applied to your skin.

There are three main categories of skin exfoliation products. Fruit acid or glycolic acid loosen the “glue” than binds dead skin cells together, making it easier to wash them away. Retinol products not only help remove the outer layer, but also stimulate the production of collagen, which helps support your skin’s structure and provide firmness.

Microdermabrasion exfoliation uses tiny abrasive crystals to scrub away the outer layer without irritation. A popular type of facial scrub uses very small amber crystals that effectively remove dead skin without any tearing or irritation.

As a final note, because your outermost layer of skin is removed after any exfoliation procedure, it is important to use a sunblock afterward.

New Facial Scrub with Honey and Amber

We have just introduced a new honey and amber facial scrub called Oh Honey!™

Amber face scrub

Oh Honey! Facial Scrub

This newest exfoliation product combines three special ingredients: amber crystals, honey and Jojoba Oil to provide a cleansing and gentle facial scrub. Amber is an organic crystal that dates back to forty five million years ago in the forests of Europe. It’s the only vegetable-based gem in existence.

Environmental factors and aging cause our skin cell turn over rate to decrease, causing our skin texture to become dull. This issue is addressed by using amber as an ingredient to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin and scrub away old, dead cells. This cleanses away impurities and stimulates a more vigorous renewal of cells. It also permits more oxygen to reach living skin cells.

The Oh Honey!  amber and honey exfoliating face scrub is available online.