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Getting In The Habit

Many women worry about aging, but women vary a lot in what skin care regimen they choose – if any. At one end you have the gal who is fifty but jeans are still her go-to wardrobe staple. She jumps out of bed, takes a shower, a dab of makeup, some lipstick and she’s good to go. But it still bothers her that crows feet are beginning to show.

At the opposite end of the spectrum you have the woman who never takes less than an hour to perform her beauty regimen in the morning, and only slightly less at night. She knows which cleansers reduce pore size the most, has comparison shopped for moisturizers and has been scrutinizing the tiny lines at the corners of her mouth since she was eleven.

To the second woman all we can say is, “Take time to breathe. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Simplify your routine and make more time for enjoying life.” She’s taking great care of her skin she may just be worrying too much.

beautifulfaceIt’s the first woman who is a little harder. She wants to minimize the visible effects of aging but she does not want a beauty regimen to slow her down. Maybe she’s a busy executive and she’s not wearing jeans but her hands are always on her smart-phone or laptop. Maybe she’s the outdoorsy type and is on the go at 6:00 am to catch the best surfing waves. Or she may be doing Mom duty or caring for an elderly parent. Whatever it is, the beauty routine had better be simple and effective or she won’t consider it.

We hear that loud and clear. May we suggest, if you’ve been too busy to exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse and purify that you start small and make two things part of your routine. 1) Cleanse your face with a good facial cleanser when you shower. Before, after, or during, whatever works for you. Just take the time to do that instead of using bar soap. Your face will thank you. We suggest a mild Rose Hip Seed Oil Cleanser

Then, when your face is clean gently work in our Peptide 6® moisturizer before you pull on your tailored slacks or your jeans.It will only take a minute and if you do wear a foundation you’ll find it goes on more smoothly and looks better when your skin is not so rough. Just try that for a week. See if you can make a habit of it. If you can make it a whole month you’re going to keep going because you’re going to hear, “You look great, what have you been doing?” And that’s a good incentive to keep going!

Youth – Does Anti Aging Cream Matter?

We have addressed the question of age before in this blog but I do regularly talk to young women who say, “Why would I have any interest in anti-aging cream when I’m in my 20’s?” And I always assure them that there is no need to replicate what their skin is already doing really well for itself. BUT, people in their 20’s often believe themselves to be bullet-proof. It’s normal.

We all believed love was forever, our looks would never fade, and we knew everything. I remember telling my mother how much I knew. At least she was kind enough not to last. But even a baby – yes, a baby! – needs some anti-aging attention. What kind? Sunscreen. Babies need protection from the sun. Every human being does. Unprotected skin shows damage later in life. So if you are in your 20’s there are also things you can do now, that mean you look awesome later!

Let’s start with the sunscreen / sunblock. If you spend time in the sun, you need to have it on. You may think a tan looks wonderful with a bikini but years later you will be horrified at the fine lines at your cleavage. So use a self-tanner to get that glow and protect your skin at any age to make sure that the most damaging factor to breakdown your skin does not get a chance to do so.

Now, let’s talk about cleansing. You can buy any cleanser you want, but purchasing one that has no parabens or harsh detergents will help your skin look lovely for years. Believe it or not, the wrong cleanser can actually accelerate aging. You don’t want anything with SLS, parabens, phthalates, or triclosan touching your skin. Keep it pure, keep it toxin-free, keep your youth years longer.

What else? You know what we are going to say – moisturize! No matter how young you are your skin can be dried by sun, by wind, by a dry atmosphere or a heater in the winter. To seal in moisture, and protect that skin from environmental factors, you need a good all-purpose moisturizer. Read your labels carefully and avoid anything with parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or fillers. We suggest our best all purpose moisturizer, Maximum Moisture™.  You can buy it hereEsthetician-Advice and preserve that gorgeous skin for years!

Mango Madness Skin Care opens at CityPlace in West Palm Beach

Mango Madness Skin Care is now open at CityPlace in West Palm Beach, Florida with its successful line of anti-aging skin care products. Based in south Florida, the company caters to the anti-aging skin care needs of women of all ages. In addition to its wrinkle creams, moisturizers and other skin care products, the company offers a wide variety of fun and festive bath and body items.

Skin Care at CityPlace in West Palm Beach

Mango Madness at CityPlace

The bright and colorful CityPlace store offers exciting natural body items including hand made Hawaiian soaps, bathbomb fizzies, soy body souffles, body butters, bubble bath cupcakes, and “crazy crazy bubble bars” offered in such fun names as Tahitian Waterfall, Mango Margarita, Mojito Cocktail, and Papaya Love.

The new store also carries a proprietary line of medical-grade, fragrance- and paraben-free anti-aging products, featuring some of the most effective skin care items available without a prescription.  For example, Peptide 6™ is a best sellers as a wrinkle cream, day cream, night cream, under-eye cream, moisturizer and neck cream all in one. To complement these products, Mango Madness Skin Care offers makeup and in-store makeovers. For more information about its anti-aging skin care products, visit MangoMadnessSkinCare.com.

Mango Madness Skin Care commits its resources to medical grade, effective concentrations of scientifically advanced ingredients and avoids elaborate advertisements and excessive packaging.