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Why Mix Ethics and Skin Care?

We have been asked many times why controversial presesrvatives like parabens are not in our skin care products. After all, the experts say, the studies are not conclusive and there’s no real proof that parabens cause cancer. Sure, they’ve been found in the cancer tumors but that might be a coincidence. And why through out phthalates and formaldehyde and sodium laureth sulfate? Those are all ingredients used in well accepted brands sold in department stores every single day.

But, they aren’t sold by us. We just can’t do that. Our customers are women who count on us to deliver effective and safe anti-aging products. Parabens in particular can actually accelerate aging. Why would we ever put something that ages your skin in an anti-wrinkle cream? And no, “every body is doing it,” is not a good reason.

We feel the same way about animal cruelty. Why should we offer products to women that are created by the suffering of animals? How could we sell our products knowing the backstory? We are not that type of a company.

So when people tell us we could do it cheaper, cut corners here or there, use fillers, throw in some chemical preservatives, we just don’t. Your health is worth more to us; our peace of mind is important to us. Mango Madness Skin Care is always going to stand for higher quality, fewer chemicals, no animal testing.

You get superior quality, we get a good night’s sleep!

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Inside Your Skin

We all face aging of our skin, body and mind. But we have to let that aging win every battle. A lot of what we experience as aging is caused by environmental or lifestyle factors that are within our power to control. Even if many years have gone by since these factors began to work on our skin, we can promote healing and reversal by using the same mechanisms our skin healed with when we were younger.

An excellent example is hyaluronic acid. When we are infants our bodies are full of hyaluronic acid and our skin is amazingly soft, supple, and moist. As we mature, our body loses the ability to manufacture as much hyaluronic acid and, after age 40, we really have a lot less. This doesn’t just affect our skin tone, hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping our joints moving smoothly, our eyes hydrated, and many other integral systems working the way they should.

In addition to being a moisturizer of unparalleled capability, able to hold 100x its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid also promotes collagen production. Collagen is absolutely critical to beautiful skin as it is responsible for holding the skin cells together in a flexible and supple layout without sagging and wrinkling. With sufficient hyaluronic acid and collagen, you have stunning skin. With too little you begin to develop fine lines, pouchy areas, discoloration and sagging. Finally deep wrinkles

You don’t have to be held hostage by the process of diminishing hyaluronic acid. Mango Madness Skin Care has developed a dual weight, pure hyaluronic acid serum that can renew skin elasticity while providing the deep hydration that keeps skin cells plump and healthy. This serum sinks into your skin penetrating through to the deeper cells and providing them with the building blocks to stay beautiful and fight the wrinkles that come with aging.

Try our amazing anti-wrinkle formula Hydrospherex™ and see what a difference restoring your body’s natural ability to heal can make. Remember we have a money-back guarantee and free shipping!


Banish the Signs of Stress

Many women ask us about products meant to slow or stop the power aging has over our body and face.  Some of their complaints are the lines from the nose to the mouth, the lines across the forehead and right above the bridge of the nose, dark circles under the eyes. Really, a significant component in the visible signs of aging is stress.

In a very real manner, stress affects how your body (including your skin) feels and looks. Stress is the system that wakes you up in the very early hours of the morning and won’t let you go back to sleep. Stress is what you see when you glance at a mirror and realize you are frowning. There are stress hormones that come in to play when you go through a difficult time with your family or on the job. In many women’s lives stress is a daily fact of life, something that is almost unavoidable. The good news is that it is not unstoppable. There are thing you can do to help your body relax even if you cannot stop the source of the stress.

Laugh – Yes, that old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” is actually true. What can you do to keep some laughter in your life? Subscribe to a cartoon or joke of the day so it shows up in your inbox along with work and gives your mood a tiny lift. Get an app with amusing videos or jokes on your smart phone and use it when you have unavoidable down time like waiting at the dentist’s office.

Meditate – Of course we know you’re short of time and busy, busy, busy. Take ten minutes at night when you are lying down to sleep and follow a meditation meant for calming relaxation. What can that really do? It can change your pre-sleep thoughts and mood so that you sleep longer and more fully.

Exercise – If you can join a gym or a walking group, do so. Follow through and keep going regularly, your heart will thank you for it. If you don’t have the time or energy, just make a point of walking a little more and getting up from a seated position more often.   Walk over to a window and look out. Walk down a hallway and back.

Lastly, we have two products we recommend if the stress in your life is starting to show in your face. The first is Peptide6® to fight fine lines and wrinkles with the body’s own methods. The second is RefreshMe™ under-eye cream for dark circles. Both can help you look less stressed as you work on finding ways to relax more.

Woman sleeping at work.

What Is Your Night-Time Beauty Routine?

nightWe’ve talked to a lot of women and routines vary greatly from one woman to the next. For instance, do you shower before bedtime, upon rising, or both? Do you spend a couple of minutes using a mask on your face and fighting the tough skin on your heels, or do you save that for one day a week and just have a time-saving washup in the shower? Do you soak luxuriously in the tub to relax away the stresses of the day? It’s your night time, do it any way you want!

These are the elements that we found most women shared in common in their nighttime routines:

1) Bath or shower before bedtime.

2) Facial cleansing with some type of cleanser made for the face, wipes, or a beauty bar soap.

3) Some form of moisturizer or anti-aging preparation applied to the face before sleep.

4) Some type of hand lotion and foot/heel lotion applied to the feet before sleep

We would caution women not to use a hard bar soap on their faces. Bar soaps contain ingredients that can dry your skin or irritate it. We like a cleanser made just for the face, as mild as possible. We recommend Rose Hip Seed Oil Cleanser Then an exfoliator once or twice a week.

For moisturizers we found that women varied quite a bit starting with women who swore by petroleum jelly to seal in moisture and others who paid upwards of $110 an ounce for products containing exotic animal-based substances. We understand the rationale of sealing in moisture with petroleum jelly but it’s not the best choice. It films over pores, collects dirt and grime, and is not absorbed well. As for the more exotic offerings these often came with no medical claims or studies supporting their advertising slogans on the label. A high price tag is not a guarantee of effectiveness.

The most effective skin creams were ones that contain hyaluronic acid, a proven moisturizer and skin cream ingredient that promotes healing. Another significant ingredient is Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A. Both promote rejuvenation of skin cells and encourage the production of collagen.

Night Repair Cream with hyaluronic acid.

Renew Youth facial cream with Vitamin A

Let us know what your favorite evening regimen is on our Facebook page. You can find us at facebook.com/MangoMadnessSkinCare


You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard of the Paleo Diet®, the DASH Diet, the low-carb diet and counting calories; but did you realize that what you eat can really affect your skin?

Of course we always mention drinking water. Your body needs it from head to toe and your skin needs it to stay healthy and look beautiful. But you can also benefit from the vitamins and nutrients found in fresh food. Eating salmon or other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids has been found to be beneficial to your health in many ways and helps your skin to form a more perfect shield against environmental toxins and germs.

Eating foods high in C, E, and A as well as anti-oxidants help your skin by combating free radicals which can damage your skin and accelerate aging. Mangoes, blueberries, green and red peppers, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are all good choices when you are eating with your skin in mind! If you enjoy a morning or afternoon snack, consider nuts. They are healthy in moderation and deliver protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

There are also foods you should avoid if you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Those include any foods containing transfats and foods that are heavily processed or fried. Doctors used to recommend avoiding alcohol but recent studies showing the benefits of red wine have changed thinking about a glass of wine with dinner.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not point out that Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamins C and A. There is a reason we picked them as the symbol of our anti-aging products!

Consider a diet rich in vegetables, fish, and fruit and pair the food with green tea, fresh water, or red wine. Your skin will thank you!

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Oily Skin – It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

MS-face-83113It isn’t unusual for a woman to complain about having oily skin. Oily skin can breakout more often, may make makeup need refreshing sooner, may result in a shiny effect on forehead or chin. But oily skin also provides a better barrier protecting the skin from environmental factors, and tends to develop fine lines later in life than dry skin does.

So how can you get to the point where you appreciate the features of your oily skin instead of struggling with it. Let us suggest some things you can do:

  1. Use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Our Rose Hip Seed cleanser is perfect for thorough cleaning and breakout management.
  2. Use a retinol-based moisturizer to minimize wrinkles and control acne or blackheads instead of a heavy cold cream or greasy lotion.
  3. Choose a makeup that goes on dry such as our powder-to-matte selections or a mineral based cover.
  4. Gently clean your face at the end of the day and then re-apply your retinol-based cream for over-night moisture and care.

This method will help you love your oily skin. Less breakouts, easier makeup management, reduced signs of aging!

We have a whole section of our website devoted to your oily-skin needs and we’re glad you’re our customer. You won’t need to worry about shininess or visible oiliness once you follow those simple steps. And the products to care for your skin are all paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. You’ll look more beautiful than ever and love using products that promote healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

Visit our oily-skin care page for in-depth product information and instructions on how often to use the preparations. Your friends will wonder what has made you so happy with your looks! Tell them it’s due to mangoes!

What Age Are Anti-Aging Creams Most Effective?

Two questions that we hear a lot from women are:

* What age should you start using anti-aging wrinkle creams?

* I’m too old, would it do any good to try a wrinkle cream?

There’s an age when a young woman wants to look older. At 13 or 14 years of age she tries really hard to look 16 or 18 or 21. And some young teens really succeed! But those are the years when the skin has the most glow, the most collagen, the smallest pores.

That is also the age when anti-aging products do a lot of good! And by that I mean sunblock and moisturizer. Taking care of your skin from an early age means healthier skin later in life. For the most part, a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunblock are all a woman needs until she begins to notice her skin beginning to feel drier.

That might be early 30’s or later, but there is a point where there aren’t any wrinkles yet but collagen production is slowing and skin is not as smooth as it once was. From that moment on the most natural way of preventing aging is to renew, refresh, and support the natural processes your skin did so well in your twenties. Ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid are designed to boost and promote the very things your skin has always done. So utilizing them is just the natural thing to do.

Some women feel that they have wrinkles now, so what’s the use of using creams or serums to look younger? But there is no age at which prettier skin isn’t a benefit. No age at which softer, smoother, more supple skin isn’t more attractive. No external cream can completely reverse the advance of time, but with regular application, a peptide cream can erase fine lines, re-hydrate depleted cells, and promote collagen production. You’ll look younger and feel prettier! Try our Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream with free shipping!

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Aggravating Acne

It doesn’t matter what age you are, acne is embarrassing and unsightly. You dread waking up with pimples when you are a teenager, and it is even more frustrating when you are in your thirties or older. What causes this?

facial-cleanserThere are many causes of acne and breakouts in older skin. One of them is stress which we all struggle with. Another is that we have larger pores when we age and our skin is affected by a variety of factors going on in our lives. One easy thing we can do for occasional breakouts is use a treatment involving glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is part of many skin cleaning and exfoliation strategies but it does more than clean your skin thoroughly. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can help break the cycle of breakouts and keep our skin lovely and free of the bacteria that can trigger a breakout.

What else does glycolic acid do for you?

  • Minimizes pores
  • Exfoliates, removing dead skin cells
  • Encourages the production of collagen.

Why would you buy Mango Madness Skin Care’s Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Facial Cleanser? The reasons are simple:

  • A name you can trust,
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Effective against acne and rough skin
  • Fast, free shipping so you don’t have to wait!

Try Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Facial Cleanser and get ready for the most beautiful skin of your life! You’ll be glad you did.

And, with Christmas right around the corner this may be the best time to order Exfoliate Me and order a second bottle for a friend. What are you waiting for? Order today!

Retinol – What Does it Really Do?

First let’s talk about where Retinol comes from.  Retinol is one of the forms of Vitamin A. It is found in butter and cream, liver, cod liver oil, and many other fats including those in your body. While it can be extracted from animal sources it can also be synthesized by starting with plant-based Vitamin A. Eating more liver and butter, carrots and mangoes would result in more Vitamin A in your body which would aid many organs including your eyes and your skin. Regular doses of fresh vegetables provide you with ample Vitamin A for nutritional purposes.

Since we know that, why can’t we just eat more vegetables and get better skin? We can in general. A healthy diet with plenty of water and fresh vegetables will result in better looking skin. But, in the case of skin that is aging, or suffering with acne, you may want to do something more specific to just the areas that need help.

So let’s look at topical applications of Retinol. Applying Retinol to your skin has been shown to have the following benefits:

  • Creation of more blood vessels in the skin, increasing healthy tissue and lessening pallor.
  • Promotion of collagen, increasing the suppleness of skin and renewing aging skin cells.
  • Suppressing acne and breakouts so that skin is smoother.
  • Lightening age spots.

All of these benefits make skin look smoother, more supple, more even in skin tone, and younger. We are not sure how much liver you would have to eat to achieve that but we bet you’d rather use our Retinol product, ReNew Youth.

Like all Mango Madness Skin Care products, ReNew Youth has no parabens, phthalates, SLS or formaldehyde. Free shipping, and a money-back guarantee make this an easy decision to make! You can buy ReNew Youth here!

Vitamins are the natural way to go and we’ve got them just waiting for you!retinol




The Good Old Days are Now!

Every once in a while I read some nostalgic piece about the “good old days” when things were simpler and more wholesome. But, on a closer look, that almost never turns out to be true. That is especially the case when you consider skin care.

vintageskinThere was a time when most women simply had no time or energy to worry about their skin. They toiled in garment factories, took care of their homes while their men were down in a mine, and less than 1% had the luxury to gaze into a mirror and worry about their skin. The advent of the industrial era and electric lighting changed all of that. Women began to have more time, and everyone could see each other more clearly. Suddenly, ads began to spring up for nostrums guaranteed to keep your skin light and creamy and smooth. To enhance the lighter color of skin women resorted to milk baths, arsenic, and cold creams comprised of fats and beeswax. Smart women of the day carried a parasol at all times. That, at least has not changed. Avoiding direct sun is always a good option!

Then came the “scientific” era and women smeared oily petroleum products onto their faces and creams containing Lanolin, derived from sheeps wool. The thinking behind both of those was that protecting the fact from dehydration was a good idea. And it was! Now we are in the twenty-first century and we know so much more.

We understand the building-blocks of skin. Science has unveiled how collagen works to keep skin supple and the role hyaluronic acid plays in retaining moisture in skin cells. We now know how peptides help in renewing and promoting regrowth of critical skin systems. We aren’t guessing any more and telling women, “here put this sheep oil on your face.” Sophisticated skin care companies are working directly with the skin itself to renew and enhance what nature was already doing.

Are you ready to take advantage of the best solutions this era has to offer? Get ready to enjoy your best skin and remember, every Mango Madness product is paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and backed with an amazing money-back guarantee. Welcome to the best days we’ve ever had!

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