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What Age Are Anti-Aging Creams Most Effective?

Two questions that we hear a lot from women are:

* What age should you start using anti-aging wrinkle creams?

* I’m too old, would it do any good to try a wrinkle cream?

There’s an age when a young woman wants to look older. At 13 or 14 years of age she tries really hard to look 16 or 18 or 21. And some young teens really succeed! But those are the years when the skin has the most glow, the most collagen, the smallest pores.

That is also the age when anti-aging products do a lot of good! And by that I mean sunblock and moisturizer. Taking care of your skin from an early age means healthier skin later in life. For the most part, a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunblock are all a woman needs until she begins to notice her skin beginning to feel drier.

That might be early 30’s or later, but there is a point where there aren’t any wrinkles yet but collagen production is slowing and skin is not as smooth as it once was. From that moment on the most natural way of preventing aging is to renew, refresh, and support the natural processes your skin did so well in your twenties. Ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid are designed to boost and promote the very things your skin has always done. So utilizing them is just the natural thing to do.

Some women feel that they have wrinkles now, so what’s the use of using creams or serums to look younger? But there is no age at which prettier skin isn’t a benefit. No age at which softer, smoother, more supple skin isn’t more attractive. No external cream can completely reverse the advance of time, but with regular application, a peptide cream can erase fine lines, re-hydrate depleted cells, and promote collagen production. You’ll look younger and feel prettier! Try our Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream with free shipping!

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Peptides – Big Word, Simply Effective

If you are like me you start to fall asleep when people begin talking about peptides, amino acid and protein chains, and the function of the human skin. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it is basically a huge layer of connective tissue that exists to protect us from the elements and our environment. Peptides are a part of the process by which the skin maintains and renews itself. The skin needs to hold water in its cells in order to not lie loose and flat. As skin cells slough off and are replace it is the building blocks of cells, the peptides that help tell the cell what to do next and help rebuild the collagen which is the connective tissue that keeps the cells together.

A peptide-based cream like Peptide 6® is changes the chemistry of facial creams and anti-aging preparations because it mimics your skin’s own natural way of nourishing and rebuilding itself. Instead of some waxy cream meant to keep your skin protected from outside damage, Peptide 6® uses the power of natural body proteins to penetrate the top layer of skin and begin to promote healing and renewal from the inside out. The hyaluronic acid in the formula restores moisture to thirsty skin cells and plumps and smooths dry skin so that your skin looks and feels better naturally.

So don’t use extreme methods to restore youth. Trust the skin cream that helps your skin do what it does best naturally and restore your facial skin to the looks you had when you were younger.

For best results, use Peptide 6® twice a day on fresh clean skin before you apply anything else. It will help your makeup go on more smoothly and will work throughout the day or night to minimize wrinkles, reduce fine lines, and moisturize your skin thoroughly! Try the power of peptides and hyaluronic acid today!


The Building Blocks of Skin

If you follow the anti-aging beauty industry you hear a lot about hyaluronic acid injections, collagen injections, and even fat injections into lips, cheeks, and areas of the forehead that have lines. The effort that all these injections have in common is to make the skin look fuller so that it will not show wrinkles and lines. But how does the skin lose fullness to begin with, and is there a way to restore the skin’s natural fullness and suppleness?

To understand the needs of your skin, the first thing you must be introduced to is collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and it is what connective tissue is made of. It holds together skin, ligaments, cartilage and more. Anywhere the body needs something to be flexible and smooth, you will find collagen. You will also find hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid has a very specific role to play in the renewal of collagen and the body’s ability to retain moisture necessary for smooth functioning.

When we are young, the body has plenty of collagen and hyaluronic acid and knees work smoothly, faces look unlined and radiant. As time goes by, collagen stores are depleted and the body makes less collagen and hyaluronic acid. How can that be reversed. First, you can have collagen directly injected where you want it. There are several drawbacks to that method. We’ve all seen actresses with bloated, unnatural looking faces and heard the stories of unexpected infections or injections that migrate. There is also the bruising and pain, and worst, the treatment is temporary.

But there are ways of encouraging the body to create collagen. One is to use a hyaluronic acid moisturizer which both promotes collagen production and restores moisture. That’s using the skin’s own natural method. The other is to use a face cream that includes peptides. Peptides are amino acids that are necessary for certain chemical exchanges to take place in the human body. When you utilize these peptides on skin, they help the skin to renew itself just the way it did when it was younger. No bruising, no swelling, no unsightly misshapen results. Just skin, feeling and acting much more like itself 20 years ago.

So get the peptides and the hyaluronic acid building blocks working for you, helping your skin to work just the way nature intended it with Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream.deep-wrinkle-reducer You’ll be glad you did!

Why We Don’t Provide Samples

Women are used to receiving samples in almost every conceivable area of life. Want to try a new perfume? Stop by the fragrance counter and get some little tester vials. Want to try a new shade of makeup? Your brand probably has small sample sizes so you can try it on and see if it covers like they say it does.

samplesAnd, like most manufacturers, we get asked from time to time if we provide samples. But skin care is not like makeup. Skin does not age over night and aging cannot be counter-acted in one application of a product. When peptides penetrate the layers of a skin cell, they help your skin renew the way it did automatically when you were in your twenties. They stimulate the production of collagen which is the connective tissue that keeps skin looking smooth and prevents sagging. These are changes that are occurring on a cellular level and on a day to day basis. Slowly, lines and webbing in your skin begin to fill in and smooth out. Daily, the applications of peptides and hyaluronic acid tell your skin to produce collagen and retain moisture which keeps new wrinkles from forming and reduces the severity of deeper lines.

As you continue to treat your skin with high grade skin care therapies you will see your skin looking fresher, looking younger, with more even color and less sagging and drooping. Soon, you look at a picture of yourself from just six months ago and you are startled at the difference. Friends are commenting on how lovely you look and hinting that you “had something done.” You can’t achieve that overnight by putting a little dab of a sample product along your chin line. It is a commitment to enhancing your natural defenses against aging that begins to make a difference.

So how can you try our products without a risk of wasting your money? That’s where our 90-day satisfaction guarantee comes in. Yes, you heard right, 90 days. We have one of the longest “try it” guarantees in the industry. We know the changes don’t occur over night so we want you to be sure you are satisfied. We even have a specialist ready to help you if you think you might not be using it right or don’t feel you’re getting the full benefit. We’ll discuss your application methods, frequency and timing and see if you need a personalized plan that would be more effective.

Why do we go to all that trouble? Because you are worth it. We want our customers to be the most loyal and happy customers in the world. So we have created products that work, stellar customer service, fast as lightning shipping, and a great guarantee. Are we forgetting anything? Look over our website and our products and see!


Take Your Vitamins!

The moment we hear the two words “vitamin” and “skin” together most people immediately think of Vitamin E.  Moisturizers, conditioners, even dog shampoo is marketed as having Vitamin E for healthy skin and hair. But Vitamin E is only one of the vitamins that are needed for healthy, beautiful skin.

The vitamin you take to avoid the common cold is also considered a powerful ally of your skin because it aids in building collagen and is a strong anti-oxidant.  Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruit like oranges and mangoes and is one of the most popular vitamins to take.  Working from within to keep you healthy and your skin vibrant and beautiful, Vitamin C should be an every day supplement in most women’s diets.  Naturally, discuss any supplement decision with your health care provider.

You get an A if you knew that Vitamin A is another vitamin that is absolutely wonderful for your skin.  Topically applied it plays a measurable role in reducing uneven skin coloration and penetrates the skin to perform its anti-oxidant duties.  Any woman who is concerned about the discoloration and fine wrinkles that occur with age would do well to consider a skin care product that includes Retinol.  Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and it stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells.

When combined in a formula with Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, it is effective at rejuvenating facial skin cells; with regular use your skin can look radiant and wrinkle-free. ReNew Youth provides the maximum amount of retinol available over the counter for maximum effectiveness.  Using anti-wrinkle cream ReNew Youth may be the best decision you ever made for your skin.  And, you can use ReNew Youth with confidence knowing that it is paraben-free, not tested on animals and comes with a money back guarantee!


A Merry Mango Holiday

What does your face want for Christmas?  Well, we asked your face and this is what it told us:

  • Lots of fresh water to counteract the artificial heat.
  • Moderate eating and drinking.
  • A gentle cleansing scrub.
  • A high-powered moisturizer with peptides.

We heard what your face was saying and we’d like to make some recommendations based on that wish list.  First, there is nothing more important than drinking plenty of water.  It is easy in the hustle and bustle of the holidays to find yourself skipping your normal healthy routine.  But holidays can be stressful and some of the parts of your routine can help you handle stress.  Drinking water is one of them.  Water helps your body process out impurities and bad food choices so make a mental note or set your smartphone to remind you to have a big glass of water at least twice a day.

Moderate eating and drinking seems impossible during the holidays but sometimes you can make healthful choices especially if you are the hostess or are asked to bring a dish to someone’s home.  How about a delightful Mango Trifle instead of a heavy fruitcake?  Whip a little pure light whipping cream with a little bit of yogurt and layer with fresh mango slices.  Garnish with a sprinkle of eggnog, some sliced almonds, or some cranberries and you have something absolutely beautiful and beautifully healthy!  Don’t worry that people will object to eating something that is good for them.  Many people will thank you.

The next request:  a gentle cleansing scrub, is an easy one.  We have several depending on your skin type and you can decide what your best option is.  But do take the time to do a little cleansing and exfoliating.  During the winter there are many environmental elements that your skin has to face that are different from the rest of the year.  Extremes of heat and cold, wind, and wood smoke are only a sampling of the factors your skin encounters.  Gently exfoliating opens those pores up, removes the grime and grit and dead skin.  Then beautiful fresh skin emerges and you look radiant!  Our best cleansers and scrubs.

Finally, just what Dr. Oz ordered, a good peptide-based moisturizer.  We have just the thing for your thirsty facial skin.  Our Peptide 6 wrinkle-fighting cream restores and helps your skin replenish the natural collagen that makes skin so smooth and wrinkle-free.

We hope this helps you decide what to buy your beautiful skin this Holiday Season.  Please don’t ask us what to get your nephew, Bobby!




Why is Collagen the Key to Smoother Skin?

Everyone wants smoother skin. Unfortunately, many people have to live with skin that’s become wrinkled with time and is starting to look a little worn out. If your skin isn’t quite as smooth as you’d like, the good news is it doesn’t need to remain that way.

If you asked ten people what they thought the key to smooth skin was, you would probably get seven to ten different answers. The reason is magazines and other sources of information are filled with ways to improve your skin. But if you read many of these sources, you’ll notice that one piece of information often contradicts another.

Like weight loss, skin care is a subject that’s commonly dominated by information that has too much fluff and too little substance. While print magazines have to find something to fill their pages, we can get right to the real key to smooth skin. If you want your skin to be smoother, you need to focus on collagen production. When you go below the skin’s surface, collagen is what’s responsible for how it looks. Collagen is the foundation for skin that gives it firmness, support and smoothness.

If your body isn’t producing enough collagen, your skin is going to wrinkle. While collagen production naturally decreases with age, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for wrinkled skin. Instead, there are several things you can do to protect and promote collagen production:

Consistently Use Sunscreen: One of the best ways to maximize collagen production is to minimize damage. While you’re free to enjoy going outside as often as you like, make sure your skin is always protected by a quality UVA/UVB protection sunscreen like Protect Me sunblock.

Avoid Smoking: Another way to minimize skin damage is to avoid smoking. If you currently smoke, you can add smoother skin to your list of reasons to quit.

Exfoliate: When collagen production slows, it results in thinner skin that is easier to wrinkle. Exfoliating will promote collagen production and keep skin thick. The best way to think of exfoliating is like exercise for your skin. The point of going to a gym and working out is to build stronger muscles. When you exfoliate on a regular basis, you are doing the same thing for your skin by building thicker collagen. Look for a paraben free exfoliating cream.

Use a Topical Cream with Peptides: If you’ve heard of peptides but have forgotten what they are, all you need to remember is that they’re very small molecules that are capable of penetrating the skin’s upper layer. When you use a topical product that includes peptides, they are able to penetrate to your dermis. As peptides take this action, they provide a signal to the skin cells that more collagen needs to be produced. Peptide 6 cream is a great example of this type of anti-wrinkle product.

Moisturize: Just like plants, your skin needs moisture to function properly and for optimum health and vitality. Adequately hydrated skin looks fresher, younger and isn’t prone to itching, scaling or looking dried out. Use a good hyaluronic acid cream for smoother skin morning and night.

Some people believe that they have to settle for the type of skin that they’ve been given by their genetics. However, by taking advantage of paraben-free products that are based on the latest developments in skin care, you can reinvigorate collagen production and enjoy beautifully smooth skin!

Peptides in Skin Care Products – What’s All the Buzz About?

Even if you don’t get to watch the Dr. Oz show on a regular basis, you likely hear about his latest episodes from some of your friends. One topic your friends have probably been talking about lately is the use of advanced skin smoothing products with peptides. If you haven’t had a chance to fully research this ingredient, you’re probably wondering why everyone is discussing it.

What are Peptides?

While the makeup of skin is quite complex, collagen is one of its key components. Collagen is responsible for giving skin its smoothness and thickness. When someone is young, their body naturally produces lots of collagen. As a result, their skin is firm and looks great. But as people get older, their level of collagen production decreases. This causes their skin to become thinner and more wrinkled.

Even though most people think of protein as something that’s only important to athletes, protein is actually a basic building block of the body. Collagen itself is actually made up of protein. The composition of this protein is in the form of amino acid chains. Peptides are what you get when you break these chains into shorter sections. This is why they play such a key role in the appearance of your skin.

What Makes Peptide Wrinkle Cream Different from Other Skin Care Products?

There are several key reasons why peptide wrinkle cream is more effective than other products that are designed to fight wrinkles. Since decreased collagen production is at the root of wrinkles, the logical way to fight this problem is by increasing collagen production. With peptide wrinkle cream, it’s possible to do just that.

When this type of cream is applied to your skin, the peptides send signals that more collagen should be produced. Because peptide cream addresses the root cause of wrinkles, it’s effective against even deep wrinkles that may have previously seemed impossible to reduce.

Another benefit of peptide cream is its ability to moisturize your skin without clogging any of your pores. Because tripeptide is one of peptides that is found in this type of wrinkle cream, it’s not only able to improve skin’s appearance, but also protect it from future issues. This includes reducing the impact of future creasing, fine lines and wrinkling.

What makes our advanced skin cream even more attractive is while it’s very effective, it doesn’t come with the risks associated with many other wrinkle treatments. This is because it doesn’t contain any parabens or phthalates. And because it’s a fragrance-free product, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin.

While there are plenty of skin care products that don’t live up to the claims they make, the reason a certain peptide cream is being endorsed and recommended by so many people is because clinical trials done through places like the Vincience Research Center have confirmed the effectiveness of peptides for increasing collagen production and reducing wrinkles.