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Honey, Food of the Gods and Your Skin!

Finding the right cleanser for delicate skin can be difficult, and finding a good exfoliating scrub that won’t damage sensitive skin might be even harder. But thanks to some natural ingredients we have put together a wonderful scrub that removes impurities and dead skin leaving your face fresh and beautiful! And it does not irritate your skin!

Honey-ScrubWhat is this wonderful formula? Pure water, jojoba, honey, amber crystals and vanilla make Oh, Honey!™ the perfect therapeutic facial for the woman with discriminating taste. Amber is a natural fossilized tree resin that has been prized for its healing properties and its beauty since ancient times. In crystal form, amber gently scrubs the skin and removes particles, flaky skin and impurities. Honey has been used as an aid to health throughout history because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Modern medicine applications include ulcer treatment, wound healing and burn care. This makes honey ideal for your skin as it gently promotes healing and well-being right down to your pores.

Oh, Honey!™ is safe to use on your face, neck and hands giving you soft, smooth, supple skin that feels absolutely wonderful to the touch. It works to reduce fine lines, dull skin, and the discolorations that come with age. You will be surprised at how thorough, and yet gentle. it really is. Our customers have been delighted at the way their skin responds to Oh, Honey!™ after years of adult acne or other skin issues.

Of course, like all of our Mango Madness products Oh, Honey!™ is paraben-free and free of chemical additives, preservatives and fillers. You just get the healing and cleaning benefits of amber, honey and jojoba to make your skin look its best!

Are you ready to try this wonderful exfoliating scrub and take advantage of our money-back guarantee and our fast, fast shipping? Click here to see just how wonderfully clean and smooth your skin can look!