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Causes of Acne | How to Get Rid of Acne

Two leading causes of acne are bacteria and clogged pores. Normal, healthy skin receives sufficient oxygen that the growth of bacteria is prevented, since skin bacteria cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment. When your skin pores become blocked, typically from excess accumulation of dead skin cells than remain on the surface, oxygen is unable to reach the lower levels of your pores, At the same time, oil in the pores builds up. These two factors cause bacteria to proliferate. As a result, the follicle becomes irritated, inflamed and fills with fluid consisting mostly of dead white blood cells that had fought the bacteria.

Clogged pores are caused by several conditions. One is an inherited factor where dead skin cells do not slough off from follicles normally. This causes an accumulation of oils and additional cell buildup. This creates “microcomedos,” which are the beginning of acne problems if appropriate skin care remedies are not utilized.

One effective solution to both of these causes of bacteria is to use a daily exfoliation gel cleanser to make sure that dead skin cells are adequately removed so that they cannot block pores and create the accumulation of oils or bacteria. This will help you get rid of acne.