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Learn the Latest Eyeshadow Techniques

Most guys probably assume that applying eyeshadow is pretty easy to do. However, every woman knows that it’s actually quite challenging to apply eye makeup without it turning out improperly blended or crooked. If you’ve recently been frustrated by all of your experiences with eyeshadow application, the good news is there are a handful of tips and techniques that can make this process much easier:

There’s a Right Way to Blend

A common source of eyeshadow frustration is not knowing the right way to blend. The reason this source of frustration is so common is because the proper method for blending is not very intuitive. To get the results you want, you should use three colors. The colors consist of a base, highlighter and main lid color. The key to getting these colors to actually blend is to begin with the lightest and then progress to darker. That means start with the base, move to the lid color and finish with the highlighter.

Select the Right Colors, But Don’t Go Overboard

There are two ways to choose colors that go with your eyes. The first is to match them. Contrary to old style advice, matching can actually bring the natural color of your eyes out. The other option is to choose colors that contrast with your eyes. For example, if you have blue eyes, gold colors would stylishly contrast. Another example would be using dark blues with brown eyes.

While you want to choose colors that liven up your eyes, that doesn’t mean more is automatically better when it comes to the actual application of your eyeshadow. You can pick the perfect colors, but if you apply too much of them, you’re not going to be happy with the end result. The best rule of thumb to follow is that you never want to apply eyeshadow on your browbone. While it’s fine to go up to this point, don’t go past it. The only exception to this rule is if you’re using a neutral color.

Lips, Lids and Base

There’s nothing wrong with using a lipstick that really makes your lips stand out. However, if you’re going to accent this part of your face, you need to tone down your eyes. The reason this is important is because doing up both features will turn into visual overkill. The best way to accent a dramatic lip color is to go with eyeshadow that is light and simple.

One of the most popular trends in eyeshadow is to go with a smokey look. While the result of this style can be great, it can also be a disaster. To ensure you don’t end up as an eyeshadow victim, be sure to keep the color on your lids and avoid going past the creases. Finally, regardless of the specific style you’re trying out, make sure you use a quality primer. This will ensure your eyes look just as good in the afternoon as they did when your first put on your makeup!

Be sure your skin is hydrated

Remember, the best way to make your makeup look the best is to start with properly prepared skin. You need your skin to be smooth and sufficiently hydrated for most makeup to perform well. Try a good paraben free moisturizing product for maximum benefit.