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The Secret Behind Celebrity Eyelashes

Have you noticed that Taylor Swift’s eyelashes always look amazing? Are you jealous whenever you see a picture of Selena Gomez and her full eyelashes? Do you wish that your eyelashes could look as good as Jessica Alba’s?

Although you may think that incredible eyelashes are reserved for a handful of celebrities who were born with them, that’s actually not the case. The real reason these celebrities have such beautiful eyelashes is because they have access to some of the best makeup artists in the world. As a result, they’re privy to secrets that generally aren’t shared with the general public. If you wish that you could find out just this one secret for yourself, today is your lucky day!

Natural But Enhanced

If you’ve ever seen an unfortunate case of a woman who thought the secret to gorgeous eyelashes was to apply a ton of mascara, you know that’s not true. “The more the better” definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to eyelashes. Instead of making eyelashes look thick and beautiful, simply piling on mascara results in eyelashes that look like a clumped mess.

The first key to achieving enviable eyelashes is understanding that you don’t want to completely change them. Instead, you want to enhance what you already have. As with plastic surgery, the best results come from making enhancements that don’t actually look like enhancements.

How to Get Perfect Eyelashes

Since you’re going to get the best results from enhancing your natural eyelashes, the main secret of celebrities’ elegant eyelashes lies in just three words:
• Separate
• Lift
• Curl

If you look at a high resolution picture of Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez and zoom in on their eyelashes, you will see that the reason they stand out so much is because each eyelash is carefully defined. Since their eyelashes are done by the best makeup artists in the world, not a single eyelash goes without attention.

Although there won’t be a makeup artist in your bathroom when you walk in to get ready in the morning, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for lackluster lashes. You can mimic the individual eyelash attention celebs receive from their makeup artists by using a high quality mascara with a brush that’s just as good.

Lash Luxe Mascara is specifically designed to give you the ability to fully separate your eyelashes, as well as lift and curl each one. Thanks to the unique design of this mascara’s brush, you won’t end up with unattractive clumps on your lashes. Instead, this top notch mascara will be precisely applied along the entire length of your eyelashes.

Because no section of your lashes will be missed, the end result is that each and every one will stand out. After you’re done using this high quality mascara and its amazing brush, you will look in the mirror and see eyelashes that would fit right in on the red carpet!

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