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Wearing Heavier Foundation? Stop!

As people age, the coloration of their skin tone begins to change. Gone are the days when it was one smooth color. Instead, light brown “age spots” begin to turn up, red patches can appear, and even paler areas may begin to define themselves. The first thing women do when that starts happening is buy heavier foundation. But the problem doesn’t need to be covered up, it needs to be solved.

Some of the imbalance in skin tone is caused by years of sun exposure and some is just a natural process of aging. But it can be slowed and even corrected by promoting healthier skin with a Vitamin A cream that penetrates the skin with antioxidants and renews collagen production. Your skin looks radiant and revitalized sooner than you would think from an OTC retinol product. You can expect ReNew Youth™ to:

  • Work deep below the surface of your skin
  • Diminish wrinkles by improving hydration
  • Increase natural elasticity
  • Stimulate the production of collagen
  • Promote healing to improve skin tone

retinol-face-creamIt doesn’t happen overnight but you will see improvement when used regularly. For best anti-wrinkle results, apply ReNew Youth™ overnight and leave on while you sleep. Soon you will be using lighter, translucent foundations and less concealer. You won’t want to hide your new beautiful skin!

If you are used to using a moisturizer at night, don’t worry! ReNew Youth™ contains jojoba and apricot kernel oils, squalane, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. What it does not contain are parabens, fillers, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or other toxins you would not want to be exposed to. And we never do animal testing so you can use all of our products with a happy conscience. Don’t forget, we also offer fast, free shipping and a 90-day money back guarantee!

Try ReNew Youth today!

What Products Should I Use?

Women sometimes tell me that they are baffled when they are in a department store and they see literally hundreds of moisturizers, wrinkle creams, anti-aging lotions and serums and face cremes. Even our website lists five separate products under moisturizers. Why so many?

Well, when it comes to skin care, one size does not fit all. The cream you use on your neck may irritate your sensitive eyes. A specially formulated night repair cream may be too heavy to wear under makeup as your daily face cream.  Additionally, each person’s skin is different based on factors like age, ethnic background, environment, climate, and lifestyle choices. So how do you pick what you need to use?

Some of it is based on that very word “need.” What do you need? If you notice that your eyes often have dark circles under them, then an under-eye cream is an easy choice. If you are concerned about the skin on your neck, there are special formulations created just for your neck.

Finally, there is also a chart we have made up that is based on several factors. The first is whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of the two. That factor alone is one that must be taken into consideration so that an appropriate face cream can be formulated to work with your skin. The next factor is the condition of your skin. Many people who live in warmer climates have a lot of sun damage. Other women are dealing with skin conditions such as rosacea that have to be taken into consideration. Finally, it happens in puberty but also during menopause women experience the blemishes and breakouts of acne. In order to help you decide what products to use, we must take all those factors and mix ingredients that can be most effective with your particular skin.

So take a look at our Skin Care Regimen Page. It makes suggestions based on what you know about your skin so that you don’t have to wonder which moisturizer or cleanser would be the best one for you. We take the guess work out and put the anti-aging ingredients in!

New Year, New You!

Are you ready to face the end of 2013? The ball drops in only four more days and those short days are the time we have to rethink how we have lived this year. How many simple regrets do you have? Are you sorry about money you spent? Sorry about things you shouldn’t have said? Or, are your regrets more along the lines of things you should have done. Perhaps you are thinking you should have exercised more or stuck to your diet, or volunteered at a local community art initiative. It doesn’t matter. Now we have a chance to start over and do 2014 right.

My first suggestion is taking better care of yourself. Nutrition is a key issue, as is getting off the couch and moving – exercise doesn’t have to be at a gym or doing 100 reps of anything. You just have to get moving.

If you are not sure what you should be doing for your face, try this. Our recommended beauty regimen. Look it over and see how close it is to what you are actually doing. The closer you are the better your skin will look and feel. And that’s important. It isn’t just about looks. It’s about getting hydration deep into the pores of your skin, encouraging the renewal of collagen, sloughing off dead skin and creating smooth new layers that have less uneven coloration, less lines and wrinkles, less rough patches. In other words, healthier skin all around. If you need more specific advice we have sections for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin as well.

Make a resolution on December 31st that for 2014 you will treat your skin the best you can and see if by the end of January you don’t have skin that is just amazing! Make time for YOU in 2014 and don’t let anyone hold you back!

Combination Skin, Blessing or Curse?

There are people with dry skin and people with oily skin; and then there are people with the dreaded combination skin. If you have combination skin you know exactly what I mean. Some patches are shiny with oil and in other places your skin is dry. You feel like you have to use different cleansers and moisturizers for different areas of your face.

In many women, the combination skin has a configuration known as the T-zone. The skin on the cheeks and around the eyes and under the chin is dry. But the forehead, nose, and chin are oily. The oily areas form a T shape on your face and are particularly frustrating for skin care and makeup application.

The same makeup that glides smoothly onto your cheeks may not cover as well in the oily areas. A cleanser that takes the oil off of your forehead may be to strong for the rest of your face. What is a woman to do? Well there are some skin products that are formulated to be effective on your whole face, believe it or not!

There are moisturizers that are light enough for the oily areas and yet they sink into the dry skin and renew it, making it softer and smoother. There are also cleansers that are very good at removing excess oil without irritating the more fragile surface of dry skin. Our skin experts have put together a great chart showing which products to use with complex skin combinations and you can take advantage of their expertise to simplify your life and your beauty regimen.

This chart points you in the right direction to get the best anti-aging products with the right formulation for the complexity of your face. You will find benefits almost immediately as makeup will go on more smoothly and skin irritations will be soothed away. Long term benefits include increased collagen production and superior moisturizing. Don’t wait, click here to see our recommendations for your combination skin!


Night Creams

Some of us are old enough to remember our mothers using “cold cream” to remove makeup and to moisturize their faces overnight. I have even known ladies who swore by a liberal application of Vaseline all over the face to “seal in moisture.” How did that custom get started and where are we today?

You might be surprised to know that “cold cream” goes back 2000 years. There are various old formulas but they all include wax, water, fats (grease or oils), scent. Old advertisements promise to banish small pox marks, remove wrinkles, get rid of red and rough skin, heal blemishes. The claims are not very different from those made today; but the science and formulas certainly are.

Instead of applying waxy cold cream overnight, consider our Nocturne Night Repair Cream. It uses cotton thistle extract to stimulate the repair process in your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid to thoroughly moisturize depleted cells. This is not an artificial medicine, this is a natural process your body already uses to repair your skin. The night cream merely stimulates that process and uses the incredible hydrating power of hyaluronic acid to get moisture deep into thirsty skin cells while you dream. Your body refreshes and relaxes during sleep while your skin softens, absorbs moisture, and smooths away wrinkles.

When you awake, your skin feels silky-smooth and looks beautiful. If you feel your daily face cream or moisturizer is not quite doing all it could, consider using Nocturne Night Repair Cream to complete the process. We think you’ll agree we have come a long way since the days of wax, water, and grease cold creams!

Try Nocturne Night Repair Creamnight-cream-repair today with complete confidence. We offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you are totally satisfied. And you know you’ll get it on time because we offer free priority shipping!




Is It Too Late?

I was surprised recently when I was in a group of women talking about wrinkle creams and one woman said, “That’s great if you’re twenty-five. By the time you are my age there’s no point in using anything any more.” Do you know people who believe this myth? Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is true that the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” has a point. The truth is, if we all took perfect care of ourselves in our twenties we would probably live to be 110 and look 35! But we don’t. Many women do not begin to even think about anti-aging products until they get the first grey hairs or notice crows feet forming at the corners of their eyes. Fortunately, there are anti-aging face creams designed specifically for mature skin. After all, this is the skin that needs a collagen production boost and can most benefit from exfoliating and a neck cream.

So let’s look a little closer at the science of aging and the war against it. First, faces wrinkle because they lose moisture and elasticity from the skin cells. If your face has already formed deep lines and wrinkles they will not go away magically. BUT they can diminish, lessen, and not increase. Your skin can, yes it can, go from looking dry and lifeless to looking dewy and radiant. Your color can look more even and your age spots fade and lighten. Fine lines can disappear and deep lines begin to fill in. How? By using good quality ingredients that penetrate the layers of skin, promote collagen production, help skin retain moisture and flexibility, and lighten and tone the skin.

I can hear you thinking, what do I do first? The first thing you should do is begin to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser such as our Rosehip Seed Oil Cleanser. It will not irritate mature skin but it will leave it cleaner and open the pores. Every other day, use a scrub to exfoliate. Daily, use a moisturizer with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help your face fight the drying effects of aging. Want to know more? We have a page written just for you. Skin Products for sensitive and mature skin.


Where Does the Collagen Go?

When we are very young, our skin renews itself by creating collagen and keeping our skin cells firm, plump, supple and smooth. This is what gives us glowing, unlined skin and makes us look so young. As we leave our twenties, collagen production slows and our skin begins to sag and wrinkle. The basic mechanism is lack of hydration in the cells. Without hydration, skin cells are like a grape drying in the sun. How can we recreate that early, youthful skin renewal? Hyaluronic Acid is able to play a serious role in this in a number of ways.

First, Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water. That is what makes it a potent hydration system for the body’s joints and skin cells. Second, Hyaluronic Acid is necessary for collagen production which is a major factor in skin’s healthy renewal. Third, Hyaluronic Acid acts as a means for nutrients to travel within the skin cells helping nourish them and keep them healthy. But can putting a face cream with Hyaluronic Acid in it on your face really make a difference? Yes. A serum like Hydrospherex is able to penetrate deep into the skin cells as well as moisturizing the first layer of surface cells. This works the way your body’s own replenishment system works keeping cells hydrated, filled and supple.

The result is that you look younger, your skin is more flexible and less lined. You enjoy the benefits of deep moisturizing and your friends wonder how you can look so young. You don’t have to tell them – it can be our little secret.

Try Hydrospherex firming and toning cream today to deliver the best therapeutic dose of Hyaluronic Acid serum directly to the delicate skin on your face and see for yourself what a world of difference it can make. American and European studies have been done proving the effectiveness of Hyaluronic Acid in an anti-aging regimen. Now you can reap the rewards and enjoy younger looking skin! Try Hydrospherex today!hydro


What Is A Wrinkle Cream?

A lot of thought goes into our products at Mango Madness and even the names of the products and the categories we put them in is designed to respond to our customers’ preferences. A great deal of market research goes into the process but in the end all we are aiming for is to make our products easier for the women who buy them to identify and choose the ones that are right for her.

Some of the phrases you will see at the Mango Madness website are “anti-aging” and “wrinkle cream” and those are there for a good reason. Decades ago, cold cream was the phrase everyone used. We are not even sure how the “cold” came about but it was understood by women that cold cream and face cream were the same thing. The main properties of cold cream were oils, wax and a scent. They were supposed to make your face softer and smoother and they probably did. They worked because the oils moisturized, the wax sealed and the scent smelled pretty.

But as decades passed a lot of research was done on what really happens to skin when it gets dry and ages. We learned how dangerous the sun can be, and we learned how damaging smoking is. Suddenly there was an understanding of cellular function and the role collagen and hyaluronic acid play in keeping skin cells renewed and moisturized. Peptides and their actions on skin renewal and beautification became prominent in beauty news. That signaled the end of the cold cream era and face cream just did not seem to say enough. Cosmetic companies rolled bottles off the shelves and jars down conveyor belts to the waiting consumers who now knew that actual cell-level change was possible. Of course, business being what it is, many of these companies put in a minimum amount of the good stuff and a maximum amount of mysterious fillers, preservatives and fragrances to make it look good.

The result was that a lot of women were frustrated. Why should they spend $50 for a one ounce jar of face cream that contained mostly oils and water? If those magic ingredients were so great why were they listed so far down in the ingredient list? That is when we decided to start Mango Madness Skin Care.

First we decided not to use anything that could be potentially harmful and we skipped the parabens, the triclosans, formaldehyde and artificial fragrances. Then we decided padding our products with fillers and inert ingredients that did nothing was not the way to go. Finally we blended the ingredients that matter in the most effective therapeutic way possible and named the result Mango Madness Skin Care. A cute funny name that is easy to remember and products that actually work! What an idea!

Ready to try Mango Madness anti-aging face creams and serums? Click here to enjoy fast shipping and a great guarantee on a superior wrinkle cream!

Traveling for the Holidays

Our country just finished surviving “FrankenStorm” and most of the United States is bundling up for Winter.  Many of us are traveling today and the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend or we have company coming and the weekend will be packed and a little stressful.

Airline regulations about luggage have gotten even stricter and no one wants to pack and carry huge bags everywhere.  Then there is the problem of routine.  Perhaps at home you always cleanse, moisturize and use eye cream.  But in someone else’s house you have less privacy and probably less time.  It might be tempting to leave the skin care products out of the suitcase and just go without when visiting during the holidays.  Tempting but it really isn’t a good idea.  When we are traveling, we have less control over our environment than usual.  Our faces and bodies are subjected to more weather and wind and cold than they would be at home.  We are also subject to more stress during traveling and the discomfort of pressurized jet cabins or long car trips with the heater blowing right in your face.  There are skiing vacations, mugs of cider around a bonfire in a snowy field, walking through a frozen forest admiring the way the icicles hang from trees.

Cold weather, open fires, artificial heat can all dry your skin.

The best way to simplify is to look at the amount of time you will be away from home.  If it is just for a few days over the Thanksgiving weekend then it is simple.  Pack your most important lipstick and mascara, maybe a light powder-to-base, and your favorite moisturizer.  You can use wipes to remove makeup and exfoliating or deeper cleansing can wait until you are back in charge of your routine.  But the moisturizer is absolutely essential. And just because you’re on a mini-vacation, don’t forget to keep working on wrinkle reduction with a good peptide cream.

A good moisturizer not only returns hydration to dry and thirsty skin, it also creates a barrier protecting the skin from weather and the drying effects of artificial heat.  The moisturizer can be used just before bed and allowed to penetrate the skin thoroughly, with a light application first thing in the morning.  This will ensure that any base makeup you put on will go on more smoothly and reliably.  You will look radiant.  No hand lotion?  A scant amount of facial moisturizer can be blended in to the backs of the hands and the fingers to help your hands deal with the cold.

If you will be gone longer than a few days, a good cleanser and exfoliant should be packed along with the moisturizer.  You don’t need every skin care product you would use at home but skin needs two basic things to look great:

  • It needs to be clean
  • It needs good moisturization

As long as you take care of both, you will look wonderful for the holidays!  Not sure what moisturizers are the best?  Have a look at our selection of anti-aging, paraben-free moisturizers.

Peptides in Skin Care Products – What’s All the Buzz About?

Even if you don’t get to watch the Dr. Oz show on a regular basis, you likely hear about his latest episodes from some of your friends. One topic your friends have probably been talking about lately is the use of advanced skin smoothing products with peptides. If you haven’t had a chance to fully research this ingredient, you’re probably wondering why everyone is discussing it.

What are Peptides?

While the makeup of skin is quite complex, collagen is one of its key components. Collagen is responsible for giving skin its smoothness and thickness. When someone is young, their body naturally produces lots of collagen. As a result, their skin is firm and looks great. But as people get older, their level of collagen production decreases. This causes their skin to become thinner and more wrinkled.

Even though most people think of protein as something that’s only important to athletes, protein is actually a basic building block of the body. Collagen itself is actually made up of protein. The composition of this protein is in the form of amino acid chains. Peptides are what you get when you break these chains into shorter sections. This is why they play such a key role in the appearance of your skin.

What Makes Peptide Wrinkle Cream Different from Other Skin Care Products?

There are several key reasons why peptide wrinkle cream is more effective than other products that are designed to fight wrinkles. Since decreased collagen production is at the root of wrinkles, the logical way to fight this problem is by increasing collagen production. With peptide wrinkle cream, it’s possible to do just that.

When this type of cream is applied to your skin, the peptides send signals that more collagen should be produced. Because peptide cream addresses the root cause of wrinkles, it’s effective against even deep wrinkles that may have previously seemed impossible to reduce.

Another benefit of peptide cream is its ability to moisturize your skin without clogging any of your pores. Because tripeptide is one of peptides that is found in this type of wrinkle cream, it’s not only able to improve skin’s appearance, but also protect it from future issues. This includes reducing the impact of future creasing, fine lines and wrinkling.

What makes our advanced skin cream even more attractive is while it’s very effective, it doesn’t come with the risks associated with many other wrinkle treatments. This is because it doesn’t contain any parabens or phthalates. And because it’s a fragrance-free product, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin.

While there are plenty of skin care products that don’t live up to the claims they make, the reason a certain peptide cream is being endorsed and recommended by so many people is because clinical trials done through places like the Vincience Research Center have confirmed the effectiveness of peptides for increasing collagen production and reducing wrinkles.