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Turn Back Time

You look in the mirror one day and you just aren’t satisfied.  Maybe you see some subtle age spots or discoloration; or maybe the fine lines and wrinkles just seem overwhelming.  Perhaps the solution would be to go to a health spa and have them use dermabrasion techniques to take off the top layer of skin. Or, maybe you’ll consider going to a cosmetic surgeon for a chemical peel.  That can be painful and involve an extended healing process before your skin looks normal again.

But it is worth it, isn’t it?  Both the health spa and the medical spa are expensive but they are professionals and you really want to get rid of your crow’s feet.  So you’ll spend the money, and let them pour chemicals on your skin or do the facial equivalent of sandblasting.

Stop!  Put your money back in your pocket and don’t keep subjecting your sensitive skin to harsh treatments just to turn back the clock.  Care for your skin gently, naturally, right in your own home, and spend the money you have saved on something else you want.  Your face will thank you for it.

What am I talking about?  There is a gentle, yet effective, exfoliating scrub you can use in the comfort of your own home that will do a beautiful job on your skin –  Mango Madness Oh Honey! Amber Facial Scrub will make you feel spa fresh, spa pretty with less risk to your skin and much less cost.  This wonderful exfoliating cream with amber crystals, honey and vanilla:

  • Works with all skin types: oily, dry, combination, mature, or sensitive
  • Thoroughly removes dead skin cells allowing your skin’s natural beauty to shine through
  • Promotes collagen production and enhances new skin growth
  • Turns an uneven complexion into a radiant glow
  • Softens harsh lines, diminishes fine lines and minimizes discoloration
  • Opens pores so your skin can breathe

Your friends will notice the difference and wonder what you are doing to achieve such beautiful results.  You can tell them, or it can be our little secret!

Mango Madness Oh Honey! exfoliating cream is gentle enough to use regularly and is free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and is never tested on animals.  Not sure if this cleansing formula with rich honey and vanilla is the one for you?  You don’t need to hesitate to try our products because they are backed with our 90 day satisfaction guarantee!  Are you in a hurry to enhance your beauty with this wonderful spa-like skin cream?  Wonderful!  We ship same day to anywhere in the continental US and we always ship for free!

Exfoliation Plus Peptide Creams for Wrinkle Reduction

Many skin care products are sold on a standalone basis – a wrinkle creme here, a moisturizer there, and maybe a cleansing scrub as well.  One of the most important but frequently underutilized skin care practices is the powerful wrinkle reduction benefit of combining a good smoothing product with skin exfoliation. You want to exfoliate first before applying your wrinkle cream. Exfoliation not only increases your cell turnover rate, but also prepares your skin to more readily absorb the active ingredients in the wrinkle cream.

The benefit of increasing your skin’s cell turnover rate is that it uses the body’s own amazing healing power to generate fresh, new skin cells – young, healthy, vibrant cells. Think of exfoliation as exercise for your skin.  Exfoliation also stimulates blood flow to your skin – this keeps your existing cells more fully nourished and functioning in top condition.

As you already know, the top layer of your skin is composed of dead skin cells – these provide a barrier of protection against external elements. At the same time, if this layer becomes too thick, it takes on a rough, dull appearance.  Exfoliation will remove the upper surface of these dead cells and keep them from accumulating to the point they are too thick.

If you are using a high quality wrinkle cream, and we recommend one with peptides plus wrinkle reducing moisturizers, by applying it directly to newly exfoliated skin, it is absorbed more efficiently into your skin – more deeply into the lower layers where it can do the most good.

You should exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a skin exfoliation product that is appropriate for your skin type and age. There are both abrasive type exfoliators (facial scrubs and microdermabrasion creams) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) (e.g., glycolic acid) exfoliators.  You can also find good wrinkle creams with peptides plus a hyaluronic acid moisturizer for maximum benefit. Another good wrinkle cream ingredient is retinol, a Vitamin A derivative.

In summary, you want to exfoliate several times a week and follow up with the best wrinkle cream you can find.  Your wrinkle cream should be applied twice daily. On those days you are not exfoliating, you will want to cleanse your skin before applying your wrinkle cream. Your skin will be healthier, smoother, more radiant and in general, younger looking.