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Help! My Skin Seems Dull and Dry All the Time

Talk to 100 women and you will get 100 descriptions of their skin. Some are concerned with blemishes, some are concerned that their skin is too oily. One common problem comes up often enough that we would like to address it: dry skin. It sounds like it should not even be a problem. Drink some water and use a moisturizer and you’ll be fine, right? But for those women whose skin is chronically dry it is not that simple to fix.

First, definitely drinking adequate water is important. Water is the most important thing you can put in your body and you absolutely need it to process out toxins and to keep cells hydrated. Additionally, getting enough sleep is integral for beautiful skin. But additionally, choosing the right products for your skin can make a real difference.

First, using a gentle cleanser is important so that it does not exacerbate any existing redness or flakiness. Then gently using a microdermabrasion exfoliating cream will take off the dead skin cells and the dull patches. The best moisturizer to use would be a hyaluronic acid face cream like Maximum Moisture for its ability to penetrate skin cells and hold moisture in.  For dry skin, using your moisturizer twice a day is not too often. First thing in the morning and then just before you retire for the night is a good plan. If you are beginning to see wrinkles or just a hint of fine lines, our Peptide 6 anti-wrinkle cream will make a difference. And of course, using a full spectrum sun block ever single day is important. If you follow that regimen along with drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep, the difference in your skin will be noticeable to you.

If you have dry skin and you have not yet tried Maximum Moisture now is the time. We offer free, fast shipping backed with a good guarantee so you can purchase with confidence knowing we have confidence in our product.