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Oily Skin – It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

MS-face-83113It isn’t unusual for a woman to complain about having oily skin. Oily skin can breakout more often, may make makeup need refreshing sooner, may result in a shiny effect on forehead or chin. But oily skin also provides a better barrier protecting the skin from environmental factors, and tends to develop fine lines later in life than dry skin does.

So how can you get to the point where you appreciate the features of your oily skin instead of struggling with it. Let us suggest some things you can do:

  1. Use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Our Rose Hip Seed cleanser is perfect for thorough cleaning and breakout management.
  2. Use a retinol-based moisturizer to minimize wrinkles and control acne or blackheads instead of a heavy cold cream or greasy lotion.
  3. Choose a makeup that goes on dry such as our powder-to-matte selections or a mineral based cover.
  4. Gently clean your face at the end of the day and then re-apply your retinol-based cream for over-night moisture and care.

This method will help you love your oily skin. Less breakouts, easier makeup management, reduced signs of aging!

We have a whole section of our website devoted to your oily-skin needs and we’re glad you’re our customer. You won’t need to worry about shininess or visible oiliness once you follow those simple steps. And the products to care for your skin are all paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. You’ll look more beautiful than ever and love using products that promote healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

Visit our oily-skin care page for in-depth product information and instructions on how often to use the preparations. Your friends will wonder what has made you so happy with your looks! Tell them it’s due to mangoes!

I have Oily Skin – Should I Moisturize?

Lucky you! Skin that is high in natural oils ages more slowly than dry skin so you have an advantage! The oils that our skin creates protect that same skin from environmental factors, evaporation of skin moisture, and impurities in water or soaps. When you use a soap with SLS in it, you are actually stripping your skin of one of its most valuable natural blessings. SLS, used in industrial settings is a degreaser! It is used to remove engine grease and oil. Imagine something that harsh being in your shampoo and shower gel.

So first, you want to make sure you use a bath or hair product that does not strip away the essential oils your skin uses to stay supple. Second, you want to appreciate them and do not try to strip them off before you apply makeup. Just apply makeup sparingly and use a light translucent powder to take off any shine. At night use a deep moisturizer like Maximum Moisture or Nocturne because they penetrate the skin and promote collagen production and cell renewal. Then, in the day time you can use a light moisturizer like Mango Miracle Daily Moisturizer.

You still want to use a moisturizer with oily skin because there are other factors that can and do dehydrate your skin including temperature, the amount of water you drink, humidity in the air and level of exercise you get.

Keeping your face healthy and soft is key to looking beautiful with any type of skin. Learn more about care for oily skin here on Mango Madness. These articles are written by our skin care experts for your information and to help you choose products. Remember, always choose paraben-free products for your skin and keep your skin moisturized!

New Year, New You!

Are you ready to face the end of 2013? The ball drops in only four more days and those short days are the time we have to rethink how we have lived this year. How many simple regrets do you have? Are you sorry about money you spent? Sorry about things you shouldn’t have said? Or, are your regrets more along the lines of things you should have done. Perhaps you are thinking you should have exercised more or stuck to your diet, or volunteered at a local community art initiative. It doesn’t matter. Now we have a chance to start over and do 2014 right.

My first suggestion is taking better care of yourself. Nutrition is a key issue, as is getting off the couch and moving – exercise doesn’t have to be at a gym or doing 100 reps of anything. You just have to get moving.

If you are not sure what you should be doing for your face, try this. Our recommended beauty regimen. Look it over and see how close it is to what you are actually doing. The closer you are the better your skin will look and feel. And that’s important. It isn’t just about looks. It’s about getting hydration deep into the pores of your skin, encouraging the renewal of collagen, sloughing off dead skin and creating smooth new layers that have less uneven coloration, less lines and wrinkles, less rough patches. In other words, healthier skin all around. If you need more specific advice we have sections for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin as well.

Make a resolution on December 31st that for 2014 you will treat your skin the best you can and see if by the end of January you don’t have skin that is just amazing! Make time for YOU in 2014 and don’t let anyone hold you back!

Combination Skin, Blessing or Curse?

There are people with dry skin and people with oily skin; and then there are people with the dreaded combination skin. If you have combination skin you know exactly what I mean. Some patches are shiny with oil and in other places your skin is dry. You feel like you have to use different cleansers and moisturizers for different areas of your face.

In many women, the combination skin has a configuration known as the T-zone. The skin on the cheeks and around the eyes and under the chin is dry. But the forehead, nose, and chin are oily. The oily areas form a T shape on your face and are particularly frustrating for skin care and makeup application.

The same makeup that glides smoothly onto your cheeks may not cover as well in the oily areas. A cleanser that takes the oil off of your forehead may be to strong for the rest of your face. What is a woman to do? Well there are some skin products that are formulated to be effective on your whole face, believe it or not!

There are moisturizers that are light enough for the oily areas and yet they sink into the dry skin and renew it, making it softer and smoother. There are also cleansers that are very good at removing excess oil without irritating the more fragile surface of dry skin. Our skin experts have put together a great chart showing which products to use with complex skin combinations and you can take advantage of their expertise to simplify your life and your beauty regimen.

This chart points you in the right direction to get the best anti-aging products with the right formulation for the complexity of your face. You will find benefits almost immediately as makeup will go on more smoothly and skin irritations will be soothed away. Long term benefits include increased collagen production and superior moisturizing. Don’t wait, click here to see our recommendations for your combination skin!


What Products Help a Face With Oily Skin Fight Wrinkles?

So often, women with oily skin avoid skin care creams and makeup altogether. They fear that anything they put on their face will only make the oiliness worse and the face appear greasy. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, there are specific cleansers meant just for an oily face. These are so very important.

With oily skin it is very easy for the skin to appear greasy and visibly oily. When excess oil is present the pores get clogged and filled with oils which then promotes blackheads and pimples making the skin even harder to keep clean looking. Don’t despair if this is your situation, get busy cleaning the skin with a gentle but effective cleanser to stop blemishes and restore a more natural condition to your skin. It is very important to choose a non-irritating cleanser because you will want to use it just before bedtime, and again in the morning.

Next, choose a non-greasy retinol-based anti-wrinkle face cream. This will fight aging with the best ingredients and won’t leave your skin greasy or oily looking. A retinol-based wrinkle cream will stimulate collagen production and renew and nourish skin cells keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay daily.

Next, don’t forget a full-spectrum sun block. Many women with oily skin also have a darker complexion which tans easily. Unfortunately, even if your skin is not getting a visible sunburn, damage is being done by the UV rays to your skin cells. You may think you look marvelous with that dark tan, but you will age more quickly because of tanning than your friends who protected their skin with clothing or sun screen. Dry skin or oily skin, the sun is not your friend.

Finally, use additional products on trouble spots as needed such a Necquelle for a smoother neck or Refresh Me under eye cream to banish the dark circles and tired look.

Ready to step into a world of beauty formulated just for your oily skin? Click here and begin to look lovelier!


Flaws or Imagination?

Women worry about a million things. Some of them may be exaggerations or even imagination when it comes to self image. And that is because so much depends on a woman’s appearance. She looks at it until she is her own worst critic and she is seeing faults that no one else can see.

Well, Mango Madness wishes we could do something about that. We see absolutely beautiful women every day who think their nose is too big or they need to lose weight or they have terrible blemishes. They point to their face and say, “Look!” and what we see is a lovely woman. That isn’t what they are seeing.

Sometimes the concerns are justified. There may be a tendency to oily skin or pores that clog easily creating blemishes. Maybe skin is not smooth and makeup has a tendency to cake or build up in crevices or fine lines.

The best part is, if there is a problem with the skin, it is fixable. Women’s faces are lovely, and there are many products available to make them even lovelier. If you are that woman who has issues with oily skin, maybe a blemish or two, may we suggest some products?

We have products designed just for oily skin and they will not clog your pores! You can see the difference a gentle cleanser can make in removing dead skin cells and cleaning the larger pores. Your skin will feel fresher and look less shiny, and oily! Then a retinol-based cream to reduce wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to skin is your next step. Why retinol? Because it is made with Vitamin A, one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients found in nature. Retinol can help your skin renew and rebuild at the cellular level with beautiful results. Age spots, fine lines, and blemishes are reduced and your skin feels smoother, silkier and softer. Best of all, you feel lovely!

How do I determine my skin type?

Here’s how to find out what your skin type is.  Cleanse your face with a product made for for normal skin; rinse with tap water and dry gently with a towel.  Wait about an hour indoors in a comfortable setting.  If your skin is without luster, feels tight or itchy or looks flaky or dull, you have dry skin.  You will need a face cream with hyaluronic acid. If you have oily areas that only cover part of your face such as your nose, above your eyebrows on below your mouth, you have combination skin. If you need to dab the oil from your entire face, you have an oily skin type.  If you have some redness or irritation, your skin is sensitive.  Mature skin is often sensitive. Finally, if you have age spots, scar tissue, or any deterioration from sun exposure, you may have damaged skin tissue.

You can customize your selection of skin care products and your skin care regimen using a convenient chart.