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What Is A Wrinkle Cream?

A lot of thought goes into our products at Mango Madness and even the names of the products and the categories we put them in is designed to respond to our customers’ preferences. A great deal of market research goes into the process but in the end all we are aiming for is to make our products easier for the women who buy them to identify and choose the ones that are right for her.

Some of the phrases you will see at the Mango Madness website are “anti-aging” and “wrinkle cream” and those are there for a good reason. Decades ago, cold cream was the phrase everyone used. We are not even sure how the “cold” came about but it was understood by women that cold cream and face cream were the same thing. The main properties of cold cream were oils, wax and a scent. They were supposed to make your face softer and smoother and they probably did. They worked because the oils moisturized, the wax sealed and the scent smelled pretty.

But as decades passed a lot of research was done on what really happens to skin when it gets dry and ages. We learned how dangerous the sun can be, and we learned how damaging smoking is. Suddenly there was an understanding of cellular function and the role collagen and hyaluronic acid play in keeping skin cells renewed and moisturized. Peptides and their actions on skin renewal and beautification became prominent in beauty news. That signaled the end of the cold cream era and face cream just did not seem to say enough. Cosmetic companies rolled bottles off the shelves and jars down conveyor belts to the waiting consumers who now knew that actual cell-level change was possible. Of course, business being what it is, many of these companies put in a minimum amount of the good stuff and a maximum amount of mysterious fillers, preservatives and fragrances to make it look good.

The result was that a lot of women were frustrated. Why should they spend $50 for a one ounce jar of face cream that contained mostly oils and water? If those magic ingredients were so great why were they listed so far down in the ingredient list? That is when we decided to start Mango Madness Skin Care.

First we decided not to use anything that could be potentially harmful and we skipped the parabens, the triclosans, formaldehyde and artificial fragrances. Then we decided padding our products with fillers and inert ingredients that did nothing was not the way to go. Finally we blended the ingredients that matter in the most effective therapeutic way possible and named the result Mango Madness Skin Care. A cute funny name that is easy to remember and products that actually work! What an idea!

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Earth Day 2013

It’s Earth Day and all across America people are going to parks or the beach, trying organic lettuce or locally-grown vegetables, and in general enjoying the good-feeling that Earth Day gives us all.

The point of it, of course, is that we will change our lives at least a little and begin to live that way all year. We will use more recycled paper, remember to reduce our waste, choose better products and foodstuffs.

Mango Madness skin care can be a part of your Earth Day initiative. We do not claim to be an organic skin care company but we have made a commitment to the environment in some very important ways:

  1. No toxins – we do not use Parabens, SLS, EDTA, Formaldehyde, phthalates, or triclosans in our skin care. That means it is safe for you and any waste is safe for the earth.
  2. No animal testing – we do not do any animal testing in the formulation of our products – never have, never will.
  3. Effective – the more effective a product is, the less you have to use of it. We choose ingredients that are proven to fight wrinkles and restore the health of skin cells and we offer them in the highest therapeautic doses available without a prescription. That means you can buy less, use less, it lasts longer and does more.

Many people have told us how effective and wonderful our anti-aging, paraben-free wrinkle creams are but they don’t often think about the fact that they are also environmentally friendly. Well, we do. We all live on this earth and we plan to leave it to our children. It needs to be in good shape.

So our commitment to you, our customer, is to do the very best we can to produce an anti-aging cream that you can buy with a clear conscience and use with confidence knowing it will produce beautiful results!

Sticking Your Neck Out

You’ve exfoliated, moisturized, put on foundation and coated every lash with ebony mascara; then you see it.  Underneath a nearly perfect face is a neck covered with a webbing of fine lines and gently slack skin.  How can that be?  You drink plenty of water, watch your weight and your skin is in very good shape.  Your soap is the best money can buy!  But there is no denying it, your neck is showing your age in a way that the rest of you doesn’t.  Why is that?

The reasons for the aging of skin on our necks are many.  Like your face and hands, your neck is exposed to the sun more than most of your body.  And, like your face and hands, the skin on your neck goes through a fairly large range of motion.  Think about it, your eyes get little crows-feet just from smiling, while your neck has to follow every turn and nod of your head.  If you say yes, your neck is pulled one way and pushed another.  If you turn to watch Johnny Depp walk by your neck stretches on one side and wrinkles on the other.  And the positions you sleep in may be comfortable but there is a reason you wake up with lines on your neck!  With all that stress on the skin of your neck no wonder it seems to age faster than the rest of your body.

It doesn’t really age faster but because it has such a unique position in the body, it needs unique treatment.  Mango Madness formulated Necquelle just for the skin on your neck.  Created with peptides for maximum skin renewal, and squalane for its antioxidant properties and its superior moisturizing,  this powerful anti-wrinkle cream is easy to use and feels wonderful.   The anti-aging ingredients help firm and lift the skin on your neck and restore the supple beauty to this delicate skin.  Using Necquelle on a regular basis will help prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming while it gently reduces the existing fine lines.

Using Necquelle neck cream is simple.  Starting at the top of your bra line gently stroke Necquelle into your skin with upward strokes.  Pay careful attention to the area just under your chin and along your jaw line.  Necquelle is gentle enough to be used daily and you will love the results!  The skin along your neck will look younger, smoother, silkier and your friends will wonder what the subtle change is.

Enjoy Necquelle with confidence knowing it is made with no parabens, artificial fragrance, estrogen, phthalates, sulfates, or formaldehyde. This neck firming cream is free of gluten and there is absolutely no animal testing on any Mango Madness Skincare product.

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Parabens Shown to Accelerate Skin Aging

You may know that a class of synthetic chemical preservatives known as parabens has been linked to health issues in women, but a recent study has reported that methyl-paraben may accelerate skin aging in the presence of ultraviolet light (sunlight).

So, ironically, certain skin care products containing methylparaben may actually result in more skin aging instead of less!

The study about methylparaben causing skin aging in sunlight was published in the scientific journal Toxicology by researchers at Kyoto university in Japan.

The main health concern with parabens is that they can mimic the effects of estrogens in high doses. This has linked them to breast cancer in women.

Mango Madness Skin Care’s anti-aging skin care products contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or petroleum-derived substances.