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Glycolic acid exfoliation yields immediate benefits for your skin

Due to its ability to penetrate skin layers efficiently, many skin care products contain glycolic acid. Typically, it is used to exfoliate or peel skin. Consumer preparations of glycolic acid typically contain concentrations up to 20 percent. Above that level, due to the possibility of skin irritation, the application of glycolic acid should be performed by a dermatologist. These doctors will use preparations containing up to 70% glycolic acid.

This popular exfoliating agent will remove older, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to reveal younger looking, newer skin. Many people like the fact that glycolic skin exfoliation offers instant benefits – as soon as you wash it off, your skin will feel much smoother and softer.

Exfoliation with any good product, including abrasion scrubs, has the added benefit of allowing your wrinkle creams and moisturizers to penetrate more deeply where they will do the most good.