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Retinol – What Does it Really Do?

First let’s talk about where Retinol comes from.  Retinol is one of the forms of Vitamin A. It is found in butter and cream, liver, cod liver oil, and many other fats including those in your body. While it can be extracted from animal sources it can also be synthesized by starting with plant-based Vitamin A. Eating more liver and butter, carrots and mangoes would result in more Vitamin A in your body which would aid many organs including your eyes and your skin. Regular doses of fresh vegetables provide you with ample Vitamin A for nutritional purposes.

Since we know that, why can’t we just eat more vegetables and get better skin? We can in general. A healthy diet with plenty of water and fresh vegetables will result in better looking skin. But, in the case of skin that is aging, or suffering with acne, you may want to do something more specific to just the areas that need help.

So let’s look at topical applications of Retinol. Applying Retinol to your skin has been shown to have the following benefits:

  • Creation of more blood vessels in the skin, increasing healthy tissue and lessening pallor.
  • Promotion of collagen, increasing the suppleness of skin and renewing aging skin cells.
  • Suppressing acne and breakouts so that skin is smoother.
  • Lightening age spots.

All of these benefits make skin look smoother, more supple, more even in skin tone, and younger. We are not sure how much liver you would have to eat to achieve that but we bet you’d rather use our Retinol product, ReNew Youth.

Like all Mango Madness Skin Care products, ReNew Youth has no parabens, phthalates, SLS or formaldehyde. Free shipping, and a money-back guarantee make this an easy decision to make! You can buy ReNew Youth here!

Vitamins are the natural way to go and we’ve got them just waiting for you!retinol




Wearing Heavier Foundation? Stop!

As people age, the coloration of their skin tone begins to change. Gone are the days when it was one smooth color. Instead, light brown “age spots” begin to turn up, red patches can appear, and even paler areas may begin to define themselves. The first thing women do when that starts happening is buy heavier foundation. But the problem doesn’t need to be covered up, it needs to be solved.

Some of the imbalance in skin tone is caused by years of sun exposure and some is just a natural process of aging. But it can be slowed and even corrected by promoting healthier skin with a Vitamin A cream that penetrates the skin with antioxidants and renews collagen production. Your skin looks radiant and revitalized sooner than you would think from an OTC retinol product. You can expect ReNew Youth™ to:

  • Work deep below the surface of your skin
  • Diminish wrinkles by improving hydration
  • Increase natural elasticity
  • Stimulate the production of collagen
  • Promote healing to improve skin tone

retinol-face-creamIt doesn’t happen overnight but you will see improvement when used regularly. For best anti-wrinkle results, apply ReNew Youth™ overnight and leave on while you sleep. Soon you will be using lighter, translucent foundations and less concealer. You won’t want to hide your new beautiful skin!

If you are used to using a moisturizer at night, don’t worry! ReNew Youth™ contains jojoba and apricot kernel oils, squalane, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. What it does not contain are parabens, fillers, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or other toxins you would not want to be exposed to. And we never do animal testing so you can use all of our products with a happy conscience. Don’t forget, we also offer fast, free shipping and a 90-day money back guarantee!

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What Do Carrots Have to do With Skin?

In the list of vegetables that are good for you, carrots always come up as being really good for your eyesight. But many people do not realize that the greatest benefit carrots provide is Vitamin A which is essential to many parts of the body, particularly the skin. A good diet is one that would include carrots along with green leafy vegetables to nourish and renew skin tone.

Vitamin A is also used topically on the skin to control severe acne and to reduce wrinkles. Vitamin A is in skin creams in a form called retinoid. Retinoid encourages the skin to produce collagen for better elasticity. Uneven coloration improves and fine lines are diminished through the use of a retinoid cream. In Mango Madness Skin Care’s ReNew Youth™ we have combined a potent form of Vitamin A with deep hydrating ingredients including jojoba oil, apricot oil, squalane and hyaluronic acid to ensure the most thorough hydration and renewal of your skin.

Using this face cream you can expect:

  • Reduced blemishes
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Better elasticity and firmness of skin
  • A more even complexion

We are so sure you will be glad you tried ReNew Youth™ we offer a full money-back guarantee so that you can try it with no risk! We stand behind our products and can assure you that no artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, parabens, triclosans, fillers or extenders are used in the production of ReNew Youth™, just proven, anti-aging skin cream ingredients that will make you look more lovely.

If you have suffered from blemishes and uneven skin coloring, help is here. ReNew Youth™ offers you the opportunity to use leading edge skin-care therapy at home to make your skin the most beautiful it can be. Don’t stop eating your vegetables! Do start using ReNew Youth! Click here to learn more and to purchase ReNew Youth™ retinol skin cream!


A For Amazing

How many times when you were young did your mother tell you to eat your vegetables? Of maybe she told you that rabbits never wear glasses because they eat carrots. The lines parents use to get a child to eat may be funny but there are good reasons to believe them. Vegetables, especially foods rich in Vitamin A, like carrots, contribute to the health of your skin and your eyes.

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A commonly used in skincare products, is recommended by skin professionals to reduce acne and to reverse some of the effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkled. Retinol is so potent that if you use a very strong concentration of it you have to have a prescription.

ReNew Youth face cream contains  1,000,000 of IU’s of retinol per ounce which is the maximum allowable strength that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. This wonderful skin cream is ideal for women who are experiencing mid-life acne or who simply want to put the power of Vitamin A to work on their complexion.

For best results, apply just before bedtime and leave over night. While you sleep the ReNew Youth cream will penetrate deep into skin cells promoting healthy production of collagen and renewal of damaged cells and soothing acne inflammation at its roots. You will be delighted with the results and your friends will wonder what you are doing to look so good. Let it be your secret. Just tell them to “eat their vegetables!”

You can buy Renew Youth Retinol face cream at Mango Madness paraben-free skincare products. It’s easy to try any Mango Madness product because of our money-back guarantee and our free shipping. Click here to harness the power of Vitamin A face cream. Remember your purchase is always paraben-free and never tested on animals!

Take Your Vitamins!

The moment we hear the two words “vitamin” and “skin” together most people immediately think of Vitamin E.  Moisturizers, conditioners, even dog shampoo is marketed as having Vitamin E for healthy skin and hair. But Vitamin E is only one of the vitamins that are needed for healthy, beautiful skin.

The vitamin you take to avoid the common cold is also considered a powerful ally of your skin because it aids in building collagen and is a strong anti-oxidant.  Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruit like oranges and mangoes and is one of the most popular vitamins to take.  Working from within to keep you healthy and your skin vibrant and beautiful, Vitamin C should be an every day supplement in most women’s diets.  Naturally, discuss any supplement decision with your health care provider.

You get an A if you knew that Vitamin A is another vitamin that is absolutely wonderful for your skin.  Topically applied it plays a measurable role in reducing uneven skin coloration and penetrates the skin to perform its anti-oxidant duties.  Any woman who is concerned about the discoloration and fine wrinkles that occur with age would do well to consider a skin care product that includes Retinol.  Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and it stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells.

When combined in a formula with Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, it is effective at rejuvenating facial skin cells; with regular use your skin can look radiant and wrinkle-free. ReNew Youth provides the maximum amount of retinol available over the counter for maximum effectiveness.  Using anti-wrinkle cream ReNew Youth may be the best decision you ever made for your skin.  And, you can use ReNew Youth with confidence knowing that it is paraben-free, not tested on animals and comes with a money back guarantee!


Summertime Skin Care

Summer is finally here!  We love the lush green grass, warm days, abundant sunshine, and a chance to wear our lightweight, cool summer clothes.

Summer also presents a need to adapt our skin care regimen to the season.  First and foremost, wearing an effective broad spectrum sunblock or sunscreen is vital to a healthy and younger looking complexion. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight cause most of the aging of our skin, and shielding your skin from that radiation is the single best and most effective means of preventing future lines and wrinkles.  Why is this? Because UV rays zap both your collagen and your elastin. Collagen is the skin’s foundation and when it thins, wrinkles appear – just as a thin piece of paper will wrinkle more easily than thick paper. You can build your collagen levels with a dedicated skin care regimen, but this also includes not losing it in the first place.

Now, about that tan. There is actually no such thing as a “safe tan”, and one of the greatest dangers for your skin, not just because of skin aging, but increased risk of melanoma and other skin cancers, is the commercial tanning bed. They are NOT safe.  Instead, opt for a paraben-free self tanner that can give your skin the same appealing, summery glow – safely.

Because the summertime higher humidity helps keep skin moisturized, there is a tendency among consumers to cut back on their skin care regimen during the summer months.  Hydrated skin looks softer and smoother, so we sometimes scale back on the two other mainstays of a proper anti-aging regimen – exfoliation and collagen-building wrinkle creams.

By the time we reach 50 years of age, our skin has lost much of its collagen, so just because our skin is moist and looking a little better from the higher summer humidity, we simply can’t afford to let up on the task of using either peptides or retinol to help reverse some of the age-related collagen loss. Be sure your skin care products are responsibly formulated with no harmful ingredients or toxic preservatives.

Adult Acne and Skin Care

Adult breakouts can be tricky and can be caused by several things. If you are experiencing a typical “comedo” (pimple), that’s a pore that gets clogged and causes fluid to build up. Pore clogging can be caused by certain skin care products that aren’t “non-comedogenic” (typically oil-based products), heavier makeup, or by a layer of dead skin cells in the epidermis that bridge over the pore, blocking it. Exfoliation is the standard remedy for clogged pores. Another cause can be a bacterium, p. acnes, and typically a trip to the dermatologist and an oral antibiotic can address that.

The third possibility is a viral flare-up, which is consistent with stress. Contrary to popular belief, stress does not cause the typical pimple; however, stress can trigger an outbreak of a viral type blemish – similar to a cold sore.  The telltale symptom of these blemishes is that they are particularly painful. If so, you should talk to your dermatologist.

Exfoliation with retinol or glycolic acid unclogs pores

If you have standard comedos (from clogged pores), there are several recommended exfoliation products. A favorite is topical retinol facial cream, a Vitamin A derivative, which is also an excellent anti-aging wrinkle cream. Retinol works by increasing the cell turnover rate and helping shed the top layer of dead skin cells – which might be clogging the pores. ReNew Youth™ retinol cream is the strongest retinol cream (about 1.0%) that you can get without a prescription.

Another excellent exfoliator is 10% glycolic acid formulated as a cleanser. It’s not only an exfoliator but also cleans away excess oil and is very popular for managing blemishes. Exfoliate Me™, is a best seller.

Do you have dry skin or does it tend to be on the oily side, especially on your chin area?  If you have dry skin, both the retinol and the glycolic acid can be drying. The ReNew Youth formulation anticipates this, so it includes the highly successful moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. Some ladies with very dry skin who use the retinol cream, however, like to augment it with a separate moisturizer such as Maximum Moisture™. If you use the glycolic acid cleanser and have dry skin, you’ll definitely want to use a good moisturizer.

If you have skin or areas that tend to be oily, this can sometimes be caused, unusual as it may sound, by dry skin. This is because when skin doesn’t have enough moisture, it overcompensates by producing excess oil – which can lead to those comedos (pimples) if a pore gets clogged.

Importantly, all of our skin care products are formulated without parabens or other estrogenic compounds, so there’s no health risks for women.

If You Want Radiant Skin, Follow a Dedicated Skin Care Regimen

People are always interested in the latest and greatest solutions to improve their skin. However, what most people overlook is that the most effective way to have all-around great skin is to care for it on a daily basis. Not only will a dedicated skin care regimen protect you from a significant amount of damage, but consistently taking care of your skin will have a much bigger impact than trying to change your skin in a matter of days with a “miracle” product or procedure.

Although it’s easy to see why a daily routine is a very effective way to take care of your skin, you may be concerned that it’s going to be too difficult to maintain this type of regimen. Fortunately, it’s actually not that difficult. And like any habit, once you get into the swing of doing it for a week or so, you will automatically do it every day without any extra thought or effort. If you’re ready to start reaping all of the benefits of daily skincare, there are just 5 steps that you need to remember:

Cleansing and Exfoliation

Step one is cleansing your skin. While it’s important to wash your hands throughout the day, the same isn’t true for your face. Instead, it’s best to cleanse once a day. This will prevent your skin from drying out. Many women get the best results from cleansing their skin every night, and then simply rinsing it with water in the morning. If you cleanse in the evening, you can follow up by exfoliating every two to three nights. Consistent exfoliation will keep your face free of dead skin and give you a beautifully radiant glow.

Wrinkle Reduction and Moisturizing

A quality wrinkle cream should be the next item in your skincare arsenal. Since there are so many different options, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Because it’s able to penetrate through skin and stimulate collagen production, an advanced skin cream is your best bet. Using a peptide cream on a daily basis can reduce everything from forehead wrinkles to creases around the sides of your mouth.

You’ll also want to add a moisturizer to your daily regimen. A lot of women like to use a moisturizer in the morning and evening. Not only is dry skin uncomfortable, but it will also make you look tired and worn out. Consistently using a quality moisturizer is the best way to avoid both of those issues.

Our ReNew Youth™ cream with retinol can be the best of both. Retinol is a proven wrinkle cream with a long track record of success, and also contains a built-in hyaluronic acid moisturizer, so you will typically not need a supplemental moisturizer unless you have very dry skin.

Sun Protection

The sun is the number one source of skin damage. While it’s scary to realize that you can damage your skin every time that you go outside, the good news is a broad spectrum sunscreen is all you need to protect yourself. If you generally go outside during the day, you can simply apply sunscreen before you leave the house. Otherwise, you can keep a bottle in your purse and use it whenever you’re getting ready to go outside.

Once you begin following a dedicated skin care regimen, you will see a noticeable improvement in as little as two to three weeks!

Is Retinol the Key to Reducing Wrinkles?

If you’re not satisfied with the face you see when you look in the mirror, 2012 can be the year that you make a real change. If you’re hesitant to take action because you’re worried that it’s going to require surgery, you’ll be happy to know that isn’t the case. It’s possible to noticeably reduce wrinkles without going near any needles or other medical equipment. If that kind of change sounds too good to be true, retinol is the reason it’s actually possible.

What is Retinol?

Retinol is one of the two forms of Vitamin A.  The other form is a Vitamin A derived retinoid. The reason retinol reduces wrinkles so effectively is because retinol has a very small structure. While that may seem like information that’s only relevant to scientists, it also matters to you because it means retinol is able to go deeply into the skin and reach where elastin and collagen are located. Since that’s where skin’s shape is truly determined, creams with retinol are far more effective than products that are only able to interact with the skin’s surface.

Once retinol goes into the skin and begins interacting with elastin and collagen, it’s able to accomplish several important goals. First, over the course of time, retinol’s interactions will cause lines to become less visible and wrinkles to be noticeably reduced. Second, as these changes occur, skin will also regain its elasticity, as well as moisture. Additionally, this ongoing rejuvenation will help to give skin a more youthful glow. This will lead to skin looking fresh and youthful instead of tired and worn out. Not only are retinol products some of the most effective at combating wrinkles, but they actually make skin much healthier in the process.

What Type of Retinol Cream Will Reduce Wrinkles?

A good retinol cream is the best way to take advantage of all of the benefits that retinol has to offer. The reason a cream is the best type of product is because it makes it easy for retinol to go beneath the surface of your skin and make improvements where they really count. Another reason retinol cream is a great way to reduce wrinkles is because it’s completely safe to use. Since this type of retinol cream is paraben free, you won’t have to worry about any side effects. And even if you’re sensitive to different kinds of fragrances, you’ll be able to use this cream thanks to the fact that it doesn’t feature any.

Because retinol actually penetrates into the skin instead of simply sitting on the surface, you can use it without worrying that it’s going to make your skin oily. You’ll also find that applying it is a very convenient process. Most women prefer using it at night. Once you have this retinol cream, all you’ll have to do is apply it each night after you wash your face. Because this type of cream is so effective, your skin will already look noticeably better by the time your first jar gets close to being empty!

How to deal with large pores

Often, when skin pores become larger, it is often that they appear to be larger rather than actually having increased in size.  Pores, of course, are vital to healthy skin and keep it nourished with the body’s natural oils, but sometimes this process can get out of balance.

Factors contributing to larger looking pores include a buildup of dead skin cells around the edge of the pore, overproduction of oil from the oil glands, and makeup.

Before having to resort to laser treatments, there are other remedies to larger looking pores. Exfoliating to get rid of the dead skin cells will help greatly, but use an AHA gel instead of mechanical exfoliation.  Start with a good retinol cream – retinol is a wonderful product, not only as a wrinkle reducer, but also for its exfoliation properties.

Microdermabrasion exfoliates your skin, of course, but a chemically based exfoliator such as retinol typically works deeper.  We recommend our ReNew Youth™ retinol cream be used each night. With 1.0% retinol, ReNew Youth™ is the most potent retinol cream available with without a doctor’s prescription.

As tolerance allows, in the morning 2-3 times a week, use an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliator such as the Exfoliate Me™ 10% gel cleanser.  An important note: exfoliation with any product will increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so use a good broad spectrum sunblock every day.

Larger looking pores can be also be cause by your skin’s over-production of oil.  Interestingly, this can happen with skin that needs more moisture as the oil glands over-secrete oil to compensate for dry skin.  Maximum Moisture™, with the highest effective concentration of hyaluronic acid, is an excellent moisturizer; you should use it in the morning after cleansing your face. The formulation of ReNew Youth™ retinol cream includes hyaluronic acid, so you will not need to use it in combination with another moisturizer.

Another factor that can possibly make your pores look larger is makeup. Some foundations may actually increase the apparent pore size; in particular, avoid any liquid makeup. You might experiment with different makeup to see which one works best, and often, “less is more.”