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Simple Tricks to Take Years Off Your Appearance

Although just about everyone would like to, it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time. However, what you can control is the impact that time has on your appearance. If you want to look younger, you may think you’re going to have to empty your bank account or endure painful procedures. While some people do take those approaches, the good news is there are other options. Not only are other options available, but some of the most effective are surprisingly simple. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Get a Little Color: Everyone looks better when they’re tan. Because being tan is associated with being outdoors and active, it’s one of the best ways to reclaim your youthful appearance. However, the catch is the sun is actually the worst culprit when it comes to aging your appearance. While it can add color to your skin, it can also dry it out and destroy collagen and elasticity, leaving deep wrinkles. Since that’s exactly what you want to avoid, you won’t want to use natural or artificial sunlight for your color. Instead, use a quality self-tanning lotion to add color without causing any damage. And when you do go outside, make sure you protect your skin with a broad spectrum sunblock formulated without parabens.

Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body: Since you care about taking care of your appearance, chances are moisturizing is already part of the daily regime you follow for your face. While applying moisturizer may not seem like a significant action, the cumulative impact it can have over time can keep your skin looking much younger. Because moisturizing your skin is so effective, you should expand your routine to include other parts of your body like your hands and neck. One of the most common reasons that people feel older than they want is because they forget to show these areas the same care they give to their face. As a result, they’re still walking around with unwanted signs of aging. Luckily, it only takes a few extra minutes a day to resolve this issue.

Do an Instant Lift with Makeup: Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at you. Since your eyes can set the tone for the rest of your appearance, you don’t want them to appear droopy or tired. If you’re concerned that the only way to deal with sagging lids is to go under the knife, you’ll be relieved to learn that two simple makeup tips can work wonders for your eyes. The first is to use eyeliner to add definition. The other way to give your eyes more lift is to use an eyeshadow shade that falls in the medium to deep range of the color spectrum. By applying this type of eyeshadow in towards your eyelid’s crease, you will instantly minimize any visible droopiness.

Get Rid of Those Dark Circles: As many as 80-90% of people experience dark circles under their eyes at some point, and nothing can make you look tired and older when people look at your face. Use an under eye cream containing Vitamin K and Arnica Montana to freshen and brighten your eyes.

You’re only as old as you feel. By taking advantage of these simple tricks, you can enjoy looking and feeling younger on a daily basis!

5 Wrinkle Myths Exposed

There is an important similarity between the fitness and skincare industry. Both of these industries publish frequent articles. Because the majority of these publications come out on a monthly basis, their writers are always trying to come up with new article ideas. As a result, some of the articles that get published may be misleading. While chances are they’re not completely false, articles that fall into this category can give readers the wrong impression. Then over time, these initial ideas that are slightly off can grow and turn into full blown myths.

To help set the record straight, here’s the real truth about five common wrinkle myths:

Myth 1: Indoor Tanning Won’t Wrinkle Your Skin

There’s no denying that tanning beds have made a lot of progress over the last two decades. However, while they have more safety features than when they originally hit the market, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any downsides. Since beds deliver tans through the use of UVA rays, they can lead to just as many wrinkles as tanning outdoors. If you want a golden glow without the risk of wrinkles, you need to skip tanning beds and use a quality paraben free sunless tanning lotion. This type of product will give you the color you want without taking a toll on your skin.

Myth 2: The More You Pay, the Better the Results

This is a myth that companies who produce overpriced skin creams work hard to perpetuate. But the reality of the situation is there’s no reason that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a cream to get smoother skin. This truth has been confirmed by numerous tests done by independent organizations. Instead, you can get great results from creams that cost less than $100.

Myth 3: You Can Wrinkle Your Skin By Putting on Makeup

The thinking behind this myth is that if you have to pull down your skin to put on mascara or eyeliner, you can actually cause it to wrinkle. The reason this is a myth and not a fact is your skin is designed to be elastic. As a result, simply pulling down part of your skin for a few seconds is not going to exert enough force to cause any type of damage or wrinkles.

Myth 4: Drinking Lots of Water Will Get Rid of Wrinkles

Because adequate moisturize is important for the health and appearance of skin, a common misconception is that you can get the same benefits of a quality moisturizer by drinking lots of water. While it is important to get enough water on a daily basis for your overall health, this practice won’t yield the same skin benefits as you’ll get from applying a good moisturizing cream to your face as part of your daily routine.

Myth 5: You Don’t Need to Worry About Small Doses of Sunlight

While it’s easy to assume that there’s no reason to worry about protecting your skin if you’re not actually laying out for the afternoon, the truth is that you can get exposed to a lot of sunlight throughout the day without even realizing it. Because sunlight exposure is cumulative, it can lead to wrinkles over time. Therefore, it’s important to protect yourself by using a daily sunscreen that features at least SPF 15 protection and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Avoid the Winter Blues with a Quality Self Tanner

Although you probably enjoyed all of the festivities that go along with the holiday season and seeing snow on the ground for the first time, once those occasions pass and winter sets in, it can turn into a seemingly endless stretch of cold temperatures, gray skies, and minimal amounts of sunlight. In fact, because winter can be the gloomiest time of the year, some people end up suffering from a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. This disorder causes everything from feelings of social withdrawal to overeating. While you can’t change the outdoor conditions that go along with winter, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for feeling less than 100% during these months.

Being Tan Feels Great

Have you noticed that when you’re tan during the summer, you actually feel better about yourself? Even if your weight doesn’t change at all between winter and summer, you’re likely to feel thinner when you’re tan. You also probably like the way you look in pictures much more when you’re tanned. The main reason everyone loves a nice tan is because society associates it with being youthful and active or just having returned from a fabulous tropical island vacation.

While a nice tan can make you feel young and alive, the fact many people overlook is that traditional tanning is actually the fastest way to age your skin, not to mention inviting skin health problems. Although baking under the sun or even in a tanning bed may give you a beautiful bronze glow for the time being, it will eventually lead to you having wrinkled skin from head to toe. And even though there are products that can help you reduce the wrinkles that result from tanning, it’s much easier to avoid developing them in the first place.

How to Stay Tan and Avoid Damaging Your Skin

The good news is not only is it possible to tan your skin without damaging it, but it’s possible to maintain this type of tan throughout the winter months. The solution to safely staying bronze and avoiding the winter blues is to use a quality, paraben-free paraben free tanner. By using a quality sunless tanner in conjunction with a daily moisturizer, you will have no trouble developing and maintaining the type of glow that you only thought was possible during the middle of summer. In fact, once you reach your desired color, you will only have to use the tanner 1 to 2 times a week to maintain your glow.

When you’re deciding which self tanner to use, you will want to choose one that’s paraben free. By selecting a tanner that’s free of parabens and fragrance, you can use it without worrying about encountering any side effects. If you’re concerned about ending up with stains or streaks as a result of using this type of product, you’ll be happy to know that quality self tanners are able to deliver color without those annoying imperfections. If you want to feel your best throughout the rest of the winter months, you can use a self tanner to start developing the tan you want in just a matter of days!

Summer has faded – what about your tan?

Summer is officially over, and along with shorter days and cooler temperatures, that epic tan you worked on all summer is probably fading also.

Keep that summer glow!  Now you can enjoy a bronzed body all year long with our paraben-free Tan-Fan™ lotion.  It won’t streak and doesn’t have that strong bug spray smell of most sunless tanners.

Remember, sunless tanning is the only safe tanning – sunlight causes 80% of skin aging! And parabens can cause health problems, so order your paraben free Tan-Fan™ self-tanner today!

An remember, if you ever spent too much time in the sun and lost a little of that youthful looking skin in the process, try our outstanding anti aging creams today!