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Water, Water, Everywhere!

Here’s a question that gets asked occasionally and you may have wondered about it yourself. Why do we need a moisturizer other than water? Seriously, isn’t pure water about as moist as it gets?  It sure is! But getting it in to your skin cells takes action on a cellular level. And holding it there takes more action.

First, let’s talk about what water is and isn’t. It is a universal solvent. That means that things dissolve in it. That gives water its usefulness in washing. It also evaporates which means that it has cooling properties. You know if it is a chilly day and you are caught in the rain you are twice as cold. It is also what your skin, and indeed your entire body are made of. Without water you simply cannot exist.

But water appears in your skin cells under very specific conditions. Look at a baby. Those fat little cheeks and smooth, silky skin. A baby’s body is born with the ability to hold water and fats so that as the body grows the skin can grow with it. The skin stays healthy and creates a barrier that protects the baby’s body from the incursion of dirt and germs.

As we get older, the processes in skin cells that keep water in place and skin smooth begin to break down. One of the things your body loses is hyaluronic acid. By using a moisturizer that has significant hyaluronic acid, your skin cells are able to use the same processes to retain moisture and boost collagen production that they would do naturally when you were younger. So the secret to hanging on to moisture in your skin is not to pour water on it from the outside, but to use a moisturizer that helps hydrate from the inside by penetrating the skin and promoting natural processes. That makes more sense!

Hydrospherex™ by Mango Madness Skin Care delivers the maximum therapeutic dosage of two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to your skin. Anti-aging in a bottle! Try today and remember our money-back guarantee!

Earth Day 2013

It’s Earth Day and all across America people are going to parks or the beach, trying organic lettuce or locally-grown vegetables, and in general enjoying the good-feeling that Earth Day gives us all.

The point of it, of course, is that we will change our lives at least a little and begin to live that way all year. We will use more recycled paper, remember to reduce our waste, choose better products and foodstuffs.

Mango Madness skin care can be a part of your Earth Day initiative. We do not claim to be an organic skin care company but we have made a commitment to the environment in some very important ways:

  1. No toxins – we do not use Parabens, SLS, EDTA, Formaldehyde, phthalates, or triclosans in our skin care. That means it is safe for you and any waste is safe for the earth.
  2. No animal testing – we do not do any animal testing in the formulation of our products – never have, never will.
  3. Effective – the more effective a product is, the less you have to use of it. We choose ingredients that are proven to fight wrinkles and restore the health of skin cells and we offer them in the highest therapeautic doses available without a prescription. That means you can buy less, use less, it lasts longer and does more.

Many people have told us how effective and wonderful our anti-aging, paraben-free wrinkle creams are but they don’t often think about the fact that they are also environmentally friendly. Well, we do. We all live on this earth and we plan to leave it to our children. It needs to be in good shape.

So our commitment to you, our customer, is to do the very best we can to produce an anti-aging cream that you can buy with a clear conscience and use with confidence knowing it will produce beautiful results!

How to Read Skin Care Ingredient Labels

If you are shopping online for skin care products, be sure the website provides a full list of ingredients. If the ingredients are not revealed, either the merchant doesn’t want you to see that the concentration of active ingredients is low, or there are some questionable ingredients.

Understandably, to protect their formulas, skin care companies don’t reveal the exact percentage of each ingredient in their products. However, you can find some clues by reading the ingredient label. The FDA requires that cosmetic ingredients on the product label be listed in the order of highest to lowest concentration.  For example, if hyaluronic acid is the fifth item in the ingredient list for a moisturizer, it is the fifth most concentrated ingredient in the product. You want to be certain that the active ingredients – the ones you are paying for to improve your skin – are listed near the beginning of the list. Ingredients listed near the end of the list product typically comprise less than one percent of the total and if so, can be listed in any order.

You also want to look at the total number of unique ingredients in a product.  Products with an extensive number of skin care ingredients (more than 15-20), probably contain fillers.  Basic arithmetic will tell you that products with a large number of ingredients have lower concentrations of any given active ingredient.