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Help for Uneven Skin

Many of us worry about wrinkles, frown lines, crows feet, laugh lines, and crepe-y chins. But for the person who struggles with uneven coloration, recurring blemishes, and pores that tend to be coarse and prone to blackheads, wrinkles are not always the priority. Evening out the skin so it looks smooth and makeup goes on easily and nothing is showing through, is much more important.

Well, fortunately, there is a moisturizer that also contains Retinol to help keep skin healthy with the potent power of Vitamin A. ReNew Youth™ Vitamin A cream fights wrinkles and thoroughly hydrates skin while delivering the highest concentration of Vitamin A available in a skin cream without a prescription.  This wonderful face cream brings antioxidants to your skin to help promote collagen production and hydration so that your skin looks and feels better. And, it’s so gentle it doesn’t irritate.

Our Mango Madness products contain no parabens, are not tested on animals, and have no SLS or formaldehydes. We also do not use artificial fragrances. That is why our face creams do not irritate or bother sensitive skin when applied. Use our Vitamin A facial cream right after cleaning makeup off your face in the evening and apply it every night. You will see a visible difference in a matter of weeks. You may have friends wondering why you look younger!

Try ReNew Youth today and give your skin the boost it’s been waiting for. You’ll be glad you did! And remember, Mango Madness Skin Care always ships free and fast in the continental United States and we have a money-back guarantee that protects your purchase price.

We’re glad you are a Mango Madness Skin Care customer! We work hard for you!


I’ve Smoked, I’ve Lived in the Sun, What Now?

How can I undo years of poor lifestyle choices that have caused skin damage?

People ask this question all the time! And they are nervous about asking because they don’t want to get a lecture or get judged. We all understand that. We’ve all eaten the piece of cake we shouldn’t, dated the guy we were told is trouble, or spent the day in the sun when we should have been indoors.

A lot of lifestyle choices affect the way skin looks. How many of these factors are a part of your life or past life?

  • Drinking alcohol regularly or to excess
  • Spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen or adequate coverage
  • Using a tanning bed
  • Drinking an inadequate amount of water
  • Not eating a decent amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Not getting enough sleep.

Is there any way to renew and promote healing in the skin cells that have been depleted or damaged? Fortunately, yes! There are two strong ingredients that are proven to help renew collagen, increase hydration, and minimize and/or diminish fine lines.

The first of those is Vitamin A. Also known as Retinol this wonderful vitamin is great at penetrating skin cells and delivering nourishment and fading age spots. That Retinol face cream acts as a moisturizer and a powerful face cream that helps smooth and provide anti-oxidants to troubled skin. Ready to try it? We’ve got some right here and it’s paraben-free!

The second weapon in your war against aging and skin damage is a good night repair cream. Our Nocturne Night Repair Cream is applied at night after you cleanse your face or exfoliate. Then, just before bed you apply the Night Repair Cream and leave it on over night. The rich moisturizing formula sinks into skin all night long and penetrating skin cells providing deep hydration to depleted skin cells hour after hour. Three powerful moisturizers work together to thoroughly promote healing deep within your skin. Jojoba, squalane and hyaluronic acid are formulated to synergize the moisturizing action bringing you powerful results you can really appreciate.

Ready to purchase night repair cream? Buy Nocturne here!



Why Mix Ethics and Skin Care?

We have been asked many times why controversial presesrvatives like parabens are not in our skin care products. After all, the experts say, the studies are not conclusive and there’s no real proof that parabens cause cancer. Sure, they’ve been found in the cancer tumors but that might be a coincidence. And why through out phthalates and formaldehyde and sodium laureth sulfate? Those are all ingredients used in well accepted brands sold in department stores every single day.

But, they aren’t sold by us. We just can’t do that. Our customers are women who count on us to deliver effective and safe anti-aging products. Parabens in particular can actually accelerate aging. Why would we ever put something that ages your skin in an anti-wrinkle cream? And no, “every body is doing it,” is not a good reason.

We feel the same way about animal cruelty. Why should we offer products to women that are created by the suffering of animals? How could we sell our products knowing the backstory? We are not that type of a company.

So when people tell us we could do it cheaper, cut corners here or there, use fillers, throw in some chemical preservatives, we just don’t. Your health is worth more to us; our peace of mind is important to us. Mango Madness Skin Care is always going to stand for higher quality, fewer chemicals, no animal testing.

You get superior quality, we get a good night’s sleep!

Buy Mango Madness Skin Care products with confidence at Mango Madness anti-aging skincare.



Summer Pro Tip: Keep Your Cool!

The summer days of July and August are hot and oppressive in nearly every state in the continental United States. Step outside around noon for ten minutes and you go through a series of experiences that can best be described as unpleassant.

  • Stepping from air conditioning in to the summer heat feels as if you are walking into an oven.
  • Your clothes and hair seem to wilt almost immediately.
  • As minutes tick by your hair clings to your skin and shaving your head bald begins to sound like a good idea.
  • After 8 or 9 minutes perspiration gathers on your upper lip, your under arms, and anywhere else that it can.
  • Your body feels heavy and all energy saps out of you.

What should you do to survive these two intense months with a good attitude. We asked a number of people for their summer survival skills and this is what they told us:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink at least a third more water each day than you do in December.
  2. Change your eating habits. Heavy proteins and carbs make you feel full, bloated, and warmer. Choose fresh salads, chilled fruit, light sandwiches and cool soups like gazpacho.
  3. Change your socializing habits. Forget a middle-of-the-day picnic. Invite friends to kayak but plan your outing for the cool longer summer evening hours. You can still see what you’re doing and youo won’t huff and puff while doing it. Evening concerts, late night strolls indoor wine tastings are all good choices.
  4. Wear more, not less. Forget the strapless top you showed off in the spring. Wear long sleeved light weight cotton blouses and loose, drawstring cotton pants with sandals. Fabric should be gossamer thin but have good coverage to protect you from the sun.
  5. Turn the water temperature down and take two quick showers a day. Tepid water gets you just as clean but leaves you feeling more refreshed. Take a shower just before you dress in the morning and another right after you get home. Then moisturize your skin with Mango Body Souffle with Shea Butter.

You’ll make it through summer just fine if you remember these simple tips and you’ll feel wonderful in spite of it!


Cleaning Your Skin – the Right Way!

There are so many products available these days to clean your skin with. Many people still use a plain bar of soap, others use a soft soap, a generation ago the thing to do was cleanse with cold cream or Noxema, and then there are all the facial cleansers and exfoliants on the market. How do you know what to use on your face?

First, let’s look at the terms:

  • Soap is defined as a salt of a fatty acid. That doesn’t sound appealing but basically it is vegetable or animal fat with an acidic or alkaline component. Soap used to be made by rendering animal fat and then mixing in lye in a concentration low enough not to burn you but high enough to break down soil.
  • Detergent is a preparation made from chemical surfactants. Surfactants break up fats and grease and “float them” away on the water molecules. Engine degreasers, dish detergent, and most shampoos fit into that category.
  • Cleansers can be anything you use to clean with. This covers scouring powders and gentle green tea preparations.

So what do we want to use on our skin, especially the face? First, avoid bar soap and detergents. Read the label and skip anything with Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. That is a detergent and a known irritant.

Choose something light, with gentle botanical or fruit extracts, and mild enough to use daily. A great example would be our Rose Hip Seed Oil Facial Cleanser. It is mild enough to be used daily and effective enough to help with acne and other blemishes. It is so gentle it is recommended for people with rosacea or other skin irritations.

Remove makeup with a wipe and then wash the face clean with the Rose Hip Seed Oil, finishing with a good overnight moisturizer or peptide cream to fight wrinkles. Your face will love it! Are you ready to start? You can buy our gentle facial cleanser right here!




Natural Is In – What Does That Mean?

Since we are committed to quality skin care, many people have asked us about the trend towards greener, more natural choices. Does that mean women are using less products? Are they wearing less makeup or skipping facials? Are we going back to the 1960’s?

No, we aren’t seeing that trend at all. What we are seeing is a trend towards a more sophisticated, educated consumer. The woman who used to buy a skin care product based on packaging or big claims to make miracles, now reads labels. She is skeptical and we mean that in a good way. If you say your product does something you’d better be able to back it up. If you say your product is good for the environment, you’d better not have a label that lists formaldehyde. If you say you do not do animal testing, your customer will expect a certification from a trustworthy source.

So the savvy green-conscious consumer is looking for ingredients that work, no fillers, no toxins, from a company she can trust. And you know what, that’s natural! It should have always been this way.

Twenty years ago a skin preparation made from petroleum could be marketed as fighting wrinkles. The efficacy of cold-cream which was nothing more than water, oils, and wax with a little fragrance, was never in doubt. Women bought it by the truckload.

But times have changed. Modern understanding of how skin heals and renews itself have lead to ingredients that are based on our body’s natural processes. Better understanding of the role preservatives like parabens may play in a woman’s health have lead to paraben-free products springing up everywhere.

It’s only natural that women turn to brands they trust when they buy skin care products. They know Mango Madness and they know Mango Madness Skin Care stands for great products, no parabens, no animal testing, high-quality ingredients. Naturally!

Natural Skin Care

Company’s Coming!

It’s the Holiday Season and company is coming to visit for just a few days. There is so much to do!

Preparing for company can be overwhelming at the best of times, but add the holiday schedule and the demands of gift-giving and suddenly it’s just impossible. Sometimes you aren’t sure how you’ll get through it all.

To simplify things, break the preparation up into several smaller parts. If you have family or friends who can help, let them! Send the guest room bedding to the cleaners and throw it back on the bed fresh and fluffy. Have professionals clean or spot treat the carpets. Consider having the biggest meal catered or prepare as much as you can in advance.

For guest’s personal needs, keep a few toothbrushes and some toothpaste under the sink in case they forgot theirs. Make sure there is a blow dryer in the bathroom, and plenty of towels. In the bedroom, put an extension cord with a power strip near the bedside table for charging or a clock. Put a diffuser and a few simple scents on the dresser in case a little lavender would lift their mood. Have a small basket of make-up removing wipes, hand sanitizer, and a facial cleanser like our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser for sensitive skin. Last, include a light daily moisturizer like our Mango Miracle moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple.

In the bathroom, add a bottle of Mango Souffle Body Cream for a wonderful after-shower skin refresher. Your guests will love your extra touches and you’ll be glad that you broke up the tasks.

Now, don’t forget to pamper yourself during this holiday season! If nothing else, slip into a hot bath the minute the guests are gone and then just take a while to luxuriate and relax! Have wonderful holidays and take good care of yourself. You’re important to us!


Why Fight Aging?

Society today seems to be of two minds: rush to get constant cosmetic procedures, or accept yourself as you are and look down on anyone who gets a peel or a lift. The trouble is, both of those directions are extreme. One thing society has always embraced is the look of youth. Neither of the extremes work to make you retain a youthful look. The other thing to consider is health. Looking youthful is one thing, but being healthy and retaining your youthful looks is much more desirable.

Esthetician-AdviceThat’s where recent science comes in. As medical science gets more and more knowledgeable about the aging process, we learn what we can do to stop the damage that happens to cells. And, as any article on skin damage can tell you, a lot of what we call “aging” is really the cumulative effects of lifestyle and environmental damage. Sun damage, smoking, harsh cleansers, chemicals such as parabens and formaldehyde, all play a part in how our skin cells breakdown. The result that we call “aging” would happen much more slowly and less dramatically if we could simply avoid all of those causes.

So how can we help our skin look and feel its most healthy without resorting to surgical methods or injecting artificial substances or toxins under our skin? It’s more simple than you might think. Several ingredients in medical grade skin care can help boost natural skin renewal and aid in collagen production and moisture retention. It is the drying and depletion of skin cell moisture that causes skin to loose suppleness and form wrinkles. When that process is reversed, skin is smoother, more elastic.

A good option for older skin is Peptide 6®. By utilizing six powerful peptides found in your skin naturally, new wrinkle formation is inhibited, and existing lines diminished. Collagen production is enhanced, and the hyaluronic acid in Peptide 6® is a potent moisturizer helping the skin stay hydrated the way young skin does. It’s really all about restoring health to your skin.

If you have not tried Peptide 6® this is your chance. Fast, free shipping and a money back guarantee make it easy. The results will soon make it your favorite face cream!

July Delivers a Jolt of Heat

How does a woman stay cool in the summer and still protect her skin? Perhaps a complete Bedouin outfit with layers of fabric while hiding inside an air-conditioned building would do it?!

It’s not easy but if you follow some simple rules you will be able to keep your skin safe and your body as comfortable as possible. Living in Florida for years gives you some pointers to go by! Here are the things we have found work:

  • Avoid going out of doors between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Those are the hottest times of the day when the sun is right overhead glaring down on you. These are the times you will feel like a baked potato and your skin will be exposed to the greatest amount of UVA and UVB rays shining down.
  • Wear light colors and layer light fabrics covering as much of your body as you are comfortable with. Lightweight linen slacks, a flowing summery skirt, a white overshirt with a little tank underneath, will all help you feel less heavy, less confined. Your skin needs to breathe in order to stay cool so now is the time for the lightest, loosest fabrics.
  • We’ve said it before in many places but it bears repeating here: Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and lighter fruit juice infused drinks. Avoid alcohol and / or caffeine as both can make you feel flushed and hotter.

After you’ve been out in the summer heat, take a cool, refreshing shower and try one of our wonderful paraben-free moisturizers. That will help your skin recover any lost moisture as the hydration penetrates and renews your thirsty skin cells. Try one of these options.

Maximum Moistureparaben-free-face-cream ™ with therapeutic Hyaluronic Acid for maximum hydration.




deep-wrinkle-reducerPeptide 6® with 6 potent peptides and Hyaluronic Acid but never parabens or artificial fragrances or fillers!

Happiness – How Does it Affect Our Skin?

This blog can’t get into too much depth on the incredible number of reputable studies that prove that mood affects the body. For the last decade as researchers have turned out more and more facts about how hormone levels are affected by stress, and about how our sleep patterns and eating habits are affected by stress, we have seen a huge trend towards a more positive way of living. Facebook only has a Like button. Positive reinforcement, positive affirmations, and motivational mantras are everywhere.

If stress and unhappiness really affect our bodies so negatively, do they have any direct affect on the skin itself? Absolutely. While laughing can contribute to crow’s feet around the eyes, worry can create those little lines between the eyebrows known as “frownies.” Worry also contributes to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because it inhibits your body’s ability to get a good night sleep. An angry set to the mouth or sour look can increase the lines of your lower face as can the faces we make when we get a tension headache.

That does not count the chemical changes happening in the cells. Higher levels of cortisol are linked to type II Diabetes which affects blood supply to the skin and the extremities. Higher blood sugar is linked to higher incidence of blood clotting and venous insufficiency. When the blood is thicker and clots more easily it cannot move as smoothly through capillaries and the fine mesh of blood vessels in delicate tissue. And, people who are upset are more likely to drink and smoke; habits that cause skin to age.

What can you do if you are stressed? First, drink a large glass of water each morning to help your body deal with the toxins a stressed body carries. Second, try to work at least a little exercise into your day. Your body needs it and will thank you for it. Next, watch a funny movie or at least a funny video on YouTube. Call a friend who has a good sense of humor and keep the conversation light. Laughter helps you sleep, helps you shake off the blues. Finally, use our Vitamin K Under Eye Cream to help your eyes and face look less fatigued. When you look better, you feel better. We want YOU to look and feel your best every day!