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Skin is the Same All Over – Right?

I have seen people slather an all-purpose lotion over their hands, wrists, neck and face with no particular regard to what they are putting where. When asked, they will tell you, “Skin is skin, it all needs moisturizers.” It is definitely true that skin needs moisture. It needs to receive moisture from the water you drink and added moisture from lotions and creams we put on it. But is there more to it then that? In a word, yes!

First, there is a big difference between skin that is exposed to the sun and skin that isn’t. For most of us, our face and hands get the most exposure to the sun. The second highest rate of exposure is for our neck and neckline, our arms and legs. Since the sun damages and dries the skin, exposed areas need more moisturizer and protecting sunblock than areas that are not exposed.

facial_creamAdditionally, how we use the area makes a difference.  Medicine tells us that 43 muscles have been identified in the face and the range of expressions we use pulls the skin up, down, and sideways! Even if you have Botox injected everywhere, the act of eating or closing your eyes to sleep will pull at your skin. So the skin on your face needs extra attention to replenish and re-nourish the cells.

Below your face is your neck. Your neck may not need some of the ingredients used to reduce blemishes or discoloration on your face. Your neck also does not move quite the same way your face does. But as your head turns your neck muscles cause the skin on your neck to stretch and that repeated stretching as we nod, turn our heads, talk, eat and drive our cars stresses the skin on our necks in a particular way. For that reason, using a neck cream that specializes in renewing those particular skin cells just makes sense. It isn’t just delivering moisture. We don’t want our necks to sag, and we don’t want that wrinkly look under our chins. We want the neck to look smooth and attractive because it shows just above our collar on every outfit we wear. Want help keeping that neck lovely? Try our Necquelle neck cream and see what a difference it can make!