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Ever heard of Squalane as a skin care ingredient?

Often included in better moisturizers and wrinkle creams, squalane now is obtained from vegetable sources such as olive oil. Once typically made from the liver oil of sharks, animal-friendly skin care companies such as Mango Madness Skin Care only use olive oil-derived squalane.

Due to its tiny molecular size, squalane is able to penetrate skin more easily and therefore does not impart any feeling of greasiness. This small molecule size also helps squalane create new skin cells and fight bacteria.

Squalane is very good for soothing rashes and skin irritation when all else fails. It’s also good for cracked, dry skin and works on age spots, too. Squalane has no odor or color and feels smooth to the touch. Because it can be safely ingested as a source of dietary antioxidants, it is completely safe to use topically on your skin.

Our bodies produce small amounts of squalane when we are young. As we age, however, the body produces less, so we need to supplement it by using skin care ingredients containing this natural moisturizer.