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Dazzling Days of Summer

If you are from the Baby Boomer generation June 21st a/k/a the First Day of Summer may cause you to think of the Beach Boys singing Surfin’ USA. If you are younger you may have visions of Duran Duran on a sail boat singing Rio. Whatever your summer music and vision are, June is the month that it all seems to come together.

But when it comes to skin, June, July, and August are hard months that really take a toll on everything your skin holds dear. First, the sun just saps the moisture out of skin and if you have been reading this blog you know moisture is integral to skin beauty. But the heat causes evaporation and the UVA and UVB rays just directly sizzle the skin’s moisture away as the cells try to resist burning and drying. As the skin fires up its defenses and begins to tan and give up precious oils, moisture is depleted as a part of that process.

So, in the summer your skin maintenance is two fold. First, you have to protect your skin from the suns rays to begin with. A good sunblock is essential as are clothes that cover without over heating you. The next course of action is to replenish the moisture your skin has lost during a day in the sun. Mango Madness Skin Care has two good products for you.

The most important is Protect Me™ our UVA / UVB sunblock. Keep that sun away from the delicate skin on your face! Protect Me™ is paraben-free and will not irritate your skin.

Next, we have a great after-sun lotion to restore your skin’s natural moisture. Our delicious Mango Souffle Shea Butter Body Cream can be used all over after a shower or just as needed to soothe away roughness and dryness and make you feel pampered and oh, so silky!

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Sun Damage – How Does It Happen?

You hear about the need to wear a sunscreen or stay out of the sun all the time. And you hear that it causes aging and skin cancer. But no one ever says what amount is OK, and exactly HOW the sun is a problem.

Part of that is because of the popular phrase, “your mileage may vary.” And basically, what that means is that no one set of statistics fits everyone. How much time you can safely spend in the sun depends on the following:

  • How old are you?
  • What part of the world are you in?
  • What color is your skin?
  • What is your family history?
  • What is your personal history – do you tan or burn easily?

And that is why most dermatologists recommend that you limit your time and exposure to the sun. And, if you must be out in the sun, at least wear a fairly high SPF sunscreen or sunblock.

Does a sunblock really stop the UVA and UVB rays of the sun from penetrating? Well, they are more effective than you might think. First, look for one that is full spectrum; that means it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Then, look for one that has a high SPF (Skin Protection Factor) because the higher the SPF, the more your skin is protected. Last, make sure it has no Parabens. Parabens are preservatives but they are believed to cause aging of the skin and have been implicated in cancer studies. No need to put anything with Parabens in it on your skin.

We recommend our water-resistant, broad spectrum Protect Me™ to protect your face with the best level of protection. We also have a self tanner and a wonderful body cream for after-sun moisturization. But first, get that sunblock on and remember to watch the clock and don’t overdo it anyway!

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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is celebrating all things Irish. It got us thinking about the beautiful pictures of Irish women and girls on the greeting cards and posters. They all have either black hair, brows and eyelashes; or they are redheads. The one thing they all shared no matter what was that creamy Irish complexion. The redheads sometimes had the lightest dusting of freckles across the nose.

What would it take to have a complexion like that? Most American complexions have more of a bronzed look even if they are not tan. If, like many of us, we have an Hispanic or Italian heritage, then that light a color is not possible. A deeper skin tone is also the case for women of color of all types from African-American to Native American. But if you are light skinned with a medium dark hair color and you want that really pale skin you have to work for it.

First of all, never go outside at all without a full sunblock protecting your face. Make sure it is a full-spectrum UVA / UVB sunblock and apply it before you put on your makeup. Do your hands and wrists as well. Next, if you are prone to dark circles under your eyes, make sure and use a Vitamin K under eye cream to shrink those blood vessels and lighten the dark areas. You want to look as naturally pale as possible and looking tired or over-worked is not the answer.

Finally, make sure you use a clear powder foundation and only the lightest touch of blush and tinted lip gloss. Nothing heavy that would detract from the delicacy of your look. Then mascara on the top and bottom lashes so that your eyes stand out from that smooth, pale skin. That should do it.  The key is, again, to never go out without sun block.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, go find a green dress to put on!


Don’t wear white after Labor Day, but…..

Fashion protocol will say not to wear white after Labor Day based on the tradition that Summer is over, BUT – keep wearing your sunblock!

Not only is Summer officially not over until September 20, but because the skin aging effects of sunlight are cumulative year-round, you should wear your sunblock every day.  We are advising this sun protection because the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are responsible for 80% of the visible signs of aging on your skin.

When you look for a good, protective sunscreen, be sure it says “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum” and protects against both UVA and UVB.  Also, choose a sunscreen that is water resistant (per FDA, manufacturers can’t claim “waterproof” anymore – even for the best sunscreens), and reapply as necessary during the day since perspiration will dilute the protection. And of course, if you go swimming, reapply immediately afterward.

Also remember that ultraviolet light from the sun (UVA and UVB) is invisible, so if it’s a cloudy or overcast day, the harmful rays are still there.