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Ahhh The Rejuvenating Power of Rest

There are some very basic needs we all have in common, and their importance to our lives cannot be over-emphasized:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Sleep

No matter what a romantic song tells you, you can live without Love.  You may not be happy but your body won’t stop.  A shelter is important but not up in the top three either.  So when it comes right down to it the top three things on our list are the things you just cannot do without.  You also have to have sufficient quality and quantity of them to stay healthy.

So, taking sleep as an example, when you go without adequate sleep your body tries to shut down; it tries to make you sleep right at your desk.  It also takes its toll on your skin and your looks in general.  Sleep deprived women develop dark circles under their eyes, more facial lines, drooping or haggard looking skin.  This is because the body is not processing toxins properly, not rehydrating its cells, and replenishing collagen where it is needed.

The body needs that sleep in order to regroup, rebuild, and refresh.  Once you are sleeping more normally, taking stock of your eating habits and making sure you drink plenty of pure water are your next steps.  Those are the big three things you cannot do without.  If you still look a little tired or have just a hint of the dark circles under your eyes we would like to suggest a cream designed for your eyes.  Refresh Me™ Eye Cream will make you look as refreshed as you feel.