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Confidence! Do You Have It?

All the books say, “You have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be beautiful.” Then the advertisers tell you, “Do you have underarm odor? Wrinkles? Are your clothes stained? Are you overweight?” It’s hard to truly have confidence in ourselves in a modern world and the terrible statistics on anorexia prove that. How much money is spent every year on painful invasive procedures to “tweak” how a face looks? You have a line across your forehead? There’s a botox injection so you won’t move your face when you worry, followed by a dermal filler injection to make that one line go away. All because we look in the mirror and don’t feel confident.

Change that outlook today. First, if confidence looks beautiful and you don’t feel confident, use simple life changes to at least look confident. Studies show if you look strong and confident you will begin to feel strong and confident. Shoulders back, arms loose, relaxed smile and alert expression. Engage with the people who walk past you. A smile, a nod, or just a look. Don’t hide, don’t try to avoid eye contact and don’t let your posture slump.

No one walking by knows whether you are a scared wall-flower or a take-charge person with a mission in life. They see what you choose to project and you can choose anything you want. But I can hear you saying, “I have some real problems with how I look. How does straightening my posture and holding my head up cure my acne?” It doesn’t of course. But there are treatments for that and simple skin creams that will help with crow’s feet, acne, discolorations.

The key is simple: Use things that help and then let it go. You have dark circles under your eyes? Use an under-eye cream formulated to minimize the shadows and gently firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Then put on your makeup and put that issue out of your mind. It isn’t that having what you perceive as a flaw is holding you back. We all have flaws. It’s obsessing about it, giving it greater importance than it deserves, and allowing it to affect decisions you make. Whatever the “flaw” is, find a solution, trust the solution, and wash it out of your thinking pattern. Are you worried about the lines around your mouth or on your forehead? Use a good moisturizer with peptides like Peptide6 on them every day. The rest of the day do not give them a thought.

Shoulders back, head up, smile. It really does make a difference!


Happiness – How Does it Affect Our Skin?

This blog can’t get into too much depth on the incredible number of reputable studies that prove that mood affects the body. For the last decade as researchers have turned out more and more facts about how hormone levels are affected by stress, and about how our sleep patterns and eating habits are affected by stress, we have seen a huge trend towards a more positive way of living. Facebook only has a Like button. Positive reinforcement, positive affirmations, and motivational mantras are everywhere.

If stress and unhappiness really affect our bodies so negatively, do they have any direct affect on the skin itself? Absolutely. While laughing can contribute to crow’s feet around the eyes, worry can create those little lines between the eyebrows known as “frownies.” Worry also contributes to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because it inhibits your body’s ability to get a good night sleep. An angry set to the mouth or sour look can increase the lines of your lower face as can the faces we make when we get a tension headache.

That does not count the chemical changes happening in the cells. Higher levels of cortisol are linked to type II Diabetes which affects blood supply to the skin and the extremities. Higher blood sugar is linked to higher incidence of blood clotting and venous insufficiency. When the blood is thicker and clots more easily it cannot move as smoothly through capillaries and the fine mesh of blood vessels in delicate tissue. And, people who are upset are more likely to drink and smoke; habits that cause skin to age.

What can you do if you are stressed? First, drink a large glass of water each morning to help your body deal with the toxins a stressed body carries. Second, try to work at least a little exercise into your day. Your body needs it and will thank you for it. Next, watch a funny movie or at least a funny video on YouTube. Call a friend who has a good sense of humor and keep the conversation light. Laughter helps you sleep, helps you shake off the blues. Finally, use our Vitamin K Under Eye Cream to help your eyes and face look less fatigued. When you look better, you feel better. We want YOU to look and feel your best every day!


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is celebrating all things Irish. It got us thinking about the beautiful pictures of Irish women and girls on the greeting cards and posters. They all have either black hair, brows and eyelashes; or they are redheads. The one thing they all shared no matter what was that creamy Irish complexion. The redheads sometimes had the lightest dusting of freckles across the nose.

What would it take to have a complexion like that? Most American complexions have more of a bronzed look even if they are not tan. If, like many of us, we have an Hispanic or Italian heritage, then that light a color is not possible. A deeper skin tone is also the case for women of color of all types from African-American to Native American. But if you are light skinned with a medium dark hair color and you want that really pale skin you have to work for it.

First of all, never go outside at all without a full sunblock protecting your face. Make sure it is a full-spectrum UVA / UVB sunblock and apply it before you put on your makeup. Do your hands and wrists as well. Next, if you are prone to dark circles under your eyes, make sure and use a Vitamin K under eye cream to shrink those blood vessels and lighten the dark areas. You want to look as naturally pale as possible and looking tired or over-worked is not the answer.

Finally, make sure you use a clear powder foundation and only the lightest touch of blush and tinted lip gloss. Nothing heavy that would detract from the delicacy of your look. Then mascara on the top and bottom lashes so that your eyes stand out from that smooth, pale skin. That should do it.  The key is, again, to never go out without sun block.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, go find a green dress to put on!


Ahhh The Rejuvenating Power of Rest

There are some very basic needs we all have in common, and their importance to our lives cannot be over-emphasized:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Sleep

No matter what a romantic song tells you, you can live without Love.  You may not be happy but your body won’t stop.  A shelter is important but not up in the top three either.  So when it comes right down to it the top three things on our list are the things you just cannot do without.  You also have to have sufficient quality and quantity of them to stay healthy.

So, taking sleep as an example, when you go without adequate sleep your body tries to shut down; it tries to make you sleep right at your desk.  It also takes its toll on your skin and your looks in general.  Sleep deprived women develop dark circles under their eyes, more facial lines, drooping or haggard looking skin.  This is because the body is not processing toxins properly, not rehydrating its cells, and replenishing collagen where it is needed.

The body needs that sleep in order to regroup, rebuild, and refresh.  Once you are sleeping more normally, taking stock of your eating habits and making sure you drink plenty of pure water are your next steps.  Those are the big three things you cannot do without.  If you still look a little tired or have just a hint of the dark circles under your eyes we would like to suggest a cream designed for your eyes.  Refresh Me™ Eye Cream will make you look as refreshed as you feel.

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are often called the Windows of the Soul and they are the subject of every beauty manual and makeup-instruction video you’ve ever seen.  Women buy contact lenses to change their color, use mascara and curlers to lengthen and enhance the lashes, use eye liner and eye shadow to deepen the shadows and bring out the color.  Then the eyebrows get plucked to create a better “frame” and maybe they even get bleached or colored.  Women worry their eyes are too close, too small, too slanted, too straight, too round.

Some of that, really, isn’t necessary.  Beautiful eyes don’t have to be a particular shape or violet like Elizabeth Taylor’s.  Makeup can enhance a woman’s eyes but clean, fresh and un-made-up eyes can have a natural, dewy appeal.

So what really is a woman to do if she wants great looking eyes.  A lot of the most important steps she can take have to do with lifestyle:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Don’t smoke.
  3. Avoid exposure to the sun.
  4. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Stay hydrated.

Even with a good lifestyle eyes are prone to two things that can make them look older:  fine lines from laughing or frowning, and dark circles from fatigue.  That is because the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on your cheeks or forehead.  Fine lines and wrinkles can be banished with a good moisturizer but sometimes the eyes are sensitive and a cream made just for your eyes may do a better job than an all-purpose moisturizer.  Refresh Me under-eye cream is a wonderful anti-aging skincare product just for the eyes.  It contains effective moisturizers like Hyaluronic Acid and it includes Arnica Montana to reduce darkening and swelling, Rice Bran Extract to regulate darkening and Vitamin K to strengthen capillary walls and reducing the visibility of blood vessels under your eyes.

With daily use of this specially formulated eye cream you will love the younger look of your eyes!




Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin K-1, also known as phytonadione or  phylloquinone, is an important nutrient that helps with our blood’s ability to clot or coagulate following injury. Vitamin K is found naturally in foods such as leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli) and soybean oil. Vitamin K can also be obtained in dietary supplement capsules or multi-vitamins.

The benefit of Vitamin K in skin care is that it is used in formulations designed to address dark pigmentation under the eyes. While this dark pigmentation, sometimes referred to as  periorbital hyperpigmentation, or simply dark circles, can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, lack of sleep or genetics, the most common cause is the pooling of blood under the thin skin under the eyes. This pooling occurs when tiny capillaries break and release small amounts of blood under the skin. The anti-clotting characteristics of Vitamin K helps prevent leakage from these capillaries.

A good eye cream for dark circles, in addition to Vitamin K, should include hyaluronic moisturizers, arnica montana and soy peptides for the most benefit.


5 Great Paraben Free Skin Care Products

Here are 5 great skin care products that you can count on to give you smoother, younger looking skin:

Need the ultimate in hyaluronic acid hydration? Try this hyaluronic firming serum (Hydrospherex™) that features both high and low molecular weight HA.

Can’t seem to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes? Try Refresh Me™ cream with Vitamin K.

Looking for a moisturizer than not only hydrates but also soothes? Try this luxurious face cream with aloe vera (Mango Miracle™).

Exfoliation needs to be part of your skin care regimen. You can rely on this glycolic acid wash for clearer skin (Exfoliate Me™).

Bothered by sensitive skin when cleansing your face? When nothing else seems to work use this gentle face wash with rosehip oil.


Is It Possible to Reduce the Visibility of Under Eye Dark Circles?

According to the Mayo Clinic, those shadows beneath your eyes can make you look older than gray hair or wrinkles. The reason dark circles can have such a negative impact on your appearance is because they make you look worn out. While this condition is rarely the result of a serious medical problem, seeing them whenever you look in the mirror can cause you to feel low on energy and unhappy with your appearance.

One cause of this problem is not getting enough sleep. Since the National Institute of Health estimates that over seventy million Americans experience sleep problems, it should come as no surprise that this problem is at the root of many people’s dark circles. While it’s simple to say that you simply need to get more sleep, you know that your hectic schedule means this is much easier said than done.

Even if you are getting as much sleep as you actually need, under eye dark circles can also be caused by nasal congestion, too much sun, loss of collagen, allergies or hereditary factors. In many cases, these types of circles are the result of multiple causes. While puffiness and under eye dark circles may seem like problems that are going to continue to plague you, the good news is there’s actually an effective way to combat these signs of aging.

Vitamin K Helps Fade Under Eye Dark Circles

Many women attempt to use a wide range of products to cover up the dark circles under their eyes. The problem with this approach is not only does it fail to get to the root of the problem, but most of these products still leave some form of discoloration under the eyes.

Instead of simply trying to conceal the problem, Vitamin K works to solve it. The reason Vitamin K is much more than a simple concealer is because it reduces the amount of blood that accumulates beneath the skin in this area. As a result, regular application of a cream that contains Vitamin K will actually reduce the visibility of under eye dark circles. Added benefits of Vitamin K include its ability to help skin in this area regain the smoothness and firmness that it has lost with age.

While there is more than one type of Vitamin K eye cream, there are several key features of the type of cream that works the best. In order to get the best results in the least amount of time, you want a cream that also includes Arnica Montana, soy peptides, squalane and hyaluronic acid. All of these components will combine with the Vitamin K to give you real results in as little as eight weeks.

You can also ensure that your under eye treatment is completely safe by choosing a cream that’s paraben-free. By using this type of under eye cream on a daily basis, you can say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a more youthful appearance!