Dry Skin Care

Best Natural Treatment Remedies to Relieve Dehydrated Skin

The best products for parched skin deliver soft, smooth, and sumptuous results. Dry skin is caused by a variety of factors. Environmental issues, such as living in arid climates, exposure to the sun or to heating and air conditioning, can cause dry skin. Products containing alcohol or fragrances may decrease moisture.

Skin Care Regimen for Moisturizing Skin

Skin Type Cleanse   Exfoliate   Wrinkles   Under Eyes   Hydrate   Protect
Dry Skin

Rose Hip Seed Oil Cleanser

Use Morning & Night

Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream

Use Morning & Night

Have Dark Circles?
Use Refresh Me™ Eye Care Cream

No Dark Circles?
Use your Peptide 6® wrinkle cream

Maximum Moisture™ Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream

Apply Morning & Night

Protect Me™ Full Spectrum Sun Protection Cream

Use Every Day

The discomfort of dehydrated skin leaves sufferers searching for remedies from:

  • Redness or itching
  • Peeling, flaking or scaling
  • Roughness and/or dullness
  • Shrunken, dehydrated appearance
  • Tightness, especially after exposure to water

Gentle cleansing with natural Rose Hip Seed Oil soothes skin. When choosing skin care products for your parched skin, remember that a non-acidic exfoliator will prepare your face for more effective moisturizing. And when the dead skin build-up is gone, you're revitalized.

Natural Dry Skin Facial Remedies for a More Luminous Look

Specially formulated skin lotion offers breakthrough hydration. Twice daily moisturizing with skin lotions, like a paraben-free peptide wrinkle cream, will ease flaking, redness, and tightness. You also want to avoid hot showers, use a humidifier in low humidity conditions, and skip products with harsh ingredients. Since dehydration makes facial lines noticeable, it can age you. Daily hydration with concentrated hyaluronic acid firming serum contributes to a skin moisturizing plan. After cleansing, apply the serum, and then use your moisturizer.

Dry Skin Moisturizer with Anti-Aging Hydration

Fight a dehydrated look with a scientifically formulated moisturizer. Deep hydration is part of the dedicated skincare that relieves dry skin. Using skin moisturizers with proven ingredients is vital to the management of this skin type. Hyaluronic acid is a revolutionary moisturizer for your skin. It's a primary ingredient in both our Maximum Moisture cream and peptide lotion, available now.

Peptide 6® Wrinkle Reducer Cream with Argireline and Matrixyl 3000 (Large 50 mL)
Peptides build collagen for firmer, smoother skin. Contains 6 potent peptides. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles. Money back guarantee.
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