Reduce wrinkles with peptide cream
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Peptide 6® Wrinkle Reducer Cream with Argireline and Matrixyl 3000 (Large 50 mL)


Price: $89.50
Maximum amounts of potent anti-aging ingredients for outstanding results
  • IMPROVED! Now more gentle on your skin. Large size: 50 mL / 1.75 oz.
  • Build collagen with six powerful peptides plus moisturizers
  • Peptides are recommended by Dr. Oz for smoother skin
  • Proven wrinkle reduction in clinical trials
  • Safe to use: contains no parabens, no phthalates; fragrance-free
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Reduce face wrinkles

Multi-Peptide Wrinkle Reducer

Our intense multi-peptide wrinkle cream puts younger looking skin within your reach. We have formulated the most effective and best peptide cream for deep wrinkles, and the result is Peptide 6®. Our exclusive anti-aging formulation helps reverse deep lines and wrinkles and hydrates your skin remarkably. Experience an anti-wrinkle face cream that is the affordable alternative to invasive techniques, beats out Vitamin C in effectiveness, and is incredibly gentle to your skin.

mango madness skin care I bought your Peptide 6 last month and very pleased with the results. I'm trying more of your products to see if my friends will notice even more improvement. I just had a much younger man ask me out! mango madness skin care
-- Betty D., Pompano Beach, Fla.

Clinical research from the National Institutes of Health reveals that face creams with peptides minimize wrinkles through collagen reconstruction. With a high concentration of actives, this advanced skin cream relaxes facial tension, improves wrinkle depth, and inhibits new wrinkle development as it tightens and firms.

Matrixyl® 3000 and Argireline® Help Stop Wrinkles

This advanced anti-wrinkle ingredient features the maximum amounts of effective ingredients without exorbitant costs or worrisome side effects. Peptide 6® is an advanced wrinkle-reducing face cream that also delivers the renowned collagen regenerator and neuropeptide, Matrixyl 3000, and the line reverser, Argireline®, plus four more anti-wrinkle agents. It contains the Maximum Therapeutic Dose of peptides. This means that any higher concentration cannot be used by the body, so it is as effective as any wrinkle cream on the market.

Powerful Multi Peptide Cream will Visibly Reduce Wrinkles and Lines

Are you searching for the best anti aging cream to fight wrinkles? Maybe you saw the Dr. Oz show where he says multi peptides are the best ingredient for a wrinkle cream? Now, you can revitalize and refresh your neck and facial skin with a paraben-free anti aging wrinkle cream featuring potent concentrations of effective ingredients. No xenoestrogens. Peptides are active molecules that play a critical role in the natural process of re-building collagen.

Each ingredient in our anti-wrinkle creams fights the effects of aging. Don’t waste time or money on skin aging treatments with low concentrations. Choose our highly concentrated, paraben-free, wrinkle cream with the ultra hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid. You’ll know that every ingredient in our skin care formulations has a potent purpose:

  • Argireline® (acetyl hexapeptide) reduces pre-existing line depths and relaxes facial tension
  • Matrixyl® 3000 products (palmitoyl oligopeptide) help build collagen, diminish wrinkles, and improve elasticity
  • Syn®-Ake (dipeptide) relaxes tension to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and creases from forming
  • Clinical trial research by the NIH has proven that Matrixyl 3000 is highly effective!
  • Leuphasyl (pentapeptide) is very good for reducing eye area and forehead wrinkles
  • Octapeptide minimizes the depth of lines
  • Hyaluronic Acid provides maximum skin hydration

Also, this product is non-comedogenic - meaning it does not clog your pores. You can also use it as a neck cream or on your hands. Because it also contains a hyaluronic moisturizer, it will also serve as both a night cream and a day cream.

Peptide 6®, as well as all our skin care products with peptides, contains natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals: no parabens, no phthalates, no estrogen or xenoestrogens, no sulfates, no formaldehyde, no fragrance, no SLS. Gluten-free. Plus, there is no animal testing on any of our skincare products or ingredients. Made in the United States.

Directions for Use: For best results, we recommend you use the Peptide 6® twice a day – once in the morning and again before bedtime. If you would prefer to use only once a day, use at night. Apply to clean skin before any other products you may be using. Start with a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and rub in until completely absorbed. Repeat as necessary to achieve full coverage of your face. You can also use this skin cream on your neck area. If you have puffy areas underneath your eyes, you can use this product there, too. For dark circles, however, use our Refresh Me™ Vitamin K eye cream.

Peptide 6® is an advanced wrinkle reducing cream with hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients but without parabens. Like our full line of anti aging skin care products, this advanced wrinkle reducer is available online with a money back guarantee and free shipping. Order this exclusive wrinkle reducer today!

We do not test any ingredients or products on animals and are certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA as Animal Cruelty Free.

Peptide 6® is a trademark of Mango Madness Skin Care, Inc., and is registered by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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Peptide Wrinkle Reducer


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I honestly have absolutely no complaints about your company and its products and that's why I have been a loyal customer for all these years. Your products have been remarkable for my extra super sensitive skin - the only products that my skin will tolerate well enough that I don't even shop or seek any other products. I can rate your Customer Service as being: Excellent (the best in the world!); Ease of Checkout - Excellent and very easy; Product Quality - Excellent! Your company is the best!!

As far as new products, I, myself suffer a slight case of rosacea and could use some type of cream that would reduce wrinkles as well as the redness that occurs, especially when I'm stressed. Currently, I use cortisone cream when I experience occasional redness, in addition to your products.

In closing, I want to thank your company for having such wonderful products, as it has made my life a lot easier. I sincerely appreciate your service and will continue to be a loyal customer.

I have been using the Peptide 6 for several years and the sunblock, too, and I like them both a lot. Neither one of these products makes my eyes burn - a problem with other skincare lines.

I have been using Mango Madness products for several months now. I've noticed a softness to my face. I am 67 years old and everyone thinks I'm a lot younger. I will continue to use this product for a long time.

I have nothing but good things to say. I love your products and speed of delivery every time I order something. Keep up the good work!

I am so happy with your wrinkle cream that I just ordered another. I've noticed an appreciable difference in the laugh lines/wrinkles on my upper cheeks. My skin tone is much smoother! The cream also has a refreshing coolness once you apply it.

Thanks, Mango Madness. Your customer service and order shipment time is wonderful and I completely agree with all of these good reviews for Peptide 6.

Hi! I was watching the Dr. Oz show on TV yesterday and he said a multi-peptide cream is best for building collagen to reduce wrinkles. So I searched the internet and found your website. I just placed an order and can't wait to try it!

I was wondering how to get the perfect skin cream for my face and studied the wrinkle cream ingredients of your products. Was pleased to see that they can increase skin collagen and elastin. I wanted a good wrinkle reducer to stop fine lines from forming, especially forehead wrinkles and also get rid of skin dryness on my cheeks, and I wanted something without fragrance. Your product has the most peptides of any wrinkle cream I've found plus hyaluronic acid for my dry skin. This makes it the best for me!

Hi, I am a school teacher and when one of my 8th grade students did a science fair project about skin care, she mentioned something called peptides that are used to get rid of wrinkles in skin care products. I wondered, where can I buy peptide cream? So, I did a Google search for argireline, found your website, and bought some. Then I waned to know, is this something that really works for me? I had those dreaded marionette puppet lines and well, I've been using your peptide face cream for 5 weeks now and see a noticeable difference!

This is a wonderful and safe product for my skin care. I already see a difference in my deep wrinkles, and this was with the first order. If I had the money, I'd order a gallon of this stuff. Thanks !

I had given up all my skincare beauty products because of all the chemicals in them. Our mother used to use cold cream, and I found that cold cream contains wax, alcohol, mineral oil and other ingredients that really are not good or safe for your skin. I was left with only using food grade oils etc until i found your products. Finally a non-toxic product for women with AMAZING results that really works for my skin. I am definitely going to have aestheticians, family and friends check out your fabulous wrinkle reducer. Please keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

I am using Exfoliate Me Glycolic Acid Cleanser and your Peptide 6 Wrinkle Cream and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I am speechless with how well a two-product regimen is working and have put down my five year Obagi "madness" forever! With the Greatest Appreciation.

I saw the story in Florida Today newspaper recently about your organic and paraben-free products for your skin and am very intrigued. I read all about the Peptide 6 and how effective it is. I just ordered a jar and can't wait to try it!

This is the best face cream I've found, very happy with my purchase. Was looking for an anti-aging cream to renew, firm and tighten my skin. Love the product, very satisfied with the results. A well-known doctor (Oz) recommended using facial creams with peptides on his TV show; he said a cream was better than a serum because you also need moisturizers. Then I found your online website and the free shipping too. Thanks!

So happy to be able to leave this review. I have been using your ReNew Youth and Peptide 6 deep wrinkle cream for a couple of months now after visiting your retail store. Last week, my hairdresser asked me what I had been doing because my skin was looking so much better! And it does! I LOVE your products!

This week- quite a few people have commented that I look tired. I was not tired! Usually I only get 6 hours of sleep- and this week because of the cold front- I was actually cuddled up early and got 3 nights of 8 hours sleep in a row. So, today - when I was told I looked tired again - it dawned on me - all else being equal- the only thing different is I'm not using your products! And, thinking about it as I ordered, even thought it seems expensive it's not! So, the small jar of Peptide 6 lasts me almost 3 months which is less than $20 a month.

We all know it's really easy to spend a lot on skin care products/make up in a month- but the bottom line is - if it's not helping to make me look better, it's not worth the money I spent on it. Your products are worth it!

I love your products! I tested the wrinkle cream and the hyaluronic acid moisturizer by using them on only one side of my face for the first month or so....the difference shocked me. No more deep wrinkles or crows feet for me! I am very happy!

I have tried all the anti wrinkle products under the sun to remedy or combat the effects of the years, then I saw a segment on the Dr. Oz show where he mentioned the virtues of a good multi-peptide skin cream and then found your website. I bought a jar of your skin cream for my wrinkles and have been faithfully using it. I use the product morning and night on a regular basis. I ran into an old friend the other day that I had not seen in about a year and she asked me what kind of facial treatments have I done and I told her none. I said that it was the Mango Madness skin care that I had been using. I even put it on both hands. The pH is just right for me. I can tell a huge difference in the texture of skin and I will never go back to anything else.

I have to tell you about something that happened Friday at work. A young girl who hasn't worked in about 4 weeks due to an illness came in and said.... what are you doing different... I said well maybe its my hair- I had tried a new shampoo... she said NO.. its not your hair its your face.... you look different.. YOUNGER.... :) SO... I guess its working! I was thrilled.... just thought I'd tell you guys about the compliment .... Love your fabulous wrinkle remover! I apply the Peptide 6 twice a day as you suggested for best results... plus, the make-up also makes my skin look so smooth.. I have VERY large pores and they seem to be minimizing and the make-up helps smooth those as well! This is my favorite!

I am 56 years old and have spent most of those years in south Florida and never bothered with sunscreen. Now my skin is very wrinkled and dry, not just with fine lines around my mouth and cheeks, but there are deep wrinkles between eyebrows like frown lines and from the nose and cheeks down to the upper lip and chin and neck area. I also have crow's feet that on a scale of one to ten are a 7. I don't smoke and try to eat right have a fairly healthy diet.

I wanted a skin cream especially for women (no parabens) including argireline plus moisturizers that are proven to build collagen. I first used it on the left side of my face for four weeks, first applying it in the morning and again before bedtime. On the right side of my face I used another product that had the same claims of reducing wrinkles. After 4 weeks, I notice a definite difference in the crow's feet. The ones on the left side, where I had used your product, are not as prominent. I also noticed a difference in the deep lines on upper lip, between eyes and around mouth, and I am getting results using it on my neck, too.

I found your website on Google and read the reviews and placed my order 2 days ago. I got my package yesterday - that was fast! Your free shipping and 90-day return policy made it easy to try your products. I used the product this morning and it feels wonderful - can't wait to see the results!

I am a flight attendant and get exposed to very dry air. I am always looking for the best moisturizers and wrinkles creams out there with the highest amount of active ingredients. I finally was told try to the Peptide 6. WOW! I love the results. My skin is so hydrated and it's working to get rid of wrinkles on face and neck ... even the crow's feet are less. I also use it for the area above my lip and even as a hand cream. I love this product and am a faithful lifetime customer! Why should I spend money on Botox when I get the great results with your product. Saves me money and I am looking better everyday. It's the best stuff for increasing collagen. My passengers always think I am at least 10 years younger than I am. Thanks Mango Madness for being paraben free and no more Botox for me.

Peptide 6 has to be the best anti-wrinkle face cream I have found - it also has the highest concentration of the actives, including argireline. With the hyaluronic acid, it's a moisturizer, too. Within a couple of weeks I can see a remarkable difference. Skin is more supple, and my laugh lines are less noticeable. Now my husband has started using this too when he saw the difference of the diminishing lines and smoothness of my skin.

I love this! - it is better than anything that I have tried in department stores and dermatologists offices to look younger. Believe me, I have tried a LOT! I am a cosmetologist and am always testing new products. Try this and you won't be the only one who will notice the difference. I am 47 years old and am forced to look in the mirror all day due to the job and I do not really believe in any invasive sort of surgery for wrinkles, so this is a dream come true -a huge difference- AND it is not tested on animals. If you want good results without the expense and pain of Botox - buy this now! Love you Mango Madness -all products are the best!

A truly remarkable wrinkle cream for firming your skin. I have used Peptide 6 as a night cream for two weeks now and see a definite improvement in the skin. This is (by far) the best anti aging cream in my opinion. In younger years I spent too much time in the sun and the results of the damage was showing. I actually see fewer deep wrinkles and my complexion looks as good as it did years ago. I've heard of copper peptides, but these are better and include argireline.

I saw peptides recommended by Dr. Oz on his TV show for women who want to build collagen, so I ordered a jar of this cream from you and I absolutely love it! It arrived two days after I placed an order and I am using it twice a day. I have crow's feet and some fine lines beginning to develop and already my skin feels softer and smoother. After reading several reviews, I have my answer. Right here! Thank you, Mango Madness Skincare!

This is the best face cream ever! People don't believe my age, saying that I look much younger. Also, Mango Madness has phenomenal customer service! I highly recommend the paraben free, fragrance-free, safe skin care products that they offer. Thank you Mango Madness!

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