Paraben free self tanner
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Paraben Free Indoor Tanning Lotion by Tan-Fan™


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A perfect 10 tan in no time!
  • A natural looking, paraben free sunless tanner
  • Safe, in-home beach bronze
  • Amazing, rapid results (within 4 hours)
  • No streaks, no stains, easy to apply
  • Contains no parabens or fragrance
Contents 4 fl.oz. - gives you up to 20 applications. Sunlight exposure causes 80% of skin aging. Buy Tan-Fan™ today, and save with FREE Shipping!


Tan-Fan Tanning Lotion is paraben free

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Paraben Free Lotion Keeps You Safe

It’s the sexier, sleeker, smoother tan you’ve always wanted. Get the bronze skin of an island getaway from our Self Tanning Lotion. Tan-Fan™ lotion delivers amazing results as the hot selling self tanner. It’s an easy-to-use tube for on the go tanning. Apply to a clean, dry body to enjoy uniform color. Once you’ve reached your ideal shade, use the lotion one to two times a week to maintain your look. Achieve that summer glow with the best dark self tanning lotion. This revolutionary paraben free self tanner blends beautifully with a variety of skin tones, from fair to medium. Be sure to continue using a daily skin moisturizer to hydrate your face and use a paraben free sunscreen after sunless tanning.

Fast Indoor Tanning Lotion for Salon Style Bronzing

Do it yourself tanning just got easier with our salon style indoor tanning lotion. This unique formula goes on smoothly and easily.

  • Up to 20 applications in an 4-ounce bottle
  • See results in 4 hours
  • Attain a deeper shade from 2 applications
  • Apply easily in a circular motion

For a softer tan, pamper your skin with a body cream several hours after a tanning lotion application.

Go from ghostly to glam with a sunless tanning product that puts you in control of your shade. Build up a darker tan with multiple applications or apply once for a week of golden color.  Sunless tanning is the smart way to sport a beautiful tan.

Contains no fragrance, no parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no sulfates, no mineral oil. Gluten free. Not tested on animals and all ingredients are animal cruelty free.

Reveal the healthier sun goddess in you! We'll pay for shipping.


Best Self Tanner


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Thank you for making a self tanner that does not smell like insecticide. I love that this has no smell and looks so natural and is paraben free too. I am now a BIG fan of Tan Fan.

I had just about given up on sunless tanners because they all made me smell like chemicals. I looked good, but my husband really noticed the smell when he got close to me. Tan-Fan is practically odor free and I love it. So does my hubby!

I am a body builder and compete in many contests. I have looked a long time for a naturally looking yet dark looking tan to highlight my physique. This is it. I am now winning more thanks to your self tanning product. Smells great too.

I've searched long and hard for the right self tan lotion - I finally found it with Tan Fan. This stuff smells great and isn't greasy at all. I'd recommend this tanning lotion for anyone looking for a nice bronzed skin without the sun and without parabens.

Finally a Paraben free product that gives me a natural looking tan. It's not orange or yellow looking. Best of all, it smells good. All other self tanning products smelled like bug spray. This is the best self tanner I've found!

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