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As we enjoy the passing of the years, exposure to environmental factors and the accumulation of time slowly take their toll on our skin.  Exposure to the sun's radiation alone accounts for approximately 85% of skin aging. Also, as we age, the skin’s collagen thins, creating lines and wrinkles. The amount of elastin also decreases; this causes skin to become less elastic.

Two fundamental wrinkle reducing strategies exist not only for delaying the onset of new wrinkles and fine lines, but also to turn the clock back and reverse the results of time and environmental exposure to your skin.  The first strategy utilizes the human body’s own healing power, a safe, natural method that is easily accomplished with the proper products and skin care routine.  The second strategy is to keep your skin hydrated with a good facial moisturizer that contains the best ingredients.

A great number of skin care products on the market make extraordinary claims, and are promoted with costly packaging and marketed with expensive advertising. However, if one simply reads the list of ingredients for the product, one will typically find a long list of unusual sounding fillers, preservatives and chemicals.  Preservatives such as parabens have been suspected of causing serious health risks. Skin is the largest organ in the human body; it needs the same attention to quality ingredients as do the foods we eat. A surprising number of high-end skin care products on the market today contain alcohol and paraffin (waxes). It is an irony that a facial moisturizing cream would contain alcohol that can leave your skin dried out instead of hydrated.  Paraffin not only gives your skin a greasy feeling, but it will also clog your pores.

Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, Moisturize

The three main elements of proper anti-aging skincare are: I) Exfoliate; II) Rejuvenate; and III) Moisturize. Exfoliation is one of the fundamental methods of improving the youthful appearance of your skin by using a facial scrub to tap the body’s amazing healing power. The two basic products for exfoliating are glycolic acid cleansers and microdermabrasion creams. Both will remove the topmost layer of dead, dull cells of your skin.  This exfoliation process has a twofold benefit: not only is fresher, younger skin revealed, but it also stimulates the skin to produce new cells.

Persons with combination or oily skin should use glycolic acid. Individuals with dry skin are advised to use microdermabrasion cream.  Glycolic acid is one of several Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) gel cleansers on the market, but is the most effective type to use because of its small molecule size, which allows it to penetrate the skin better.

When purchasing glycolic acid gel, be sure to find one with a concentration no greater than 10%-15%.  This is because a stronger concentration should be administered only by a dermatologist or licensed esthetician. However, a 10%-15% solution can safely be used on a daily basis at home. If you are using a microdermabrasion cream, buy one with aluminum oxide crystals - the same mineral crystals used by the professional. Because microdermabrasion cream has an abrasive nature, be sure you purchase one that includes soothing oils such as Jojoba or Shea Butter. For a week after exfoliating, it is important to avoid sun exposure or use a good full spectrum sunblock when outdoors.

The second element of an effective daily regimen is to rebuild the collagen in your skin that has naturally diminished over time. There are no secret ingredients or topical creams that can directly replace the collagen in your skin. However, there is a proven way to accelerate the production of this important skin component by your own body using a compound known as peptides. Used for wrinkle reduction, peptides are the building blocks of proteins.

As collagen deteriorates, certain peptides are released.  These peptides send a signal to your skin that it needs to make new collagen. The direct application of peptides to your skin will send a "signal" that it has lost collagen and needs to create more. The most commonly utilized “signal” peptide for skincare is palmitoyl pentapeptide, also known as Matrixyl. Regular use of the right peptides can turn back the clock of time by years.  There have never been any adverse side effects reported in the use of peptides.

The third element of skin care is to moisturize daily  with a high quality product. This is not the place to use bargain products.  Be sure you are not paying for fancy packaging and heavy advertising budgets and above all, read the ingredients carefully. The ingredients on the label are listed in the order of concentration. If the active ingredient is far down the list, the product only contains a minor amount.  On the market today, the Hyaluronic Acid is the most effective skin moisturizing ingredient. This remarkable compound holds at least 1,000 times its weight in moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid is known for its ability to stop or reverse the signs of aging restore more youthful features to your skin.  This substance occurs naturally and abundantly in animals and humans, and is found in young skin, neonatal tissues, and the fluid in your joints. Hyaluronic Acid serves to cushion and lubricate and is a component of the body's connective tissues.  As you become older, however, this vital skin substance becomes destroyed and needs to be replaced.

A Highly Effective Regimen includes Glycolic and Hyaluronic Acid

Once you have your skin care products put together, you should adopt a careful regimen to give you younger looking, smooth and more radiant skin you. If you follow this process faithfully, you will begin to notice amazing results within a few weeks.

After waking:  clean your face (a gentle skin cleanser works best), apply a good peptide wrinkle reducing cream, then a UVA/UVB sunblock, and lastly, your makeup.

At night: Apply fairly thick night repair cream to help restore your skin's vitality while you sleep. Next, apply a peptide wrinkle repair cream. Your wrinkle cream will work much better if you exfoliate first.

Other effective exfoliation products include a glycolic acid cleansing gel (best for oily or acne-prone skin) and microdermabrasion cream (good for dry skin; use 3-4 times a week).  If using a microdermabrasion cream with an AHA cream, use only twice a week.  Sunburn Alert: Use a sunblock when using exfoliation products.

If you want a daily cleanser for sensitive skin to use on the days you are not exfoliating, we recommend Rosehip Seed Oil, which contains no parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS, which can irritate your skin).

For specific problem areas such a dark under eye circles, use a cream containing Vitamin K, peptides and hyaluronic acid.  The Vitamin K will reduce blood leakage under the skin and subsequent discoloration by strengthening the small capillaries, the peptides will help thicken the thin under eye skin by promoting the production of more collagen, and hyaluronic acid will provide intense hydration to make your skin look healthier. It is alright to use an under eye cream including these ingredients to get rid of dark circles with your other skin care products.

Do you have a specific question you'd like to consult with our skin care experts? It's free and we'll respond quickly with professional skin care advice.

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